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We may not see the royal family or Queen Elizabeth Easter 2021

Queen Elizabeth II

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More than a year has passed since COVID-19 first closed public gatherings and changed our lives on a global scale. Although some things are starting to return to the pre-pandemic track, such as the vaccinated members of the royal family appearing in person again, other things are still changing. An example of this: the Queen’s Easter tradition is to go to St. George’s Church on holiday with her family.

Of course, due to the first blockade in the United Kingdom, the traditional walking route was cancelled last year, but this year it seems that it may not be restored. Although St. George’s Church is temporarily closed to the public, reports indicate that residents of Windsor Castle will participate in Easter activities, but it is currently not expected that the Queen will participate.

A royal source told The Express: “The most important issue is to avoid crowds.” “If we say she is going to church, there may be crowds.” Instead, it is now expected that the queen and the closest to the queen People will celebrate the holiday with personal service. This may mean that other members of the royal family who usually accompany the queen to Easter, such as Prince Philip and the University of Cambridge, will not show up either.

The walk to St. George’s Church is not the only part of the Royal Easter Plan that has changed. On the Thursday before Easter, also known as the Ma Foot Festival, the Queen traditionally distributes special commemorative coins called “full gold” to people who do well in churches and communities. Although she had distributed the coins herself, the ceremony was cancelled last year at the beginning of the pandemic and the coins were sent by mail instead of with. This year, she went through the same process, sending coins to 190 recipients with thank-you letters.

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