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WWE NXT Halloween Sabotage Results: Winners, Achievements, Reactions and Highlights | Bleach Report

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Halloween Destruction is back! WWE NXT showcased several major championship battles and the unforgettable first battles between top stars of some black gold brands in the event released on October 28.

    Candice LeRae made another shot in the NXT women’s champion Io Shirai. The type of competition is determined by Spin the Wheel and Make Deal. In this physical fight between the two best female wrestlers in NXT, anything can happen.

    Johnny Gargano and his wife followed suit in the battle for NXT North American champion Damian Priest. The heart of the rebels feared that he would be forced to endure the rules against “Shameful Archer”


    In order to finally show who is the most important force in the women’s department, Rhea Ripley challenged Raquel Gonzalez and asked the tallest women in the brand to engage in physical warfare.

    Cameron Grimes retreated to a corner and faced a challenge he was not prepared for. After destroying Dexter Lumis’s chance to win the championship, the battered artist was forced to face technical madmen in a horror haunted house.

    Jake Atlas has been making a name for himself recently, and he finally has the opportunity to consolidate his role in NXT in the non-championship battle with NXT lightweight champion Santos Escobar.

    It was a creepy night, but there were many orgasms from beginning to end.

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Spinning the wheels and closing the deal started with the devil’s playground competition between Johnny Gargano and Damian Priest after the priest received a large number of live guitar tickets. The two men quickly went to arms. The Rebel’s Heart grabbed a kendo stick, and “The Notorious Archer” found a truncheon.

    The two entered the backstage through frightening stage props. Gargano does his best, including the trash can. When the two fought to install the wheels, a man wearing a “screaming ghost face” mask grabbed Priest with a steel pipe.

    Gargano smashed a tombstone on the head of Infamy’s archer and knocked him off the stage. This victory allowed Gargano to win the NXT North American Championship twice.


    The Gargano chaplains became the new NXT North American champions one by one.


    B +


    This is an absurd game based on its regulations. The two used weapons and fought around the stage. Of course, these two men are not the best, but they have had an excellent wrestling match on NXT TakeOver. This is about having fun.

    The completion is surprising. The infamous archer seemed ready to rule him with a long and memorable title. Instead, the heart of the rebels returned to the top of the list. He was helped, just as Candice LeRae was supported by Indi Hartwell. Garganos seems to be building a stable assistant to keep them relevant.

    Hope it will eventually bring returns to LeRae, rather than Gargano constantly collecting more gold.

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    Pat McAfee stands with Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch and laughs at the undisputed era. He told the world that he initially chose Ridge Holland (Ridge Holland), but took another option after Holland was injured. He knew he had the right person to take over NXT.

    Kyle O’Reilly (Kyle O’Reilly) played alone, followed by Pete Dunne. Bruiserweight looked ready to help O’Reilly, then hit him in the back with a steel chair. High heels established the only position in the era of no dispute.




    This telegram is really surprising, but Dunn is the perfect fourth person to contend with the undisputed era. This is obviously a WarGames setting. That should be a big battle in the cage, hopefully Lorcan and Birch can be established completely.

    McAfee is a good spokesperson for this group, even if he doesn’t fit the Bruce style of other staff. He can sell himself as a bruise, and the rest are better than the usual microphones.

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    Jake Atlas was at a disadvantage to Legado del Fantasma from the beginning. Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza participated in the rescue of Santos Escobar at a critical moment, which marked the victory of the NXT lightweight championship. The Phantom Driver quickly ended it.

    Ember Moon explained in a video package that she remembers the old scared Dakota Kai, and The War Goddess is not afraid of the new Kai.


    Escobar’s defense passed the drop atlas.


    D +


    This is a waste of talent. Escobar (Escobar) and Atlas (Atlas) is a duel, which may be the core of the lightweight game. However, short-term games like this eliminate this mystery. Atlas was upset with Wilde and Mendoza, but he still couldn’t stay in the ring net with Escobar for 4 minutes.

