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On Thursday, the four largest technology companies announced their earnings and gave you a detailed introduction to our status as consumers.

For example, in the last earnings, Amazon and Apple shocked investors by revealing the beginning of the pandemic. Amazon replaced many neighborhood retail stores because of the critical period from March 30 to June 30. , I have purchased more products than ever before. COVID is the first hot spot.

As many people were sent home to work and study, Apple sold more iPhones, iPads and Macintosh computers as essential work tools.

Both companies set sales records, and when the coronavirus hit retailers’ wallets, Google and Facebook’s advertising business declined.

So, what about Apple, Amazon, Google’s parent company Alphabet and Facebook?


Wedbush Securities analyst Dan Ives predicts that the biggest winner on Thursday will be an e-tailer based in Seattle. His estimated assets are US$92 billion, up from US$88.9 billion in the second quarter.

He said: “Amazon is a role model for beneficiaries in the COVID environment.” “They have become the core artery for consumers to obtain daily needs. There is no way to solve this problem. The strong are getting stronger.”

Having said that, Amazon’s important quarter will not be the summer quarter announced on Thursday, and this year will be the usual “Prime Day” sales. Instead, investors have set their sights on the upcoming autumn quarter, which will include holiday sales and gold trading days through October.

Andrew Lipsman, an analyst at eMarketer, said: “It is expected that the performance in the third quarter will be more flat, between the sensational second quarter of Amazon and the historic holiday quarter, as the October gold Week increase.”

eMarketer said that by 2020, Amazon’s global e-commerce sales will reach 476 billion US dollars, which will give the company a 12.2% share of the global e-commerce market.

In addition to Amazon’s sales to consumers, another huge contribution of Amazon’s sales is Amazon Web Services, which provides cloud-based back-end services for many websites including Netflix, Airbnb and Disney.

AWS provides about 12% of Amazon’s revenue and most of its profits, as well as advertising revenue. Amazon’s revenue in 2019 was $280.5 billion.


Traditionally, Apple’s summer season is also lighter than other seasons, as smart consumers wait for the fall to start buying new iPhones. Apple reported $59.7 billion in the last quarter, and Ives believes that Apple will reach $67.8 billion in the new quarter.

He is looking for any hints about consumers’ reactions to the new iPhone 12. If they can be as successful as Ives believes (which is twice as much as last year), it will give Apple the confidence to proceed with the next major redesign. Version, not ready this year. Apple’s revenue in 2019: $260 billion.


For Google, which dominates search and search advertising, eMarketer analyst Nicole Perrin expects Google to rebound from a disappointing last quarter. “We hope that Google will release better results in the third quarter in all three major aspects of its advertising business (search, network membership and YouTube).”

Ives forecast revenue of $39.9 billion, a slight increase from the $38.3 billion announced in the second quarter. Alphabet’s revenue in 2019: $161 billion.


Despite the controversy surrounding the presidential campaign and advertisers’ resistance to false information on social networks, Facebook surprised investors in the last quarter with an increase in its number of users, with 1.79 billion daily active users.

The controversial Ives said: “Bark is worse than biting.” The pandemic has always been a tailwind for engagement. “

The social network announced revenue of $18.69 billion in the previous quarter, and Ives forecasted revenue of $19.4 billion in the new quarter. Facebook revenue in 2019: $70 billion.

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