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WWE elimination room real-time updates and results

WWE’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view model has become the main post-royal rumble program on the calendar, and this program is very helpful in shaping the WrestleMania card every year.

2021 is no exception. Drew McIntyre (Drew McIntyre) defends his five challengers in the WWE Championship, and Roman Reigns will win the second knockout round of the World Championship later that night. . The U.S. championship and women’s doubles championship will also be online, but the SmackDown women’s champion Sasha Banks participated in the women’s doubles championship (matched with Rumble’s champion Bianca Belair), and the Raw women’s champion seems to have lost the challenger Lacey Evans ( Lacey Evans̵

7; pregnancy may make these two titles useless.

At night, the picture of WrestleMania 37 in Tampa for two nights will become clearer. Follow our breakdown in real time, game by game.

The game is in progress:

WWE Championship Knockout Match: Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Sheamus vs. Randy Orton vs. AJ Styles vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Jeff Hardy

Circle: Styles, Hardy and McIntyre

Eliminated (in order of elimination): Orton (Coffey Kingston)


The elimination room competition will become the first place in the world champion: Daniel Bryan. Kevin Owens (Kevin Owens), Cesaro (Cesaro), Jay Uso (Jey Uso), Sami Zayn (Sami Zayn) and King Corbin (King Corbin)

General champion: Roman Dynasty (c) defense. Daniel Bryan

The knockout champion of the universal champion challenger who determines the rule of the Roman Empire will usually be a champion facing a reduction in impossible tasks. Daniel Bryan serves as T.

After fighting with his hips and knees adjusted early in the indoor game, Bryan won his chance by scoring in the only elimination game on Jey Uso. It was followed by the world championship battle, and Bryan did his best.

But when Reigns offered the seemingly inevitable spear to rush forward, Bryan grabbed Reigns’ Yes ​​Lock. After a moment of possible suspicion, an angry dynasty put a series of fists and elbows on the ground, and then bombs. After a few more punches, Reigns strangled Bryan and retained his title.

Even considering the anti-climate nature of the subsequent championship battle, the chamber game itself is still very interesting. Cesaro and Bryan started the match, continuing the recent tension that circulates from brutal competition and hard-won respect. Although the conflict between the two greatest tech masters in history does not seem to be suitable for races like “knockouts” such as car accidents, any opportunity to watch these two wrestlings should not be taken for granted.

After demonstrating strength and proficiency, King Corbin’s pod is the first of four other competitors to open the pod. Corbyn quickly made the game ugly, throwing Cesaro into his now empty pod, and resting Brian’s face on the cage. Bryan’s knee began to be painted with a target, Corbin slammed his knee into a pod twice, then twisted Bryan’s knee on the ring post and pulled.

Sami Zayn’s pod was about to open, but when Corbin tried to pull him out, he refused to exit. When Brian beat Corbin foolishly, Cesaro walked to the open end of the pod and began to beat Zane in the enclosed space. Then, Bryan took the lead in smashing Zayn into the cage and shot him to death. All four participants appeared to be level, until Zayn missed Bryan’s Helluva kick and smashed his leg against the metal in front of Kevin Owens’s pod.

Cesaro essentially threw Zane on top of Jey Uso’s pod, where the two continued to fight at high altitude. Then, as they climbed over the top panel of the chain link, Cesaro bumped Zayn’s face against the fence, grabbed the top of the room, kicked Zayn to the ground, and then easily pulled up.

Back on the ground, Cesaro nailed Corbin to Corbin with a rotating upper rope, then rotated Cesaro Swing several times to spin Corbin, and then paid tribute to his former tag team partner Tyson Kidd for making him the most recent -Sharpshooter. Corbin participated and became the first participant to be eliminated.

The buzzer sounded, and Owens was the next one to enter the game. Zayn tried to persuade Owens to restore their past friendship and partnership, and within a moment, Owens seemed to even consider it. When Owens threw Zayn back and forth in the diagonal pods, the whole process lasted a second.

From Cesaro to Zayn’s toss punches, from Bryan to Cesaro’s running knees and from Owens to Bryan’s pop-up powerful bombs, everyone was eliminated. Owens pushed down all three of his opponents long enough to make Uso the final contestant in the game, which allowed the two to regain tension.

When everyone was fighting outside the ring, Owens made a lunar snatch from the top of the pod to all four competitors and became the focus. Cesaro and Bryan ate stunners outside, and Zayn missed the hellball, Owens stunned him again in the ring, pinned Zane, and eliminated him.

When Zayn was helped out of the ring, Uso trapped Owens’ arm in the cage under full pressure. Uso dropped half a dozen on Owens when he was trapped in his arm, rolled and ended with a splash. Urso nailed Owens and eliminated him.

As the presumed favorite was eliminated from the game, the last three raced against time. Cesaro modified his swing to smash Urso back and forth to the side of the cage, and then pushed the doll Brian back into the ring with incredible power. When Bryan kicked out Cesaro, he kicked him hard in the chest, and the first two participants in the match clashed again.

