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Xbox One's May update is now being introduced: Here's something different

The May Xbox One update is now being introduced for everyone. This patch brings a number of new features and a number of enhancements to Microsoft's game console. The company spent the last month testing its update, and now it's ready to allow all users a higher refresh rate, better button mapping, and easier video sharing.

Microsoft is trying to update its Xbox One, Xbox One S. and Xbox One X consoles once a month. This has allowed to add many cool new features and try to improve its interface. The May update is the last one before the E3, which is always a time when Microsoft has unveiled groundbreaking new features or major overhauls.

Here are the highlights of the May update:

  • Xbox Live and Discord Integration: Xbox Live users can now log in to their Discord accounts. In this way, you can play what you are playing on the PC and the mobile communication platform with your friends.
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    20 Hz refresh rate:
    If you have a high-refresh screen or a TV, the Xbox One can now support up to 120Hz. This means that some games on the Xbox One can render faster than 60 frames per second.
  • Fast Video Trimming: When you record a clip with the Xbox One, you can now trim the length without opening a separate app.
  • Improved Family Settings: You now have a central hub to manage how your family members access content on the Xbox One.
  • New Button Commands: The View or Select Button If you are angry, you can rearrange items on the Home screen. It also gives you more shooting options on the Guide screen.

Microsoft has more details about these upgrades and changes in his blog here.

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