John Oliver wants you to handle Venezuela's election on May 20. (Photo: HBO)

When Tonight presenter John Oliver Fox wanted to send news fan President Trump a message about the Iran nuclear deal, he delivered his message to On His Favorite Shows with the Catheter Cowboy

On Sunday, when he tried to deliver a message to authoritarian Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, he put Wilmer Valderrama in a parrot suit.

Wait, why is he involved? Fez in international diplomacy? And why exactly is he in a bird costume?

First is the star of The series #70s, which currently plays on NCIS is the son of a Venezuelan mother and spent his childhood in the Latin American country. Second, Oliver noted that the country's last president, the massively popular Hugo Chávez (who died of cancer in 2013), believed that when powerful leaders die, they become birds. And Maduro, his handpicked successor, said Chávez & Ghost had visited him in the form of a little bird.

Unfortunately, Chávez & # 39; s missing. Charisma, not to mention the luck of the ever-rising oil price. Thousands of people are fleeing the South American country and multinationals may not be fair behind. In fact, desperate Venezuelans protested in the form of Kotschleudern – or Poopotov cocktails, as Oliver called them – protested before the elections on May 20

. "It's not a good sign when people throw themselves at her." Valderrama, dressed in a bright green parrot costume with a red cap, said Maduro. Come on, man, I invented the Poopotov cocktail. Every time a bird hits you, you should know that it was a political statement. Maduro, the whole world can see what a mess you are "I do."

He pointed to Oliver and added, "Even TV presenters in America, like that idiot, but the point is, Maduro, you have to accept humanitarian help and cool them with the dictator stuff. You've got a poopotov here. Cocktail with your name. "


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