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WhatsApp explains what happens if you don’t succumb to your will before May 15

Earlier this year, WhatsApp encountered strong opposition after it updated its privacy policy (which involves sharing data with Facebook). This policy essentially requires users to accept and continue to use the service, otherwise they may lose it by refusing to change it. The risk of the account. After extensive criticism and debate on privacy issues, the company postponed the implementation of the new policy until May 15. Since then, it has been working hard to educate and persuade users to pay attention to these changes. Now, WhatsApp has explained what will happen to your account if you do not accept the updated privacy policy after the May 15 deadline.

If you did not click the “Accept”
; button in time…

You will not be able to send messages or read received text

If you do not accept the new privacy policy after May 15, you will lose some key functions. Which one is it? “In a short period of time, you will be able to receive calls and notifications, but you will not be able to read or send messages from the app,” Talk about the company on the new FAQ page What will happen on the effective date?

You will lose the main functions and delete the account risk

As for the “short time” in WhatsApp’s ominous announcement, it will last for several weeks (via TechCrunch). According to reports, WhatsApp has begun to send a bulletin detailing the above changes to its business partners, who apparently used the platform to conduct business transactions and pay fees in exchange for Facebook to own the company’s business account.

What are your options?

Therefore, you now have two options:

  1. You submit and accept the new privacy policy.
  2. Download your chat history and delete your WhatsApp account.

After the May 15 deadline, you can still accept policy changes

Now, WhatsApp says that after May 15, you can still accept its new privacy policy and re-use the full-featured application. However, once the deadline is up and you have not clicked the “Accept” button, your account will be classified as invalid. And idle accounts will be automatically deleted after 120 days. This is what WhatsApp classified as inactive on its official FAQ page:

To activate the account, you must be connected to the Internet. If the user opens WhatsApp on the device but does not have an Internet connection, the account will be inactive.

Therefore, you actually have 120 days to think about and accept (or reject) WhatsApp’s updated privacy policy. However, if you do not accept the new rules, then every day after May 15th, you will have to use limited functions (read: unable to send or read messages).

What if you delete your WhatsApp account?

Or, you can download the chat history and say goodbye to WhatsApp. However, the company stated that if you delete your account, you will be evicted from all groups, and all chat history and backups will be permanently deleted. “This is something we cannot reverse,” WhatsApp said.

Or, you can migrate WhatsApp data to Telegram provided by the latter. You can use the new chat export feature in Telegram to move your WhatsApp chats (including media and documents) from personal chats and group chats.

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