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WWE Raw Results: Winners, Results, Reactions and Highlights from April 5th | Bleaching Report

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    Credit: WWE.com

    The whole week that led to WrestleMania 37 was full of events, and it all started with the WWE Raw episode on Monday.

    Before battling for the WWE championship, Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley both played singles against opponents, and they recently had a break in with them.

    The Scottish Warriors succeeded Baron Corbin, and the all-around hero faced his former injury business partner Cedric Alexander.

    New Day will defend the Raw tag against AJ Styles and Omos this weekend, so WWE booked the rematch of The Phenomenal One and Xavier Woods on Monday̵

    7;s show.

    We also saw future opponents, Asuka and Rhea Ripley teaming up to face women’s team champions Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler in the untitled round.

    Let’s take a look at what happened when Raw entered the family episode of WrestleMania on Saturday and Sunday.

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    Raw broke into the game with McIntyre. Last week, before the Scottish Warrior announced that he was about to fight Lashley, we saw footage of Corbin attacking him.

    When he talked about his conversations with his mother over the years, about his career and all the sacrifices he had to make, he was a little uneasy. Lashley (Lashley) and MVP stand out to shorten his promotion time.

    Rushley called McIntyre a great champion, but he said that his time is over. McIntyre tried to provoke the fight, but the MVP told him he must wait. King Corbin (King Corbin) joined the party and said it would prevent McIntyre from participating in the WrestleMania.

    grade: C +


    This is a good promotion, but it doesn’t have the sense of urgency required for the pre-final performance of WrestleMania.

    The delivery of the McIntyre and Lashley lines was good, but Corbin slowed down. His existence is not necessary. In fact, if his short speech is delivered backstage during the interview, it will be more effective.

    This section did not cover any new areas, nor did it make the game between Lashley and McIntyre more interesting. Although this is unremarkable, the people involved have done a good job of what they have.

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    The first game of the night was the rematch last week, in which the style team replaced Woods. Omos and Kofi Kingston were there to support the circus partners.

    First hit a few fists, then hit the hips. Style locked Woods in the Mavericks Smasher, but when Kingston threw the microphone at Omos, he was distracted.

    This allows Woods to roll up Styles as pins. The challenger gazed angrily at the new day.

    grade: C-


    It was a short game and nothing was done to make the dispute more exciting, but we did see interesting things.

    Woods and Styles only had time to make a few moves, but every step looked great. Things with Omos and Kingston are artificial and still try to entertain people.

    Is this necessary? Is it not good? maybe. Is it interesting? Yes it is.

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    Braun Strowman gave an enthusiastic publicity from a steel cage, introducing his WrestleMania duel with Shane McMahon. After finishing the game, McMahon brought Elias and Jaxson Ryker to face him in the handicap.

    After the break, the bell rang, and Stoloman immediately took control of the situation. Before following Elias, he threw Ryker out of the ring. Ryker prevents him from lashing out to save Elias.

    After hitting the double line on both sides, they stepped on the “monster among men” in the game. Each of them took turns hitting from the top rope, but Straumann was kicked out.

    The big man recovered and hit two men with a powerful fall.

    grade: C


    Strowman’s promotion may not make much sense, but he delivered it with more heart than expected. He is convincing and has done more to make the game more important than everything else before the merger with McMahon.

    The next game is predictable. McMahon has high odds against Strowman, but he still performs as well as we all know.

    The few seconds where Elias and Ryker dominate look good. Even if the entire market segment is average at best, this is still the best thing we have seen in this dispute.

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    Before the queen won the first championship, Asuka and Baszler had a heated exchange and started the game. Asuka took her to the corner looking for a tag, but Ripley refused.

    Before Ripley decided to turn, Baszler broke free. She picked up the queen of spades and threw her to her corner. Jax came in and exchanged words with the first competitor before starting to punch.

    Ripley marked Asuka as against her wishes and watched her put Jax in the stretch of the octopus. The irresistible troops fought back and fled, but Asuka hit her knee.

