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Will the Verdansk map be destroyed in Warzone? Leakers hints at major game events

With the undisputed success of the first year of “Call of Duty: Warzone”, many fans are curious about when the new map will be released. So far, we have all the information about the new Royal War map, the potential release date and how it will interact with the “Black Ops” Cold War.

When Rebirth Island was released in the war zone, it is fair to say that some players were a little disappointed. The map is based on the original “Black Ops” “rebirth” mission, and was never intended to be the main new battle royale map, but it still makes some players feel a little changed. It is expected to release a big picture in the future, such as the size of Verdansk (or slightly larger if you believe recent rumors).

Although Rebirth Island was only launched with the first season in mid-December, rumors about another new Warzone setting have already spread. The update also brought the “Black Ops”

; Cold War into the theater, but it is still far from the influence of Bank of China in the theater.

Treyarch / Activision

The Rebirth Island map provides players with a chaotic and fast-paced gaming experience.

Ural Mountains Theater Map

The most famous rumor about the map of the future theater is that it will be heavily influenced by the Black Ops Cold War’s Fire Team: Dirty Bomb map.

The current maps in the new Treyarch mode are Alpine, Ruka and Sanatorium, all of which are located in the Ural Mountains of Russia. The code name of Ruka in the game file is “wz_forest”, and the code name of Alpine is “wz_ski_slopes”. Similarly, fans have also noticed that the name of Sanatorium in the game file is’wz_sanatorium’.

As a 40-player game mode, the map in FTDB is much larger than the standard 6v6 map. Presumably, they will be combined as different POIs in a larger Royal War map. According to current speculations, the sanatorium will be located in the southwest, the Alps in the southeast, and the center will be Luca.

Therefore, this new map will be an easy transition. Fireteam has used several of Warzone’s mechanisms, such as parachuting, falling but not out of state, ping, armor, and robbery.

Ruka in the Black Ops Cold War

Ruka is located in the Ural Mountains, which is the true mountain range of modern Russia.

Given the Cold War connection with Black Ops, we are likely to see a cross between the Battle Royale and the 2020 CoD series. When Treyarch adds weapons, there will be more weapons to switch, and there may also be points and vehicles.

There are T-72 tanks, off-road vehicles, off-road vehicles, snowmobiles and helicopters on the Fireteam map, some of which are already available in Warzone. The rumors also point out that, like the battle royale in Black Ops 4, there will still be water on board.

Finally, it was suggested that some historical CoD maps could be used as POI. For example, both Summit and WMD are located in the Ural Mountains. In fact, the weapons of mass destruction are located on Yamantao Mountain, the mountain that was specifically checked in the recent Easter Egg file on Rebirth Island. Some fans took it as a hint of WMD’s future return.

WMD Call of Duty Map in

WMD has been remade once again-featured in Black Ops 4.

Will the zombies return to the war zone?

If the latest rumors can be believed, then when the new map finally makes its debut, we may see more undead taking over Warzone. The speculation began on February 11, when a new machine popped up in the Verdansk hospital in Warzone Rumble.

This special machine originally appeared in the “Zombie” mode of the “Black Ops” Cold War and was used to obtain rewards after completing the challenge. When approaching, the prompt will display ZAI / ACTIVATE_ZOMBIES, which may be a trailer or a prompt that does not exist yet.

Some players also experienced screen distortion when entering the office on the new Rebirth Island map. This was what happened when playing the Warzone and Black Ops Cold War crossover in August 2020, indicating that a major change is taking place.

Zombie Zombie Mode

Zombies may return to the war zone.

Warzone new map release date, season 2

At the time of writing, these details are still strictly rumors, and the potential realization of the Ural Mountains map is still some distance away. Leaks and rumors hint at a release date in March 2021, which coincides with the first anniversary of Warzone.

Some fans want to see the new map implemented at the beginning of the second season, but given the changes to Verdansk in the update, this situation seems increasingly unlikely. The only new POI we have confirmed is the Vodianoy tanker approaching the port.

It seems unlikely that Raven will implement major map changes, only to make them obsolete shortly after using a brand new map. However, this ship and its “unknown cargo” may be an early narrative step towards the new map.

This coincides with the Activision season 2 commercial, which uses the slogan “The End Begins”. Maybe the end of Verdansk?

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