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Watch the drivers receive the first 2021 911 GT3 Cup cars

The rest of us may be focusing on the 2022 Porsche 911 GT3 that is driving, but there is a more powerful version that is pushing it to our shores. The 2021 Porsche 911 GT3 Cup is part of the Carrera Cup. It will have its first promotional campaign in North America, and the first deliveries will begin this week.

First, it attracted our attention through a series of tweets that showed cars from Germany, neatly arranged and shining with their plain silver beauty. These cars are now entering the fleet, which means we are starting to watch videos of these top machines in person. In 311RS Motorsport on YouTube, we saw racers Leh Keen (yes, Leh Keen) and Ryan Gates watching the cars they will compete in the first season of the North American Carrera Cup.

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They pointed to the cross-shaped headlights, they referenced the old strap-on lenses of vintage racing cars, and some less obvious details, such as the wing supports are also designed to secure the trunk lid when you use the engine. Now, the brake deviation can be easily adjusted through the internal knob, and the digital instrument panel can provide a lot of information. Forged carbon fiber parts also reduce overall weight, with a total dry weight of less than 2,800 pounds. It can move 51

0 hp, so we want the 911 GT3 Cup to feel light and light.

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