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Willow Smith’s rumored boyfriend is Tyler Cole, but do they really have a relationship?

Willow Smith spent most of his time in the spotlight in some way. From her famous parents to working as an actress and singer, Smith knows there are two or three things to make headlines, but that doesn’t mean that she has met another small applicant. Smith has bypassed the high-profile relationship and has been in a long-term relationship with Tyler Cole, and his low-key personality may be the secret of this relationship.

Willow Smith is an activist

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7;s relationship with Will Smith; I will never be like that

When Willow Smith (Willow Smith) was born in October 2000, her father Will Smith (Will Smith) may be in his peak period, and mother Jada Pinkett Smith (Jada Pinkett Smith) A star in itself. Willow Smith (Willow Smith) has received the attention of her parents since her earliest days on earth, and soon after she started working in the family business.

When she was 7 years old, Willow Smith appeared in her father’s film, I am a legend, Her career in Hollywood is very successful. In addition to acting, Willow also gained his family’s musical taste. Her hit song “Whip My Hair” (Whip My Hair) was certified and proved that multi-hyphenation talent is a family affair of the Smith family.

However, although Willow Smith affirmed the success of the song, she does not want it to define herself. As she grew older, her music became more personal and she began to use her celebrity status to make a difference.

Willow has become an advocate for everything from racial justice to LGBTQ rights. Despite being such a high-profile character, Willow also knows how to keep his private life from attracting people’s attention. This includes her close relationship with Cole.

It is said that Willow Smith has a romantic relationship with him

Cole is a member of “Anxiety Disorder” with the Willow band, but it is reported that their relationship is deeper. According to the Smith family, Cole is just a relative and friend whose whole family participates in daily life. However, as the two toured publicly and privately, rumors persisted that they were more than just friends.

Recently, Willow asked Cole and her mother to participate in their popular Facebook series Red Table Talk. They talked about everything from the importance of voting in the upcoming elections to racism within the music industry. However, in terms of their relationship, the two of them remained silent as usual.

Who is Tyler Cole?

Cole does not have the luxury of nurturing a willow tree. He grew up as the son of a single mother. She once dreamed of becoming a star, but these dreams never brought her to the level of his so-called partner. Cole is now a young adult, he also likes to perform mistakes, when he is not performing music, he is trying to shine in Hollywood.

However, Cole’s connection with Willow extends beyond their personal lives. He is also a close friend of Willow’s brother Jaden, and is part of the weird fashion company MSFTS Republic among Smith. When he is not performing music or performing music, Cole also fantasizes about being a filmmaker.

In an interview with Alt Philanthropy (according to The List), he said: “Even before the development of music, filmmaking may be my first hobby, because that was the way I could actually record and produce music before I started making art. “I was recording a video with my iPhone or a small flip camera that I used with friends.”

He used this passion to direct an autobiographical documentary called Father complex, According to IMDB, the product is currently in post-production. However, prints have been seen at several major film festivals.

Maybe, Cole is growing up with Willow. However, although he may have a relationship with celebrities, the two seem to be content and live as private as possible. No matter where their relationship comes from, the couple knows how to provide the world with what they want while keeping the parts that are vital to them private.

Will Willow Smith really date Tyler Cole?

Willow Smith
Willow Smith | Andrew Toth/Getty Images, Environmental Media Association

Willow Smith has not confirmed his relationship with Tyler Cole. So far, this is just speculation.

When Cole appeared in Pinkett Smith’s performance, Jada had no choice but to be polite, but pointed out that he was a “family friend”. Although this does not deny the underlying relationship, it is a prudent choice of words.

Jada said in an interview: “Taylor is a talented musician, film producer, actor and close family and friends.” Red table talk, According to E! news. “And he is RTT So we had to put him at the table. “

In the past, Willow Smith has publicly shared her views on monogamy. “That feeling is mine, and my only one. There is no one else. For me, that doesn’t work.” Willow Smith told Jada Pinkett Smith and her grandmother.

She also said that she would accept polygamy. She said: “I really can’t see four times as much as myself, but as far as I am concerned, this is what I need for both men and women.”

“I think monogamy actually prevents you from learning the skills to get rid of insecurity and jealousy,” Willow said, adding that her engagement in traditional marriages may oppress women.

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