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WWE SmackDown Results: Winners, Results, Highlights and Analysis from April 2 | Bleaching Report

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    Credit: WWE.com

    The tension between Edge, Daniel Bryan and the global champion Roman Reigns intensified in the penultimate SmackDown, and Friday’s WrestleMania match at the WrestleMania match in SmackDown, WWE The Triple Threat main event of this year’s Fairy Show provides the latest version.

    The latest development between the blue brand̵

    7;s number one dog and his challenger became the focus of the show, which also included appearances of YouTube celebrity Logan Paul as well as Bianca Belair and SmackDown The latest competition among women’s football champions Sasha Banks.

    What is going down, who has the momentum, and what does this mean for the brand to enter this year’s largest performance?

    Find the summary of the April 2 broadcast.

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    Announced that tonight’s performance is:

  • Edge, the latest work between Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns
  • Logan Paul at the world premiere of Sami Zayn

Coverage starts at 8pm

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    Credit: WWE

    2021 Royal Hornet Award winner Edge kicked off on this week’s show, discussing the “chaos” that has occurred in the past few weeks, and then thanking Daniel Bryan for awakening him Rated R superstar, “the man who does anything”.

    He said his wrestling fanatic opponents didn’t understand the consequences of what they did, and Adam Pierce didn’t understand either. He admitted that he wanted to snap up and “woke up hell.” He is a member of the Hall of Fame, the ultimate opportunist, and an R-rated superstar. He shouted that he was the person they aspired to be.

    He ended the promotion and stepped onto the ramp.




    When Edge left the arena, he looked almost relieved, as if lifting a huge weight from his chest.

    This is not particularly surprising.

    He has always been the person with the most comfortable heels, and he is the same now. This is his publicity on the TV show, announcing the re-emergence of “Rated R Superstar”, which is his best result since his most recent return, and paved the way for him to cheat and grab the world championship on April 11 basis.

    Of course, his storyline is very similar to that of Batista in 2014. The former world champion returns, but Bryan is eclipsed. It is interesting to see if the results of his return to the big stage are the same, or if he can defeat the brave YES leader! The leader of the movement and the tribe won the highest award on SmackDown.

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    Credit: WWE

    Before next week’s “Wrestling Fever” special edition SmackDown, Dorf Ziegler and Robert Rhode will defend the title of the blue trademark team in a deadly 4-way match against the profit on the street, Alpha Academy, Rey and Dominique Mistrio.

    This week, Ziggler and Roode teamed up with Chad Gable and Otis to form an eight-man team match against Mysterios, Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins.

    After the energetic game started, the game recovered from a commercial breakthrough and Dawkins got the fireball. A stick-style clothesline by Otis stopped his motivation and let the high heels control the game.

    Dawkins eventually created the separation and put Ford into the game. The former champion exploded into the game and launched a battle against his opponent. The action failed, and Mysterios gave Ziggler and Roode the championship.

    Back in the circle, Gable and Otis joined forces to end Ford’s onslaught, which made him fly from the middle rope and ended his attack.

    In the background, Paul Heyman asked Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville for an unreserved agreement with Jey Uso so that he could Later, no responsibility will be taken for what Daniel Bryan has done. Deville agreed, which frustrated Pierce.


    Alpha Academy, Ziggler and Roode defeated Street Profits and Mysterios


    C +


    Since half of it was conducted during commercials, there was almost no flow of narrative or actual content. However, the actions taken there were explosive, highlighting the solid differences of the past two months.

    Gable and Otis seem to be the hottest teams in the division entering the championship game next week, but this is very much like an opportunity for WWE to make WWE book history with Rey and Dominik and become the first to win the doubles championship gold medal. Father and son duo.

    After all, the company really wants to fight back when making historical events.

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    Credit: WWE

    Corey Graves had an in-ring promotion with Cesaro and Seth Rollins before the wrestling frenzy next Saturday night.

    Rollins insisted that he was unshakable and tried not to sell the effects of Cesaro’s humiliating backstage swing last week. The Swiss Superman responded by referring to his swing and making fun of his opponent.

    Cesaro said: “He may be unshakable, but he is certainly not unshakable.”

    Rollins threatened to end Cesaro before the wrestling frenzy, and his opponents wanted him to dare to “sway.”

    This part ended with Rollins’ retreat, thus saving face.




    Cesaro is over, only the most interesting superstar before WrestleMania. The surest way to kill his momentum is to book a promotional show like this, full of cheesy “swing” routes with no substance.

    We don’t know much about Cesaro than before this promotion, except for his preference for puns, elementary school students will not find it interesting.

    Rollins tried his best to provide monetary promotions, but this did not click.

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Natalya (Natalya), accompanied by her partner Tamina (Tamina), and the women’s team champion Shayna Baszler (Shayna Baszler) partnered by Nia (Nia Jax) and Reginald (Reginald) )accompany.

    Before the game really started, The Queen of Harts conducted a small-scale game summary and achieved a defeated victory.

