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What did the stars say after the pebbles collided – VeloNews.com

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The Flanders Tour proved amazing this weekend.

From the powerful wear and tear of Deceuninck-Quick-Step to Kasper Asgreen, the last superstar festival between Wout van Aert and Mathieu van der Poel, the cobblestone monuments are all more lively before the game.

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Asgreen defeated the hit movie and snatched the show on Sunday, but after the cobblestone clash, what are the other stars talking about? what is this:

Julian Ala Philip (Deceuninck-Quick-Step): No. 42

Julian Alaphilippe (Julian Alaphilippe) was active in the last few hours of the game. He launched an offense in Oude Kwaremont̵

7;s second ascent game and, together with Asgreen, put pressure on Mathieu van der Poel and Wout van Aert. The Frenchman fought for the final option and was eliminated until Asgreen attacked van Aert and van der Poel with a distance of 27 kilometers.

As one of the most beloved events, Ara Philippe finished 42nd with a score of 2:35. His next scheduled game is Liège-Bastogne-Liège at the end of this month.

“We rode very well and took responsibility. We did well in the finals. Kasper is one of our strong men. He pursues perfection. This is a beautiful victory and he deserves it. He is a good man, A machine. This is not the last game he won.”

“I am very happy to be with him in the final. I tried a few things at Kruisberg, but found it was complicated for me. Sadly, I broke into the last few kilometers. Mine. My legs exploded. I have cramps everywhere.

“I try to support Kasper as much as possible and try to stay in the team for as long as possible. I also have a game in the Ardennes. Now I need to recover. This is a long day.”

Patrick Lefevere (Manager Deceuninck-Quick-Step)

Veteran Patrick Lefevere has been observing his team. This is the team’s fourth classic event of the year, and Kasper Asgreen won in just nine days. The second classic event. Lefevere is currently working hard to limit the future of the team because he is committed to renewing the sponsorship agreement and signing deals with his cars, many of which have already signed up by the end of 2021.

“On the one hand, I am very satisfied. On the other hand, I am confirming Kasper’s new contract this week. I think it will cost me more money now. Well, of course that is part of the game.”

It is no surprise that Kaspersky won the game today.Coming soon. Two years ago, Casper had already finished second on the Flanders Tour. He also participated last year. [finishing 13th] This year, he won the E3 Saxo Bank Classic Award in an amazing way.

“This week we talked about his sprint with him. He felt a little offended-he said, “You think I can’t sprint, but I can sprint. I have won the championship in the sprint competition. “He believes in his qualities, and he has done it. He is passionate about cycling. He is a very calm person, knows exactly what he is doing, and has made a lot of sacrifices for the sport-since Milan-San Remo, He has not been at home.

Peter Sagan (Bora-​​Hansgrohe): No. 15

Peter Sagan underperformed for most of the day as he challenged Flanders for a second victory. After a long counter-attack against the coronavirus and quarantine, Slovakia had to reschedule his early season. Slovakia had only recovered from De Ronde a few weeks before.

When Mathieu van der Poel and Deceuninck-Quick-Step made a series of attacks in the last 60 kilometers, Sagan missed the decisive move, but he entered the second chase group and finished the race with 15th and 2:15 results. Now, he will cool the jet plane before the Giro d’Italia next month.

“As expected, the trip to Flanders was very difficult. We have a strong team and I want to thank them for their work, but unfortunately, when the decisive attack came, my current form was not enough to respond and Pay attention to them. I need to keep working hard to reach the level before I contracted COVID.”

Greg Van Avermaet (Ag2r-Citroën): 3rd place

Greg Van Avermaet took part in a cunning game, keeping his golden helmet down and setting aside bullets when needed most. Captain Ag2r-Citroën has ridden 14 times in the long-term pursuit of De Ronde’s victory in his home monument, so he used his experience at critical moments. “Golden Greg” rushed out of the chasing group with a distance of 3 kilometers, resisting Jasper Stuyven’s challenge, and won the third place.

Van Avermaet’s podium result is his best result in Flanders since he finished second in 2017. This also marks the peak of a continuous season (even if it is unconventional), which puts him in the top 20 of all the classics he has created. Omloop Het Nieuwsblad in late February.

“I am very happy to be on the podium again in a few years, in a game I really like. I will try again, but it won’t get easier.

“I have been on the podium several times with a sad expression because I think there are more possibilities. But this time, I all smiled with a mask. I got the biggest gain, it is impossible to exceed third place. I am very satisfied

“I am fine, but I have not partnered with Mathieu, Wout or Alaphilippe, so I have to do it at my own pace. Of course, there are more than three riders better than me. Based on my experience and course knowledge, I know I must try And stay in the group. If some other people cheer up, then my chances will increase, maybe I might be on the podium.”

Jasper Segafredo (Trek-Segafredo): No. 4

Like Greg Van Avermaet, Jasper Stuyven was unable to match the critical acceleration in Sunday’s final. Nevertheless, after Kasper Asgreen and Mathieu van der Poel (Mathieu van der Poel) rode cleared, Trek-Segafredo’s The captain competed in the last hour and entered the chasing group.

Stuwen was the first to react to Van Avermaet’s podium move, but as his veteran opponent sailed towards Odnaya in the final match Oudenaarde’s route, he gradually faded out of people’s sight. After winning the Milano-Sanremo title in March, Stuyven has enjoyed one of the best classic battles to date. Before refocusing on the Ardennes, he will Rest awhile.

“I didn’t react immediately [to Van Avermaet] Then I thought, okay, let’s go. I mean, I think it will become extremely difficult, and when he takes over me from me, I can feel the difference in strength. In the sprint, I tried, but obviously, I have no legs.

“I think it is good to finish fourth in the end. In Flanders, this is my best result. It is also good to be first and fourth in the first two monuments this season. I must be happy; of course. , I hope I can be on the podium, but that’s the truth.”

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