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WWE is doing a love story between Murphy and 19-year-old Aalyah Mysterio

Last night (October 30) smack downWWE participated in the Rey Mysterio/Seth Rollins project, many of us believe that the project has been in progress for more than a month, confirming the love affair between Rey’s daughter Aalyah and Seth’s former disciple Murphy.

As you might expect, a lot of things have happened here, and the dispute is approaching the sixth month. Murphy gave up Rollins and wanted to apologize to Rey and his son Dominik. Mysterios didn’t trust the 32-year-old Australian because, well, he helped Seth “take off”

; Rey’s eyes and beat Dom with a kendo club. Aalyah, 19, believes Murph has changed and says she loves him. They shared an old stage old kiss in the middle of the ring, which made Messiah happy and Mysterios frustrated.

Fans reacted to this development. On the one hand, this is an impressive feat for a story that most people don’t like. But, on the other hand, when the reaction causes the audience to argue about consent laws and sexual behavior, it may indicate that you are venturing into areas where the PG program does not require risk.

To be honest, when the first signs of this development appeared in the debate, raw In September, I was not particularly interested in rejoining. Like many things in our culture now, there seems to be no way to change anyone’s mind. Even if it is not illegal, is the romantic relationship between a man in his thirties and a teenage woman immoral? After reaching voting age and having the right to make your own choices and mistakes, are you an adult? Should storytellers like WWE who are not interested in nuances be trusted to tell a story that requires at least this?

I have my answer. You undoubtedly own yours. They have a great chance to be different.

As this week proved Talking snack, The undisputed thing about this perspective is still WWE wants us to ask these questions. Aalyah’s age often rises, especially her father, who has repeatedly called her “naive”. Murphy often keeps in touch with Rollins, and uses Aria’s mind, heart and current body to drive Rey and Dominic crazy. This possibility often increases.

Just as an old opponent of Vince McMahon became an employee, controversy created cash.

Please feel free to tell us your position on this development and the ongoing Rollins/Mysterio legend in the comments below.

or not. It’s all up to you.

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