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Yankees Nationals series moved to June due to weather

WASHINGTON – The Yankees are scheduled to open a series in Kansas City against the Royals on Friday, but with the speed they drive, it would be hardly surprising to see Dorothy and Toto with them when they arrive there. 19659002] On Wednesday they were thrown out of the race again at Nationals Park, as yesterday's game continued on Tuesday with a 3: 3 draw in the middle of the sixth day and the regular game was postponed. The games were postponed to Nationals Park at 17:05 on June 18th.

"We'll be fine," said manager Aaron Boone about the frequent washouts. Obviously, we played [Wednesday] night, it's not perfect, it's not ideal, but there are a few days here, which we hope to use from the moment of rest and the Since Sunday, when the start of the Yankees and A & # 39; s was postponed after nearly three hours, the Yankees had a day off Monday, playing 5½ innings Tuesday and never taking the field Wednesday.

Although it can help to rest their bullpen, the Yankees are now risking too much rest with some of their starters. 1

9659002] Boone said she will beat CC Sabathia, who should start Wednesday night, on Friday with Luis Severino on Saturday and Sonny Gray on Sunday.

Masahiro Tanaka will rise again on Monday. Domingo German will be available in spring, but if unused, he might return to rotation on Tuesday.

The other hurdle is coming next month when the Yankees have to travel to Detroit on June 4 to get a make-up double header then back to Washington two weeks later in what is now a 16-day track without a day off becomes.

"It's a challenge, but we have to meet, period," Boone said of the appointment calendar. "Luckily the guys in this room are really good at handling things, we'll have to go to Detroit in a few weeks and then come back here is part of it, the expectation is that we handle it well and get better get to know each other. "

"You have to deal with it," said Giancarlo Stanton. "It would be worse if we just sat around here all day and then they hit it, we get well informed, we do some training or things are cleaned up and play when the weather is ready."

What Given the reasons they did not try to make the games on Thursday, the Yankees could not get blockaded by hotel rooms due to a series of congresses and promotions in the area, and because Washington's Ryan Zimmerman is hosting a charity event at the stadium.

In addition, the weather should not be good again.

"I was definitely told [Tuesday] that [Thursday] was not an option," said Boone.

It's the kind of conversation he got used to in his first year of management, as the weather was a factor during much of the baseball – especially in the northeast and midwest.

When asked if this is the worst spring he has experienced, Boone said, "I have to believe it's up there, and I know we're not alone, that's how it was for a lot of people."

Perhaps the good news for the Yankees – at least for now – is the fact that Max Scherzer should start for the Nationals on Wednesday night. The right-handed is 7-1 with a 1.69 ERA this season.

Scherzer could still compete against the Yankees when they return next month, but when asked about this break, Boone just smiled and said, "You always like to stand the best, especially when I do not have to beat him. "

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