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With the arrival of WandaVision, Marvel Pictures is about to enter a never-ending cycle

If Marvel Studios is realized, people will get new tickets in the Marvel Cinematic Universe almost every week.

Everything starts with Wanda Vision. On January 15th, Marvel’s new nine-episode program will be staged. This is the vision of Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda Maximoff and Paul Bettany in another The prelude to the absurd suburban life in the universe. The premiere has two episodes, and new episodes will be released every week for the rest of the season.Only two weeks later Wanda Vision End, Falcon and winter soldier will Arrivals.Then three weeks Black widow Released (unless delayed again) Rocky Log in to Disney Plus.by the time Rocky It̵

7;s over, it’s time Shangzhi and the Legend of Ten Rings.

You get the picture.

Before the release of Disney Plus, Marvel Studios only engaged in film production. The TV shows belong to the independent TV division of Marvel Entertainment. This includes the Netflix series (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage), in Hulu (Fugitive) And ABC title, for example Agent Carter with SHIELD agent. Even with these events cited, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is still separate from everything else. When Disney Plus appeared, everything became chaotic.Disney needs new Marvel shows to attract and keep subscribers (e.g. Mandalorian indeed). The former head of Marvel TV, Jeph Loeb, was effectively dismissed because everything belongs to the head of Marvel Studios and MCU architect Kevin Feige.

Under Feige’s leadership, the MCU is now expanding. Various programs and movies will be intertwined. Wanda Vision Will come from Thor, Ant-Man, with Captain Marvel And will somehow connect to Doctor Strange in the Crazy Multiverse.The former Disney executive told edge Audiences don’t need to watch every movie or TV show to keep up. The strategy is designed like a comic-referencing events that take place elsewhere, and fans may want to watch to understand the whole context.

According to people’s views on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a new Marvel thing every week is both a blessing and a curse. The question is, when will it enter saturation? Some people may feel that we have reached our goal.Although studios and networks produce more movies and TV shows than ever before (including movies outside the superhero genre), there are few things that dominate the box office and dialogue like Disney Cinemas, especially Marvel movies and Star wars. There is a long wave of Marvel TV series at the beginning of three to four movies every year, which may cause the entire franchise to be exhausted.

Except it may not. Franchise fatigue is a popular saying, but it is ultimately flawed. Superhero movies are still one of the biggest box office achievements, and when the average American audience sees a movie every year, superhero movies bring people to the theater. In China, Marvel movies are still the best-performing films of American studios, while China’s box office is the second most populous. This is not to say that Marvel movies are the whole movie, and the ending of all movies (far from it), but mainstream audiences are not tired of them.prior to Infinity war with End Game,E.g Panther with Captain Marvel Promoted some of the biggest successes of the MCU-these are new roles within the MCU, not Captain America. The needs of the audience have not disappeared.

The more pressing focus of Marvel Studios and Disney is not franchise fatigue, but trust.Think about it Star wars.apart from solo, Each Star wars The films released in the past five years performed exceptionally well, but the criticism of these films has deteriorated.People quarrel The Force Awakens Just remake new Hope, The rise of Skywalker Keep dunking The Last Jedi At the center of the ongoing debate, and solo It feels like two movies merge into one.

Production was plagued by the dismissal of directors and writers, and Disney was eager to get out. Star wars Shooting in one year, there is almost no room for proper rewriting.It can be said that Disney has always lost trust in fans because Disney has always done well Star wars Movies, or as analyst and venture capitalist Matthew Ball put it, this is “disappointing.” Disney tried to hurry everything.There seems to be no 10-year plan Star wars. The biggest asset of Marvel Studios is Feige’s ability to prototype the appearance of the universe. This is not quantitative quality-they are making more MCU movies every year-but quantitatively it does not lose the overall story line.

Ironically, Star wars It also pointed out more ways that Marvel can still work.like Rogue One Before that, Mandalorian It succeeds because it is familiar, but it can exist independently.It is clear Star warsAnd there are enough key references Star wars The numbers and moments that die-hard fans can dig out. However, it is also novel and unique enough to not make people feel like entering the universe in a hurry, and the universe has made a lot of money for Disney. MandalorianThe creators of Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni had time to figure it out.

Through all accounts, Wanda Vision In the same boat. These roles are familiar, but the performance is very different from any content inside the MCU, and I hope it will be refreshing. Maintaining people’s trust and avoiding accumulated disappointments are playing opportunities for streaming. Experiments should be encouraged. If feasible, there is no upper limit to the chances of success and sustained profitability.

If this is not the case, it is forgivable on streaming media services. On streaming media services, people pay monthly for new content besides their favorite movies and TV shows. This is not the same as paying $10 or more for movie tickets or paying tens of millions of dollars in losses for Disney.Keep safe bets on large, splash movies, which can get more benefits than initial investment and marketing activities; experiment on Disney Plus that people want something Satisfy their appetite.

The main pitfall of streaming is thinking, because subscribers require speed to be the top priority every month.Consistency is, but consistency also means quality and originality-especially for Marvel and Star wars. The stakes are higher. There is a great precedent, a bad precedent, and a hungry fan base, these people can only accept such low movies or TV.

The good news is that Marvel Studios only needs to continue doing what has already been done. Feige is an architect who designed the Marvel storyline ten years ago, figuring out how to make the huge universe tangible and novel. We are about to enter a stage during which new content will continue to appear in Marvel Studios. It sounds tiring-but it is not necessary.

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