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Xbox supports old games, while Sony and Nintendo leave them behind

Can you smell what

Can you smell what the rock is promoting?
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Yesterday, Microsoft made instant updates possible. Stream a bunch of older Xbox 360 and original Xbox games To any device compatible with Game Pass. This is yet another evidence that Microsoft attaches great importance to backward compatibility this time, while Sony and Nintendo have largely fallen behind.

Sony in particular was once a leader in this field. Out of the box, you can play almost all original PlayStation games on PlayStation 2. You can even use the same memory card to bring the old storage content to the new generation. PlayStation 3 started working well in 2006. The earliest PS3 models used dedicated hardware to run PS1 and PS2 software. Later models regrettably abandoned the hardware in favor of less accurate software-based simulation.Later PS3 model Even deleted, Completely eliminates backward compatibility. Since then, the situation has not improved.

You cannot play old PS1, PS2 or PS3 games on the fancy new PS5 or fancy PS4. The closest things Sony has to simulate on modern consoles are PS2 Classics (digital versions of older games with trophy support) and PS Now, which allows you to stream some PS3 games on newer hardware. This is a huge improvement compared to the company’s previous full support for backward compatibility.Sony just announced that it is about to close the PS3, PS Vita and PSP digital stores, so Sony seems to be heading in the wrong direction, which makes it more difficult to play old games Even on its original hardware, Not to mention Sony’s latest game console.

My Wii has never been upright. Very lazy.

My Wii has never been upright. Very lazy.
image: Nintendo/Otaku

For some time, Nintendo, like Sony, was very good at playing old games on new consoles. You may have played GameCube games on Wii, or Game Boy Advance carts on Nintendo DS. But Wii’s virtual console marks a new era. It seemed exciting at first, but as time passed, game fans were puzzled by the release of VC, and when 3DS and Wii U appeared, Nintendo restarted the whole process and only released some classic games. And forcing players to repurchase them in each successive game. platform. Even if digital games are locked on the old platform where they were purchased, Nintendo’s online services are still ten years behind the competition.

The situation on Nintendo Switch is also very strange. Nintendo did not provide the usual single-point virtual console purchases, but locked a larger number of classic games after its premium Nintendo Switch Online subscription service. It adds new games more slowly than ever, which makes Nintendo Switch Online more nostalgic, rather than a serious way to maintain access to the classic game library.

In contrast, Microsoft has done an excellent job of maintaining the usability of older games, even though it didn’t start this way. Xbox One was launched in 2013 without any backward compatibility features. But in 2015, Microsoft added the ability to play some Xbox 360 games. In 2017, the company also Added support for original Xbox games.

With the Xbox Series X/S released early last year, Microsoft continues to strongly support backward compatibility. The new Xbox console can play almost all Xbox One games, just like PS5 can play most PS4 games. But all Xbox 360 and original Xbox games Functions previously supported on Xbox One can also be played. All of this can be done seamlessly and with almost no problems.This cross-generation support allows players to start Four different generations of Xbox consoles And play the same game through System Link without cheating or additional hardware.with Although Sony closed its traditional PSN store this summer, Microsoft continued to let me buy Xbox 360 games and DLC On a new machine in the same store system released with Xbox 360 2005. Yes, it still exists.

The ugly troll is now available on your phone!

The ugly troll is now available on your phone!
Screenshot: Bethesda

In addition, Microsoft not only supports old games and consoles better than Sony, but also supports improve They have functions such as Auto HDR and FPS Boost, Let old games look new on new machines. Even with such a high level of support for old games, Microsoft will continue to add more features. last night, I play Forget On my phone. I don’t have to buy or download it. I just clicked play and it quickly streamed to my mobile device.

Microsoft’s support for retro games is so good that Nintendo and Sony’s products look terrible compared to it. Nintendo does not support old Wii or Wii U games on the Switch, and locks its meager classic products behind the pay zone, and even deletes new games from sales after a limited time. Sony will close its older digital store and does not seem to care about any games released before PlayStation 4. The two companies continue to do very little, and do not do well, which is frustrating. Each of them has a huge content library and seems to have no interest or unwillingness to support Microsoft and old content.

About ten years ago, I would be surprised if you told me that Microsoft would be the leader in supporting old games. Now, in 2021, Xbox is in a leading position, and I really hope that Nintendo and Sony can continue to maintain their leading positions instead of being blocked by dust.

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