Cesaro jumped off the top rope, Bryan hit his shoulder and ruptured his intestines, which seemed to make Bryan another sharpshooter. But when Cesaro beat Bryan with his injured foot, Urso rushed back to the game. Landed a super kick and splash and nailed Cesaro to knock him out.

Uso fell again on the prone Bryan, but Bryan was kicked out of the field. Uso was not frightened, climbed to the top of the pod and tried to splash again, but Bryan bent his knees. The running knee made Bryan a member of Uso and won a shot in the Reigns World Championship.

What’s next: There is no clearer way for Reigns to face Edge at WrestleMania. After the two collided at SmackDown on Friday and Reigns won a spear among the winners of the 2021 Royal Rumble, Edge appeared after the game and gained favor. Edge points to the declared universal signal WrestleMania flag, so a match is made.

Women’s team champion: Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler (c). Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair

Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks should not be expected to leave the playoffs as women’s singles champions and pay-per-view. In general, this makes sense. In the short history of the title, there have been too many entanglements with the Raw or SmackDown women’s champion, and Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler have planned another match.

But the ending of this originally interesting game is another clear reminder that the women’s team and the way the game in these two shows need to be overhauled.

Banks and Bel Air are a team that shows the potential for future pairings. They have made some good combinations, including the double-arm Facebuster and the starter, although they only won two. When Belair partnered with Baszler’s KOD, Belair was one of the team’s best chances to win, but Jax pulled Belair from the ring while chasing the pin.

Shayna Baszler once locked herself in the Kirofuda clutch on Belair, but the defending champion saved most of the offense until the last minute. When Banks Bank was forced to withdraw from the bank’s statement regarding Jax due to a rope break, Carmela’s sommelier Reginald held a bottle of wine in his hand and handed it to Banks Bank as a weapon. The bank refused, but this distraction allowed Jax to win the Samoan Drop.

What’s next: Hope that fewer men will participate and distract the best female wrestlers in the competition. Racey Evans/Ric Flair’s entanglement with Raw is condemned, but it’s not much better. Considering the results on Sunday, Carmela may not have shot at Banks in Fastlane or one of the following Friday nights, but when Belair makes a more likely choice and challenges Banks, hopefully this means You can get rid of bad, outdated writing and go back to what these women do best once a week.

American champion: Riddle defense. Bobby Lashley (c) and John Morrison

No matter how strong the momentum of the Intercontinental or American Championships, they will always change this situation overnight.

This is what happened on Sunday. Riddle defeated Lashley to become the new American champion by nailing John Morrison in a triple threat match.

By turning the torture rack into a device, Rushley hit Morrison’s ribs on the ring rod first, which had a major impact on the game. Then, he effortlessly rounded Riddle to the side of the circus and continued beating inside the rope. Morrison and Riddle tried many times to slow down Lashley’s pace together, but it was not until Lashley was on Morrison’s one-handed batsman and Riddle’s dominator that his performance was short-lived.

The two continued to try to gain an advantage, as Riddle used scissors to throw Lashley out of the ring, Morrison crossed the top rope and Lashley withdrew from the game. Riddle also jumped into Lashley well. But this is what the league can do, because Morrison used Riddle’s attention to distract him and smashed him into the Marring.

They fought briefly, but Rushley did not stay long. After re-entering, Riddle lowered the Final Flash Ripcord knee to the ground and dropped the floating Bro Flip from Rushley’s top rope. Morrison kicked Riddle and landed Starship Pain, interrupting the attempt to drop, but Lashley was only out of the game by 2 points.

MVP distracted Morrison, and Morrison stole his cane properly. Morrison swung in Lashley and missed, then was trapped in the damage lock by Lashley. But when Rushley seemed to be only a few seconds away from the victory, Riddle picked up the crutches and smashed Rushley many times to get him off the court. Morrison, who was still shocked, was easy. Riddle and his brother Bro Derek hit Morrison, winning a personal fall and his first singles title in WWE.

What’s next: Rushley is unlikely to leave quietly, and it is not surprising to see Rushley challenge or even regain the championship on Monday night. But for now, Riddle’s “wrestling mania” prospects have improved.

US Championship qualifier: John Morrison (John Morrison).Ali, Ricochet and Elias

In some cases, WWE pulled the incredible suspension to the culmination of collapse. This game is one of them.

In the deadly four-a-side game, there is no disqualification or elimination. They can participate at any time instead of actively participating in the game. Ali’s three remake alliance only intervened twice to destroy the drops and insert the bomb Ricochet into the turnbuckle. Since the whole faction was distracted by defeating Ricochet, when Morrison overthrew Ali to earn the lagging votes and the title, their dilemma of trying to establish a connection continued.

What’s next: Morrison took the position of Keith Lee in the U.S. Championship against Riddle and Bobby Lashley. Although anything is possible in the US or Intercontinental Championships, Lashley is likely to continue to underperform for some time to come.

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