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Wolf 116, King 106: Minnesota Music Chair

Disclaimer: The review part is brought to you by our friends, King herald (For those who don’t know, they are Squeezed out of their former SBNation home). Will Griffith Provided great content for the Sacramento Kings, hosted a podcast with former Kings head coach/general manager/broadcaster Jerry Reynolds, and is my best friend, he continues to inspire my life. I assure you that he will be one of your best followers on social media! @WillofThaPeople

Will will help me by assisting in the review of the April Kings-Timberwolves trio game. He will provide insights from the perspective of Sacramento. The first game is our collective pessimistic view of franchising, the second game is optimistic, and the third game is our most realistic expectation. enjoy!

Timberwolves pessimistic outlook @TheKingsHerald

“The King’s Pessimism” by Will Griffith (Kill Griffith):

Every motivational video produced on YouTube is the first time a 21-year-old child has pumped water to the gym 3 days a week in his life. At some point, whether it is an illegally edited dubbing or the last video, there is a motto . Serious photoshop poster:

“Good is a great enemy”.

For a team that has missed the playoffs in the past 14 seasons, this is much closer than “Mediocrity is a decent enemy.” The Konzians are trapped in the worst part of the league-they don’t have enough talent to cause a sensation in the Western Conference, but they are not so easily injured or lacking to truly find their place in the 21st century draft prospects. I am not saying that they are absolutely rubbish. De’Aaron Fox Displays longer and longer 1A scoring ability flashes. Tyrese Haliburton was preparing much faster than expected, and much better than many people expected when they slipped to No. 12 in the draft last year. These two points are themselves the core elements of any future success for the king. If the king wants continued success at the Western Conference, they are not enough.

Many people had hoped, and even some people had expected, that the kings would conduct a youth movement before the deadline and trade one or two of them. Buddy love or Harrison Barnes.But the first year general Monte McNair Can’t find anything worthy of trouble or small tanks, so now the king is here: begging the basketball gods and their new bench to get them tenth, and their fans are fighting for the merits of the tank in the civil war Fox (Fox ) Talented (and contracted) players are running towards the playoffs. Neither side is right or wrong, but the damn thing is that they have to argue until the other is destroyed. at the same time, Richaun Holmes He is no longer a secret NBA secret, and may leave the Kings at the end of the season-the Kings have limited ability to pay at this time, and Holmes has become an unrestricted free agent. This is the same season, different Kangz and damn, we are all tired of it. Some people still want to enter the playoffs, some people want to be in the top five playoffs before the trade deadline is not too late. We all just want one direction, including an extended playoff winning streak-which is not fully achieved by the current team. I bet that the Kings will break Minnesota’s record for a playoff winning streak, and there is little to show about it.

Will Griffith’s game review:

This game is stereotyped Conz which performed. On paper, they should participate in this game. They are healthier, have more practice with each other, and in short, they are more talented. However, they allowed the Timberwolves to wander around and even maintain the lead in a quarter of the second quarter.This Timberwolves Just staring at these kings from time to time, and it is not surprising that Sacramento allows this to happen. They averaged 114.6 points per game, and they didn’t exceed 40 points until 4:30 remaining in the half. For the worst defensive ranking in NBA history this season, and the fourth worst defensive ranking in NBA this season, “Good defense or bad offense“Is a very simple answer. Normally, the king fox In the past-he accounted for 40% of the offense in the first half, scoring 20 points, and the Kings only hit a 55-55 tie.

The only thing that needs to be said in the third game is that despite all the ugly tinkering and heavy breathing in the third game, these teams again ended the game with 82 points.

