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You have 24 hours to get a brand new Samsung Galaxy Buds+ at an unprecedented price

and Samsung did not try to completely withdraw it from the park for the first time in the Apple-dominated field of “audible devices”, and our in-depth review concluded that it was original. In some key sectors, the Galaxy Buds is a bit overwhelming. There is no doubt that it is now difficult to find a better replacement for AirPods than the company’s second and third generation of true wireless earbuds.

Of course, we can’t say that it just unveiled Galaxy Buds Live followed closely Galaxy Buds+ was released earlier this year, rather than complementing Samsung’s AirPods competing product portfolio with a new (and split) design, and a major addition to an already impressive feature list.
Therefore, we will not be shocked that Samsung has decided to keep the “old” Galaxy Buds +, but if you don’t like it… the $170 Buds Live has an unusual shape, there is no reason to even consider buying it at a list price of $150 Model without active noise reduction technology.

If you can save $50 without cutting any feature restrictions, that is obviously a completely different story, and whether you believe it or not, this is a feature currently provided by Woot. You only have 24 hours (and are still calculating) to buy four paint jobs for Samsung Galaxy Buds+ for only $99.99 per pair, yes, we are talking about brand new, unused, unopened and Undamaged items.

The only inconvenience is that when you need to buy these types of products from an authorized retailer, you need a 90-day seller warranty instead of the usual 1-year warranty covered by the manufacturer. But we may all agree that for a pair of true wireless earbuds, this deal is by no means easy. These earbuds can keep your favorite music for up to 11 hours on a single charge, while getting 11 hours of battery life from the bundled wireless charging box.

These are arguably the most stylish, beautiful, and comfortable AirPods competitors on the market today. Although they do not provide the most advanced active noise reduction features, their overall audio quality is essentially as good as Ambient Aware technology. With these The development of things.

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