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WWE SmackDown Results: Winners, Results, Reactions, Highlights from October 30 | Bleach Report

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Most Survivor Series cards are announced on Raw, so this week’s SmackDown is to fill the blue branded team and promote the game.

    The Raw team already includes Shayna Baszler, Nia Jax, Mandy Rose, Dana Brooke and Lana from the women’s team and Keith Lee, Sheamus and AJ Styles from the men̵

    7;s team.

    We also know that different champions will fight each other in the individual matches of the Survivor Series. This week SmackDown is about to form these teams.

    We have also seen the consequences of Roman rule defeating Jay Uso in hell. Is Jey kneeling down or kicked out of his family?

    Let’s take a look at what happened in SmackDown this week.

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    SmackDown opened with Reigns and Paul Heyman, while Jey waited for their arrival. After recording the video, Uso snatched the microphone from Heyman and told Reigns that he did not defeat him because Reigns had to resort to Jimmy.

    The tribal leader said that he could make any excuses for himself, but he still resigned. Uso said he couldn’t respect what Reigns did and asked him how to do this to his family. Regens said he did the necessary work to prove this.

    Uso said he hated Reigns and started crying. Big dog said that he loves his cousin and always has it, but if he does not line up late at night, he is not outside the family.

    grade: A kind


    WWE’s video editing team has always produced incredible works, and HIAC’s Reigns vs. Uso video is no exception. It has been excellently edited and produced to make the story as touching as possible.

    As far as the actual intra-ring links are concerned, both men played a perfect role. Reigns was taciturn and kept calm, talking face to face, while Uso was sobbing emotionally.

    This storyline has been great since the beginning, and it is still one of the best in WWE.

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Robert Roode accompanied Dolph Ziggler in the game against Kevin Owens. The winner gets a place in the SmackDown Survivor Series team.

    Ziggler and Roode can deceive KO early, so Showoff can control. Before making Owens’ eyes wide open, he almost hit twice.

    When Ziegler distracted the referee, Rudd attacked Owens from behind, but the official realized that some evil was coming and kicked “Glorious One” behind.

    We came back from the break and saw Owens starting to make a comeback. Ziggler used Fameasser to resist the Popup Powerbomb’s fall. KO blocked the super kick and hit Stunner.

    grade: C +


    This is a competition of drawing by number, but it is not bad anyway. Both Owens and Ziegler are world-class performers. This is not an attempt at a five-star competition.

    Roode’s involvement did not increase any results, but it was smart to have him and Ziggler together to divide the labeling team, so it made sense for him to be there.

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    After all three women approached Adam Pearce backstage, he played a triple threat match with Natalya, Bianca Belair and Billie Kay to get a place in the Survivor Series team.

    Kay put the two women face to face at the beginning before exiting the game so they could fight each other. Belair crossed Natalya, and Kay tried to roll her up, but didn’t get the pin.

    Bairair hit a beautiful hand-spring moon and made two shots. The Stag used the Sharpshooter, and Kay locked her in the hair lock. Nattie realized what had happened and released the person who had dealt with Kay. EST hit KOD and got a place on the Survivor Series team.

    grade: B-


    This is the story of three completely different characters. Kay is an opportunist and wants to take advantage of any situation. Natalya is a veteran, trying to prove that she still belongs. Belair is a new immigrant who wants to establish his own.

    Each superstar played his role and contributed to this interesting triple threat game. Kay was particularly good at playing a timid competitor, but Belair took the game away with an exciting offensive brand. WWE added her to the team and made the right choice.

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    Murphy (Murphy) and Aalyah Mysterio (Aalyah Mysterio) participated in the competition, so what he did for Seth Rollins (Seth Rollins) to Rey (Rey) and Dominic ( Dominik) apologize. He said he knew he did terrible things, but he needed to apologize for his actions.

    He asked them to participate in the competition, but the Messiah appeared. He said that the mystics will never accept him, but he will forgive Murphy and embrace any relationship he has with Arya.

    He tried to get into their heads, but Dominic attacked Rollins from behind. Murphy evacuated Dom and began beating Rollins. This caused Murphy and Dom to get into battle. Rey tried to intervene, but finally tried to hit 619 until Aalyah stopped him.

    She said she loved Murphy and refused to go with them. When Dom and Rey helped Murphy stand up, she left. When Rollins looked at her with a smile, she kissed him.

    grade: C +


    Aalyah is 19 years old this year, which makes her an adult woman, but the age gap between her and 32-year-old Murphy still makes this overall situation somewhat uncomfortable.

    Having said that, everyone in this market segment performed well. Aalyah is still a new performer, but looks more comfortable than in the past few weeks.

    It is interesting whether Murphy and Arya will eventually agree with Rollins, or the mystic will finally accept his apology.

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    Before the game against Xintian, Street Profits conducted a quick promotion, and then Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura participated in the game.

    Angelo Dawkins started fighting Cesaro, but Montez Ford soon joined.

    We came back to see that Ford had just begun to attack Nakamura. Dawkins got hot sales and went on a rampage. Cesaro and Nakamura joined forces and almost won before Ford broke the pin.

    With a little help from Dawkins, Ford hit a huge frog splash, won the pin and won.

    grade: B +


    Street Profits quickly established a reputation in entertainment competitions, and this is once again added to the list.

    Cesaro and Nakamura are so good, they can mingle with anyone, so when they are with Ford and Dawkins, two guys who can keep up with them, they look even better .

    If and when WWE hopes to make it a championship title, they will produce some great games.

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    They were locked in, Uso made some positive blows to control himself as soon as possible. He looks angry because he knows what will happen when the show ends.

    J. Uso seemed conflicted about trying so hard to chase Bryan, but he persisted. Yes, the man jumped out from the corner, hit a working forearm, and knocked Jay down. He unloaded Yes Kicks. Uce rolled out of the ring, that was when Reigns and Heyman came out.

    When we return, we see Uso counting a super number to get the number 2. He and Bryan went on strike, and Uso nailed him with a super kick. Bryan blocked the Superfly Splash and applied Lebell Lock. Uso barely took a break. Uso can get pins through Uso Splash.

    After the game, Uso admitted that Reigns was the head of the table and told him “I’m with you”. Riggs stared at Brian, and Urso used it as a sign. He razed Brian to the ground with a super kick and hit another super fly splash. Uso said he understood now, and Reigns told him to let Bryan understand.

    Uce pulled him out of the ring and beat him, then sent him into the steel ladder. He put Bryan on the bulletin table with a Superfly Splash, and then repeatedly beat him.

    grade: B +


    A few weeks ago, it seemed impossible for Uso to finally succumb to his cousin and join his dark side, but after seeing this part, it was the right choice.

    This storyline can go in multiple directions, and no matter what they decide to do, we all know Uso and Reigns will be able to achieve this goal after everything they have done so far.

    Bryan is a great choice to become a sacrifice lamb because he is one of the most popular superstars and a professional underdog. Everything about this to SmackDown worked.

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