I would love to know what fair fans think of the Kings they are watching tonight. Would you believe it when I said that the Kings won 7 of 8 games differently twice this season? They followed, losing 9 consecutive games and losing 3 consecutive games before losing to your team tonight. A better writer than I thought, I might think of this story as two upcoming teams competing against each other in the cellar before becoming a future competitor, but I think we all know it’s good for each of us It didn’t happen, if I had to guess, Minnesota was actually closer to that goal than the Kings. How many games did they just play? ! How could the Wolves be-listen.The best way I can say is that the kings are waiting for their arrival Jimmy Butler Appear and prove that they are finally ready for the playoffs. It will also affect the future of the Sacramento Kings in a way similar to or worse than Minnesota. In the words of our mutual friends:

Nemanja Bjelica: f***, they deserve it.

Game highlights

Game notes

  • The main content of the game tonight will be the musical chair played by the Timberwolves. The first is KAT x2 (Wrist, COVID). Then D’Lo (knee). Then Ricky (Back). Then Malik x2 (Suspension, hamstring).These four players hardly share the court, at this point, you have to wonder if they once Will continue to expand the scope of the game.Having said that, tonight is D’Angelo Russell (D’Angelo Russell)That night, I can’t say how good he was in the first game. Tonight, he was absolutely crazy and put the Wolves in the driver’s seat with a personal 8-0 score to end the game. I like how Finch works (and so on…) 2-point guard lineup. He wrinkles under the ball, making D’Lo even better and becoming a very beautiful chasing SG. It seems that D’Angelo was locked and played in the final game.
  • Karl Anthony Towns Once again spent a pleasant night strolling, and returned on the 23/13/5 route. The Kings only had 2 minutes left to return to the game within 4 days, and it was not until KAT scored 5 consecutively that the game really ended. This is what we have and will continue to be expected by leaders.
  • We took a look at what the rest of the season will look like Anthony Edwards As the third scoring option. He has his own moment tonight. He hit 3 points early and made a great result on the fourth hole, but he improved to 19 points with 15 field goal attempts (.333 FG%), and 8 more. Rebounds, 5 corner kicks and steals. Not at all shabby, Ant.
  • Dave Benz said:Ants can swim! ! !tonight. I will help the Timberwolves community and compile all the Ant facts from Benzsies at the end of the season.
  • Jordan McLaughlin It looks like he had his best performance tonight, beating Hassan Whiteside in many cunning paints and keeping the Wolves afloat in the second half. Just like that, everywhere, we have 3 healthy and capable point guards!
  • Juancho Hernangomez (Juancho Hernangomez), Despite all his shortcomings, but he showed a positive performance in tonight’s game, which had a positive impact on the team’s game. Finch’s unwavering trust in Juancho remains one of the most surprising stories recently. He had 17 points, 9 (!) rebounds, 1 assist and 1 steal.

  • The Big Mac is struggling again tonight, which seems to be unmatched in the few times this season. Harrison Barnes fouled him for 5 fouls, and the action was only 20 minutes.Good days are coming Jaden McDaniels.
  • Coach Vinci got in at a moment today Jarrett Culver Trying to help slow down the running speed of the Kings, but in a spin by Barnes, he was immediately turned into a barbecue chicken, giving up and-1.He can Happily Unfortunately, I sat up in a few seconds.
  • shout loudly Naz Reid He is the team’s highest +21, with 10 points, 7 rebounds and 2 stocks. Nazron hit two of the three-pointers tonight. Vinci tried the KAT-Naz combination and largely supplemented it.
  • Buddy love Sixteen three-pointers were fired tonight, and six of them were hit. He missed the only non-3PA game tonight.
  • Harrison Barnes “Only” scored 21 points in 37 minutes, but shot .643 tonight. Trying to limit his attempts is the crime of Luke Walton.
  • De’Aaron Fox Soon it became the town of Karl Anthony of the Sacramento Kings, although the former is more defensive (I think). In terms of offense, KAT is usually more dominant, but today Fox looks absolutely unstoppable. He scored a game-high 31 points with just 16 strokes. This is ridiculous. I hope not”Rescue the fox from the bagThe headlines are coming soon.

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