    After the game, the tag champion defeated Natalya, before Riott Squad made a save. Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke participated in the competition, followed by Naomi and Lana. In the end, Tanina stood with Nattie and launched a Hart attack on Hana.


    Natalya defeats Baszler




    One argument is that this is a rushed mess and it would have been better not to air it, but it does provide a bright spot for the budding label department and the duo to compete for the championship.

    Natalya and Tamina continue to develop momentum here, Brooke and Rose shine, Naomi and Lana look the same since forming the team Just as good.

    How WWE solves this problem has not yet been officially announced, but it should make WrestleMania generate a label team title much stronger than it has been in a few years.

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Sami Zayn welcomes YouTube and podcast celebrity Logan Paul to the square circle to attend the red carpet premiere of his documentary trailer.

    Paul seemed to be taken aback by the master’s overzealousness. Zayn threw the trailer, which was a great work that further promoted his conspiracy theory.

    The special guest began to assert to Zayn that the trailer was not particularly good, and even mentioned that he had already talked with Kevin Owens and knew that Sami had become delusional. Before things became less hot, Owens walked out of a place of nothingness and dropped this paragraph with a stunned Zahn.

    After the business break, Owens told Alyse Ashton that he could dazzle anyone at any time. Zayn attacked from nowhere, vowing to see KO at WrestleMania.




    Paul’s fanfare appearance was meaningless because he did not attract any attention. He looked restless, uncomfortable, and maybe a little nervous.

    On the other hand, Zayn is very good. He chewed on the landscape, made the most of this part, and reminded fans why he has been one of the highlights of WWE in the COVID era. Even if Owens put him down, he was just as good.

    If their game is allowed to reach its potential, it is possible to become a real performance stealer and one of the decisive rounds packed with cards.

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    Credit: WWE

    In 2021, the Royal Hornet champion Bianca Belair (Bianca Belair) and the wrestler Carmella (Carmella) before the fierce battle, against the wrestling fanatics (WrestleMania) against Sasha Banks (Sasha Banks) Banks) before the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

    The drinking star attacked Belair before the game and worked for her during the break. Belair returned to the game after advertising and isolated himself from KOD.

    After the game, Belair celebrated his victory, and Banks tried a sneak attack. EST stopped her. “Wrestling fanatic. Not tonight.”

    When Banks kept her title high, the winner stood high and ended the game, which reminded her of the challenger who had leadership in the department.


    Belair defeated Carmella




    Like most of the content of this exhibition, this feels like a placeholder section.

    Belair won after selling too much money for Carmella, and Banks almost won another victory over her top contender. On the contrary, disputes followed closely, and nothing was really done between the opponents.

    It was just an excuse to keep both women on the screen and at the same time to fail Carmela, because that woman proved that she could hang with the Rumble winner. WWE insisted on the 50-50 booking, which was proven under Carmella’s rule, but ultimately failed, so Belair continued her way of winning and no one would benefit in the long run.

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Apollo Crews launched a promotion and officially challenged Big E to participate in the Nigerian drum competition of the WrestleMania Intercontinental Championship. There is no further explanation as to what the said game requires.

    Edge participated in the main event of the night with Michael Cole and Corey Graves, which was a street battle between Daniel Bryan and Jey Uso.

    Uso waved Bryan’s steel chair. The latter attempted suicide wrestling, but the former WWE champion used his chair to film the roar. Before the show could take a final commercial break, Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman appeared at the top of the ramp, and then caused more damage.

    After returning from overtime, Uso produced a steel chain and used it to deliver the clothesline. When Heyman calmed Reigns on stage, he shot Bryan with one shot and splashed twice with a frog.

    Bryan participated in the game and caught Uso with a missile drop. When Edge rejected Cole and called Bryan WWE’s best high-pressure competitor, he kicked Uso out of hell. Bryan caught Uso in YES Lock, then patted him out.

    He slipped out of the ring, attacked Edge, shocked him with his running knees, and then slammed him into the ring. He rushed up the ramp, shocked Reigns with the other knee, and then presented it to the tribe leader.

    Bryan stood high, pointing to the sky, his side rushed into the wrestling mania contest, and he hoped that history would repeat itself.


    Bryan defeated Uso




    For Edge and Reigns, Bryan proved that he is not just someone planning to win at WrestleMania. First, he beat Uso and showed that he can fight anyone. Then, he put down his high heels and sent a loud and clear message to anyone who doubted his ability to obtain the general title on April 11.

    Edge is also very good at commenting, filling the role of paranoid villains. Whether you want to tell Uso not to look at him or blame Cole for thinking that Bryan is a better high-pressure wrestler than him, Rated R Superstar hopes to have the opportunity to be a heel, rather than the baby face who is back and willing to wrestle.

    The stories involving these three stories have been the best in the weeks and months since entering WrestleMania, so it’s no surprise that Bryan, Edge, and Reigns performed well on this unstoppable night of creativity.

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