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On Tuesday, February 1

8, 2020, in a double overtime period when Ypsilanti Lincoln defeated Chelsea 108-102, Emoni Bates scored 63 points and scored 21 rebounds .

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Ten years ago, Tom Izzo was waiting for a letter from LeBron James.

The phone has passed since.

Izo rejected the opportunity to jump into the NBA Cleveland Cavaliers and instead stayed at Michigan State University. Less than a month later, James announced on ESPN that he would bring his talent to Miami.

It turns out that this is Izzo’s correct move.

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On Monday, he finally found a generation of talent in Emoni Bates.

On Monday, Emoni Bates paid tribute to Michigan State University on the ESPN Sports Center show. (Photo: ESPN)

Now, he must wait to see when and if such a union can occur. If this is done, Izo may make this budding superstar serve for two years instead of one.

Bates’ amazing announcement at noon to join the MSU may ultimately be a “decision” for the Spartans. In the two years at Ypsilanti Lincoln, the 6-foot-9 sports forward has become one of the country’s most high-profile prospects for high school students. Since skipping college admission ten years ago.

Bates said while lifting Sparta’s hat with his family: “I’m not sure what the future will be, but as I know it now, I’m committed to Michigan State University.”

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The road ahead

Bates is Izzo’s first commitment to the 2022 course. However, from then until now, many things will flourish, which will have a major impact on his decision to go to Missouri State University or to other places.

He can even stay in East Lansing for two years.

On Tuesday, March 3, 2020, Epsilonti Lincoln’s Emoni Bates faced Ann Arbor Huron in the first half of the Epsilonti EMU Convention Center. (Photo: Reporter Han Junfu from the Detroit Free Press)

• The most interesting possibility is that Bates can reclassify and give up his high school season in high school, enter college one year earlier and join the guard Pierre Brooks II (Pierre Brooks II) is a member of the Spartan 2021. Both Bates and his father Elgin told ESPN’s Jeff Borzello that they have not made any decision. However, Michael Rosenberg of Sports Illustrated reported on Monday that Bates will indeed be reclassified. Bates told ESPN: “After this year, it will tell me everything I need to know. I can’t decide now. After this year, if it’s too easy, I might-but if not, I might play for another year. “

His father is creating his own preparatory school, Ypsilanti Prep Aim High, and he told ESPN: “By the end of the third grade, he will be able to graduate. We don’t know yet. It depends on him, it’s a daily thing for him. This may be a decision he decided to make later.”

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• Bates’ birthday decision made any reclassification decisions, more about going to college earlier than resorting to professional players.

Experts believe that the league will not reduce the draft age limit from 19 to 18 years until the most recent year (currently, a player must be 19 years old within the calendar year of the draft and drop out of high school for one year). In the late 2010s, this has been a hot topic in college and the NBA, and many believe that Bates will become the first beneficiary of a potential rule change after he turns 18 in 2022.

However, the discussion on the abolition of the “once and for all” rule has stalled from the seemingly reached agreement in early 2019 to the ongoing labor negotiations this winter. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported in April that as part of the next collective bargaining agreement, the rules may not be modified as early as 2025.

Bates was born on January 28, 2004, which means he can only enter the NBA draft by 2023 after he is 19. Even if he reclassifies, he is not eligible to participate in the 2022 draft, which may make him stay at MSU for two seasons.

Ypsilanti Lincoln’s Emoni Bates (21) left the court after defeating Howell 72-56 in the MHSAA Division 1 semi-finals held at the Breslin Center in East Lansing on Friday, March 15, 2019. (Photo: Reporter Han Junfu from the Detroit Free Press)

• Bates has not yet reached the minimum age requirement for the G League in the 2021-222 season at 18 years old, and was not eligible to participate in the NBA development system draft until the 2022-23 season.

He can choose not to reclassify, and he can play the last two years of high school at his father’s newly created Ypsilanti Prep Academy and then enter the G League. Or Bates can reclassify, play for MSU for one year, and then test the G League. The G League has recently started pulling some high-end players out of college, including the No. 1 forward Jalen Greens in 2020 and former Isaiah Todd of Michigan, with a salary increase of $500,000 .

However, Bates told ESPN that he prefers to play college basketball.

“It’s a good thing for some players. That’s a lot of money,” he said. “I don’t really have a plan, I don’t think I will do it. It’s good for some people, but I don’t think I will go this way.”

• In the national NCAA, state and federal legislatures, discussions about athletes being able to use their names, images and portraits economically are urgent. And the rising stars like Bates will become the main test case to test the endorsement peak of college students.

In May this year, the Michigan House of Representatives passed a 94-to-13 vote on a bipartisan cooperation plan that allows college athletes to receive compensation in their own image. If the state Senate approves the bill, many guidelines will take effect before the end of 2022, which will give Bates the opportunity to use his position as one of the game’s best prospects economically.

As more and more states enact legislation to allow athletes to begin exercising their names, portraits and portrait rights next summer, these laws and rules may also be accelerated.

• Bates may follow the overseas route LaMelo Ball (LaMelo Ball), until he is qualified for the draft, there are some other top potential customers, and can get a considerable salary. Because of his birthday, this will not accelerate Bates’ career.

Considering Bates’ strong feelings for Izzo and the MSU coaching staff, this seems to be the most unlikely option.

Bates said on ESPN: “I want to thank coach Iz (Iz) and (Assistant Coach Mike Garland (Mike Garland)) have been with me since I was young.” “Since my seventh grade, They have been expressing love to me, and since then, they have been trying to recruit me. I only know that they show that their love is sincere, and that they have lived there for a long time.

“My loyalty is very high, they showed me all the loyalty.”

Two coups?

If Bates cannot become a professional player, Izzo’s persistence may pay off-maybe for two years.

Coaches at Michigan State University can only talk about recruits after signing a letter of intent. However, there is no need for this player to be recognized as the number one player of the same level and is considered to be one of the best prospects of this century.

Bates’ announcement was as big as what Magic Johnson said after winning the Lansing Everett governor’s championship in 1977: “Next year, I will participate in Michigan State University.” The announcement To Izo’s mentor Jud Heathcote, this was the key to the Spartans’ first national championship in 1979, and Johnson left after working for the second season at MSU NBA.

Ozzo has a large number of recruits. In 1996, Mateen Cleaves made a decision, which was the basis of Spartan’s 2000 national championship. In recent years, Miles Bridges in 2016 and Jaren Jackson Jr and Kelvin Torbert a year later have become the most critical newcomers of the Hall of Fame coach.

But no one can beat Bates. Since he became a skinny seventh grader, he has been regarded as the best in the United States, even some people at that time.

High school basketball star Emoni Bates will play the second half of the game against Maryland in Michigan at the Breslin Center in East Lansing on Saturday, February 15, 2020. (Photo: Nick King/Lansing State Daily)

One of his earliest suitors was Izzo, and he took any opportunity to drive to see Lincoln’s performance over the past two years. Bates is a frequent visitor to MSU and has met many Spartans. According to reports, Izo was the only college coach to contact him at midnight on June 15th. This was the first moment he could have a conversation with the players at the end of his sophomore season.

The calls in those years and late at night paid off at 1:48 pm. On Monday, when Bates put on a white hat with a green Spartan logo, he laughed.

Not Chris Webber or Jabari Parker, the two players who left Izo still regret him. Forget LeBron, he will love the coach.

Bates may be Izo’s magician, and helped him win a second national championship in the yellow fame of his coaching career. Maybe like magic, he even has two years to do.

This is Izzo’s biggest dream come true.

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