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What will be stored in the 2021 Marvel Cinematic World?

When Avengers: Endgame These films reached the highest point in the popular movie theaters released in 2019, and reached more than 20 movie arcs in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It feels that the most successful movie series of the 21st century has finally reached the saturation point.After all, how can Marvel just complete some complex, self-referential and widely accepted End Game? Is there anything else to do after releasing the highest-grossing movie of all time? (This may be why I am not a studio director.) However, the MCU is exhausted for such a subtle interconnected narrative, thus expanding the audience.Just a few months later End GameRecord-breaking box office record, Spiderman: far from home Arrived, casually made more than one billion dollars.

Rear Far from home-It̵

7;s just like” End Game, Positioning Peter Parker of Tom Holland as Tony Stark’s heir-the MCU has a relatively long interruption time. At least according to its standards.About a year Far from home with Black widow, This is the first movie of what MCU calls “Phase 4”. However, with all the careful planning and sequential storytelling built into the MCU, there is actually no way to prepare for a global pandemic.

MCU did not ring in more big-screen releases in 2020 and Marvel Studios’ first foray into the TV business on Disney+, but rather a whole year of hype. (This does not include the last season of ABC SHIELD agent And gourd Helstrom, Are all produced by Marvel Television and are now folded into Marvel Studios. ) In more than ten years, in the entire theater, a zero-release MCU movie was released for the first time.after that Raptor Debuting on the eve of the February pandemic, superhero fans got their food from the wreckage of Netflix (Old guard, Project strength), Disney’s garbage dump (lol, sorry New mutant), this is stupid nonsense Wonder Woman 1984. For some, the lack of Marvel in 2020 has left pop culture blank. For others, this is only a temporary means. It is more like a theme park than an actual movie theater.

In any case, we only need to wait until the end of this weekend before the MCU can announce its presence in 2021.On Friday, Disney+ will debut the first two episodes of Disney Wanda Vision, This is a limited series that borrows elements from TV’s past sitcoms and focuses on the MCU’s resident Telepath and her late paprika lover robot boyfriend. According to reports, the first episode was shot in front of a live studio audience. Wanda Vision Frankly speaking, it is a strange torchbearer for the next stage of MCU. But this is also the result of the pandemic reorganization that excited Christopher Nolan.

In the normal schedule Black widow This will be the first MCU version in the 4th stage pipeline; at the same time, on small screens, more conventional Falcon and winter soldier Should be earlier than Wanda Vision. instead, Wanda Vision Weekly episodes will be deleted before March 5th Falcon and winter soldier The series will premiere on March 19th. If everything goes according to plan, Black widow It will finally be shown in theaters on May 7. (However, the slow launch of the COVID-19 vaccine in the United States may complicate matters.) The remainder of MCU’s 2021 schedule (despite setbacks) will feature the Disney+ series Rocky Premiere in may Shangzhi and the Legend of Ten Rings Arrived at the theater in July, and Everlasting Do the same thing in November.It’s possible Hawkeye with Lady miracleAnother Disney+ series movie currently in production will premiere at the end of this year, and Sony Pictures plans to release the next Spider-Man movie in December.The miracle may disappear in 2020, but in 2021, it looks more like jaw-We are all Quint.

Regardless of the release order of these Marvel projects, the next phase of the MCU has a unified spirit, and I mean: once, Marvel’s TV and movie ambitions will be unified. As Kevin Feige, the head of Marvel Studios, explained earlier, plot clues from Disney+ shows will seep into the big screen for distribution (and vice versa).For example: no matter what happens Wanda Vision Obviously will Doctor Strange In the crazy universe, Scheduled to be launched in 2022. Disney+ shows will also become a platform to bring new characters into larger MCU pictures. Lady miracle Will introduce the hero of the same name, and then will obviously play a role in it Captain Marvel sequel; Hawkeye Hailee Steinfeld is setting up as Kate Bishop, and he has taken over the eagle-eyed cloak in the comics. (This may also allow Jeremy Renner to free up more time to focus on his emerging career as a mediocre rock star.

Marvel performed a complex and ten-year-long work in the legend of “Infinite Warfare”, so his juggling in TV and film storylines can continue to continue the studio’s experience in an era that focuses on streaming. Dominance. (Streaming media is the top priority of Disney’s future development.) But because of the cross-media and cross-platform movie world, the seventh circle of hell, whatever you want to call it, the unprecedented height of this cross-media integration, the profit of MCU The space error becomes very thin. Due to a lot of planning on large and small screens, the MCU cannot afford another Ed-Norton-as-the-the-the-Incredible-Hulk situation. This may deviate everything from the normal course and collapse a large part of the enterprise like a building block tower.

Overall, Marvel’s track record is better than Disney in the Disney era. Star wars, But if the first three “stages” of the MCU already feel like many moving parts, then stage 4 will test the limitations of the studio’s own large-scale designs. In addition to all the superheroes that have been introduced, the MCU will eventually introduce antics such as “Fantastic Four” (Fantastic Four), “Blade” and R-class “Deadpool” (Deadpool). In addition, there will definitely be There are fewer X-Men to follow suit.I’m not even third Guardians of the Galaxy Movie (also has a protector Christmas special), fourth Thor The film brings back Natalie Portman (Natalie Portman) Panther There is no sequel to the great Chadwick Boseman, and a series of MCU projects for big screens and Disney+ in various stages of development in 2022 and beyond.

If all of this sounds overwhelming, it is. But from the beginning, the MCU’s function is more like a long-running TV series than a movie franchise, so the transition to actual TV may be relatively seamless. In addition, five of the past six “Marvel” movies (Panther, Infinity war, Captain Marvel, End Gamewith Far from home) Broke the billion-dollar threshold. MCU not only relies on the audience to return to the theater, but also embraces its genre that constantly seeks to balance quantity and quality. (In any case, it is much easier to receive the protection of Disney+ when we are trapped at home waiting for the vaccine.)

MCU’s final plan in phase 4 and beyond may defeat Thanos. End Game It feels more primitive.no doubt Wanda VisionThe sitcom-like arrogance and looping premise seems low-key-at least by Marvel standards. But the series concealed the studio’s ambitions to somehow try to replicate its record-breaking success on a small screen while releasing the highest-grossing film in history, thereby improving.All in all, Disney hopes to integrate MCU dominance into the streaming world from the beginning Wanda Vision, Will be a small price for salvation.

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