    Legado del Fantasma needs a real competitor. The talents present cannot compete for this staff member. Even if Esaiah “Swerve” Scott pinned him several times, Escobar was unstoppable. That kind of hatred has already happened.

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    Credit: WWE.com

    William Regal found Cameron Grimes and took him to the backstage of a van. Michael PS Hayes greeted him.

    When he entered the haunted house, the technical barbarian tried to be confident, but he soon found that his self-confidence atmosphere dissipated. Whenever he saw Dexter Lumis, he would run and spot many other terrifying zombies.

    He returned to the van, only saw the torture artist on the van, and then began to run in horror on the street. He ran all the way back to the NXT stage.

    The zombie crawled towards Grimes, who was forced to enter the ring to face Lumis. A female zombie climbed onto the tortured artist and then jumped onto the tech madman. Lumis planted dirt with flaky sauce in Silence to win.


    Loomis defensive technique submitted the dirt.




    This will not suit everyone, but the supposed game is more of a tour in a haunted house. It works perfectly as it is. The absurd technical arrogance is at the top, very suitable for this crazy brief horror show.

    Lumis has nothing to do, but he always excels with his cold, stoic appearance. Although this dispute seems to be a mistake in directly fighting within the ring, this confrontational tone is perfect for both. These two men obviously need zombies in the game.

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    Raquel Gonzalez (Raquel Gonzalez) insisted on his strength in the fight against Rhea Ripley, and slammed her into the glass panel. She continued to kill Dream Night with physical attacks. However, Ripley hit second gear and never looked back.

    Mengm reversed his single-arm power bomb’s attempt and knocked it down with scissors. A big boot and Riptide followed closely and won a big victory.

    Drake Maverick is dressed as Holk Hogan, and Killian Dain is the “Master of Shocks”, and the Mavericks have to remind themselves how to become a The right “Electric Shock Master”. Tommaso Ciampa cut NXT’s promotions, saying that everyone complained too much on social media and not enough fighting.


    Ripley defends Gonzalez’s drop.


    B +


    Although these two women have more things in the ring over time, this is an interesting conflict between the dominant star. Gonzalez was impressed with keeping up with experienced performers. The two have never been together.

    This is a game that should be played on a larger scale without interruption. Gonzalez proved that she should participate in more major competitions. This loss is meaningful to her, but depending on her promotion to a competitor in the team, the next time the story may be different.

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    After Poppy’s performance pushed Io Shirai onto the ring, “Spin the Wheel”, Make Deal decided that Candice LeRae would fight Io Shirai in the table, ladder and panic game. The women went to buy ladders and chairs.

    This is cruel, because both women are willing to fight for each other’s victory. After suffering such a huge injury, the two finally set up a ladder to recover the NXT Women’s Championship. The genius in the sky missed a lunar attack and took the lead to put his leg on the steel chair.

    Poison Pixie made good use of it and chased Shirai’s bad leg until the NXT Women’s Champion put her spine on the standing chair first. After LaRae hit Shirai’s swaying broken neck through a table, both women’s situation got worse.

    The characters in the Ghostface mask ran to help the poisonous elf, but Shotzi Blackheart stopped in time. After the action, LeRae was still at the top of the ladder, but Shirai recovered and knocked her off the ladder with another ladder. The genius of the sky won the title.


    Shirai defense LeRae won the title to retain the NXT Women’s Championship.


    A kind


    Shirai and LeRae have excellent chemistry in every game. This is still not their best game, but it is very different from their previous games. Weapons are the core, and both women can sell each other’s damage well.

    The game clearly showed that both women can win at any time. LeRae was able to evade Shirai’s attacks constantly, turning himself into steel with one punch. She played cleverly, but eventually fell and burned.

    In the end, Shirai continued his outstanding title rule. She is unbelievable in every championship battle. LeRae is the leader of NXT and hopes to spend his time in the sun soon. Johnny Gargano can’t be the only family member to win a gold medal.

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