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What do we need for Nintendo Switch Pro

There have been rumors about the upgraded Nintendo Switch model for a long time. Although there is no official confirmation yet, we have to think: What do we most want to see in Nintendo Switch Pro?

I once wrote that the main benefits I hope to get from the new Switch are to keep them in (or improve) docking mode, as well as current slow running games or games that make the console within reach to make them faster or cool run. Switch quickly became a standalone safe haven console popular for Vita and PSP, but the latest ports of PCs and even the rise of certain console versions indicate that hardware does not fully represent the functions of Vita and PSP. The best way. Performance improvements can indeed bridge this gap.

In addition, I also hope that the Nintendo Switch Pro is less vulnerable in handheld mode. The size of the system has made its portability a problem, so I am very happy to be able to put it in a bag or big pocket without being fatally feared. I am not sure what this might require. Maybe it is a revised version of the Switch Lite style, which can keep the Joy-Cons connected and trust the player to have a backup controller or Joy-Cons for docking mode? ̵

1; Josh

Nintendo Switch Lite

I think I would most like to improve battery life. Overall, I am very satisfied with the Switch! It is comfortable and easy to use. There is no problem with my current screen. It seems that I have to pick up the power cord often. There is nothing more frustrating than relaxing in bed and playing with all the comforts before realizing it is 15%, the power cord is in the living room. – Jenny

I am not good at pushing technical specifications, so for me, what can Switch Pro provide? Backward compatibility is unlikely to reach the level I want. The new feature will divide the player base. So really, what I hope and expect to see is the ability to provide more stable performance in the game.The original Switch has been taxed Breath of the Wild At startup, the subsequent multi-platform ports are sometimes a bit unstable. This is not exciting, but it will help. – Graham

Nintendo Switch gamepad

When brainstorming this topic, there are two schools of thought: idealism and realism. Overall, I hope to improve processing power. I’m not anyone who would think that a 4K, 120 FPS handheld device for only $400 has any commercial significance. I have no problem with 720p handheld devices. For this generation of Nintendo TVs, I am satisfied with 1080p. Usually, I just want my games to run better and look better.I desperately need Hyrule Warriors: Age of Disaster Run at a stable frame rate.

Most importantly, as someone sent Joy-Con for repair twice in four years, I hope to fix the “drifting” design flaw. When we use it, please replace the D-pad to make it as good as the D-pad of the Wii U Pro Controller. I bet you didn’t expect to hear that, did you? – they

What features of Nintendo Switch Pro would you like to see? Let us know in the comments! And read our other handy roundtables to learn more ideas from the Siliconera team.

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