    Both Ripley and Baszler received tags, and due to Reginald’s interference, the Queen of Spades knocked her down with a chopped steak. We came back from the break and saw Basler focus on Ripley’s lap.

    Asuka got the hot selling label and eliminated two opponents through a series of quick moves. When the queen climbed to the tallest flower basket, Ripley pushed her to the ground. She threw Asuka back so that Baszler could kneel for victory.

    grade: B-


    This is a solid match with logical results for everyone. Ripley and Asuka should not get along, WWE makes sure they become enemies at the end.

    Ripley spent her team, and this game helped her improve the storyline and maintain the strength of the women’s doubles championship while winning. Two birds and a stone.

    WWE also announced a four-team match at WrestleMania night, and the winner won the women’s doubles championship the next night.

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    Benjamin and Alexander faced MVP earlier in the show. Before the game started, Benjamin and Alexander attacked Lashley and knocked him down.

    Once Rushley was free, the referee tolled the bell and the Almighty began to beat Alexander around the corner. Before throwing his opponent over the ring, he hit a broken neck.

    Lashley dominated his former partner until the show cut into business. When we returned, Alexander tried to make a comeback, and because of Benjamin’s distraction, Alexander was able to push Rushley up the steps.

    The high-flying man committed suicide and dived twice. When they returned to the game, Almighty resisted DDT’s attempt. Sheldon begged Lashley to give in because he won the victory with The Hurt Lock. When he refused to break the deadlock, Benjamin came to his partner’s assistant.

    Lashley grabbed the Gold Standard and held him firmly until he passed out.

    grade: B +


    Rushley currently has two different disputes, and he manages to make both seem important. He has a storyline with McIntyre, while still dealing with his former Hurt Business teammates.

    Alexander and Rushley look good together. Although Rushley looked like a monster, Alexander was able to attack enough to prevent himself from looking like a staff member.

    For all four men, this is a strong market segment. It’s too bad, we can no longer treat them as stable environments.

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    Sheamus joined the comment group to watch the battle between Mustafa Ali and Riddle. The American champion almost immediately plunged Ali into a triangle block, but when Ali rolled to a fixed position, he was forced to fall.

    Riddle put Ali on the top rope and lowered his body, followed by an apron foot. He grabbed Sheamus’ hat and danced until Ali took him out.

    We came back from the break and saw Ali in control, but Riddle quickly began to attack. When preparing to execute the organizer, he completed all the signature moves.

    Ali fought back and knocked down an odd man, gaining two advantages. Riddle recovered and won.

    grade: B-


    We need to solve how WWE adds a graphic that looks like a bird flying out of Riddle’s ass when Riddle kicks his sandals. Very good, we solved this problem.

    Ali and Riddle have good chemistry and have given enough time for a pleasant performance. In the end, Sheamus was there with no effect on the results.

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    They locked and competed for control for a few seconds, then separated from each other and locked again. Corbin twisted his waist and then threw the former champion down with a shoulder pulley.

    The king pulled down McIntyre on a clothesline in order to count quickly. He choked the Scottish Warriors with a rope until the referee made him back down.

    When McIntyre started to push Corbin through the ring from his belly to his abdomen, steam accumulated. Corbin avoided Future Shock DDT, but was still thrown into the steel steps.

    We came back from an advertising company and saw Corbin trying to reverse his luck. He slammed McIntyre into the ring guard and sent him off the tarmac. He reversed the signal of the former American professional wrestling champion and almost fell.

    After both of them were about to win a few games, McIntyre successfully defeated Claymore.

    grade: B-


    Corbin is a big man, and he always performs best when he competes with people of the same size.

    In any case, this is not a good thing, but it does highlight the strengths of the two men and gives Corbin something because he does not have his own wrestling hatred.

    MVP helped promote the reasons for this in the comments. He hopes that Corbin will eliminate McIntyre so that Lashley will face an easier challenge when WrestleMania defeats The King. Although it is very thin, MVP makes it work.

    For the last episode of “Ravi” before “Magic World”, this is a bit bland. I hope this weekend will give us a better performance than a show.

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