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When Biden and Trump launched the final campaign blitz, Obama extended a helping hand. US News

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During the pandemic on Saturday, Donald Trump and Joe Biden launched a final election blitz, a record early vote, and it’s not certain when the presidential election will be known. result.

In the polls, Trump started a crazy schedule of 14 rallies in three days, even if the coronavirus is in seclusion throughout the country. Last Friday, the United States recorded more than 99,000 cases, the largest single-day total in history. Many of the worst outbreaks have occurred on the battlefield where the president is traveling.

Biden and Barack Obama are campaigning at rallies in Flint and Detroit (mainly black cities), and strong turnout is crucial in the battle in Michigan. Stevie Wonder will be performing in Detroit.

In Flint, Obama condemned Trump as president, “because they did not support them and did everything they could to insult people.”

He said: “Joe and Kamala are at the helm, you don’t have to think about them every day. You don’t have to argue with your family about him every day. You won’t be so tired. You will be able to continue your life.”

Obama also followed Trump’s masculinity, saying that a person used to mean “taking care of others” instead of “s bullying the weak, acting importantly, and bullying others.”

After the former president came to power, Biden briefly fell into the criticized line of attacks against Trump, and he had previously stated that he wanted to fight. “When you were in high school, didn’t you like shooting?” he asked, and then obviously remembered to keep going.

“That’s a different story…but anyway. [Trump is] Macho man. “

Both of them repeated Biden’s oath to control the coronavirus pandemic. However, as the number of infections hit a record high and the number of voters who voted in advance reached a record high, the mainstream narrative in 2020 is still moving towards a potentially destabilizing climax. People are very anxious about whether there will be a clear judgment or a long, painful vote in a few days or even weeks on Tuesday.

The Public Religion Research Institute found that more than eight in ten Americans (86%) are somewhat or very worried about violent protests after the election. In case of trouble, companies from New York, Washington and other cities have joined in.

Trump spent several months claiming that there was no evidence that he could only lose if he rigged his vote. He threatened to challenge this result and refused to commit to the peaceful transfer of power. The president told supporters in rural Pennsylvania on Saturday that they should double-check polls in the democratic city of Philadelphia on election day.

The Democrats are calling for a large-scale vote so that the results are beyond doubt.

The election was held after a year of impeachment trials, economic crisis and recalculation of racial injustice. However, Covid-19 is still a decisive issue, and the candidates’ general conclusion points are no different.

Biden has been sending people the message that Trump has improperly controlled the pandemic, which has infected 9 million people and killed 229,000. The former vice president said this week: “He didn’t do anything.” “We are learning to die for it. Donald Trump waved the white flag, abandoned our family and surrendered to the virus.”

The President stayed in the hospital for three nights after being infected in Florida on Thursday. He said: “But do you know the bottom line? You will get better. You will get better. If I can get better, then any Everyone can get better. I’ll get better soon.”

On Friday, he declared baselessly: “If someone dies from Covid, our doctors will get more income. You know what I mean, our doctors are very smart. So all they did was say, “I’m sorry, Everyone died of Covid. “

The President will hold four rallies in Pennsylvania on Saturday, then five rallies in Iowa, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, and five rallies on Monday. Critics observed most of the maskless supporters huddling together, calling this kind of gathering a “super communicator incident.”

Bob Shroom, a Democratic strategist who advised Al Gore and John Kerry, said: “Trump flew wildly across the country on Air Force One and delivered these rally speeches. I think this inspires But also alienated many other voters because they appear to be in pictures where people are mocked and not covered.”

Noting the outbreak of Vice President Mike Pence’s staff, Shrum added: “You just let Covid invade the White House for the second time, so I think it adds to his feeling that he cannot cope with Covid.”

Opinion polls show that Biden has always maintained a leading position nationwide, rising by a small margin among the states that decide to elect academies. The Democrats can also win a majority in the Senate, which may end years of deadlock.

But few people are complacent. The 2016 Fox News final poll showed that Hillary Clinton (Hillary Clinton) led Trump by 48% to 44%; Fox News this year’s final poll made Biden up 52%-44%. Analysts say that if the polls remain the same, Biden will still win.

Bob Woodward, the author of two best-selling books about Trump, said: “It looks like Biden will win, but I will not bet a dollar on it. I think Trump is very May win.”

Trump at the Reading event on Saturday.

Trump at the Reading event on Saturday.Photo: Carlos Barea/Reuters

He warned that polling is a way to measure one thousand to two thousand people crazy enough to pick up the phone and answer questions. Therefore, they surveyed 2,000 people who did not want to hang up, and this is what most people do. So, what are you measuring? What does voting tell us? “

Woodward added: “I firmly believe that President Trump’s core supporters will crawl through heavy snow, heavy rain and fire and vote for him. I don’t think Biden has this kind of intellectual and emotional support, or at least no Trang. The kind of support that general can provide.”

Trump’s aides and loyalists insist that he can implement another Houdini Act. Newt Gingrich, the former Speaker of the House of Representatives, said: “I think this is 70% of Trump’s being elected and 30% of Biden winning.”

When asked why he said the poll results were contrary, Gingrich replied: “Because I think they are all wrong. These polls were completely wrong in 16 years. Why do you believe them? They didn’t learn anything. To.”

For some people, the rows of voters hope that the United States will be free from disaster. Drexel said, black LGBTQ activists and Democratic officials in Los Angeles, said: “Once we get the results or when we hear Biden is elected, I think the temperature may just fall back in the country, and people may take a breath of relief for a while. Because they know that there will be no chaos in the next four years, their families will not have to choose between health care and housing, they will feel comfortable.

“For us, this is a big event, because outside of wartime, we have never been so confused in American history.”

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