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When the Pocket order is reopened, the analogy will hit the scalper

Retro game fans have more opportunities to order Analogue’s Pocket this year. A portable console that can play Game Boy, Game Gear, Neo Geo Pocket Color and Atari Lynx games from the original cassette was first booked last year and sold out within a few minutes. Due to “unfortunate global affairs and supply chain challenges,” the company postponed its release until May 2021, but it has issued a new announcement to ensure that interested buyers will sell more products in the future.

Currently, the status of Pocket on the Analogue website is still “out of stock”, and you can choose to be notified when it is available. Analogue’s announcement made it clear that it can indeed be purchased again, and that this status is not permanent. It wrote that Pocket is not a limited edition device,”

;[m]The mineral bag will be sold in 2021. “In addition, the company is taking measures to prevent robots and scalpers from snapping up and selling them at high prices.

First, it vowed to implement strong robot protection in its stores. All orders placed by the robot (which usually occur when the product is first reserved or sold) will be cancelled. In addition, the company will monitor the resale list of pre-sale items on websites such as eBay and report it directly to the e-commerce platform. It will also cancel all pre-sale orders listed. Although Analogue did not disclose exactly when Pocket can be purchased again, it encourages interested buyers to sign up for notification now.

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