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Washington teenager was found in the woods 8 days after missing​​​​

The police marked the disappearance as “suspicious.”

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8-year-old young man was found in the dense Cascade Mountains east of Seattle. The man disappeared on July 24 and rescuers called it a “miracle.”

Giovanna “Gia” Fuda went missing last Friday after being missing from a surveillance video at a coffee shop in Index, Washington. The next day, in the high mountain area between Skykomish and Steven’s Pass, her car was found to be out of gasoline on Highway 2. But after more than a week of searches, the authorities did not find very few until Saturday.

“We are happy to learn that search and rescue made her alive,” the sergeant said. Ryan Abbott of the King County Sheriff’s Office said at a press conference on Saturday night. “She is in stable condition. She was with her parents and was taken to the local hospital.”

Abbott said that search and rescue personnel encountered a notebook belonging to Fuda in a stream deep in the woods along Highway 2 at about 2:45 local time. The crew followed the creek and eventually encountered clothes and shoes belonging to Fuda. The searcher had been following the creek along the steep embankment and found her 2 miles from the bottom of the valley.

Abbott said: “This shows that the miracle did happen and will never stop. This is what we are doing.” “They just kept searching, thank God for finding her.”

Abbott called the area a “dead zone” and said it was difficult to track Fidelity’s phones. Initially, the authorities believed that her mobile phone was turned off when searching for her, but it is now unsure whether it is turned off or there is no signal.

Abbott said: “When it all started, Friday was the last day anyone saw her.” “We did the King County Search and Rescue in the first few days, and throughout the week we searched and rescued statewide. They Helped us throughout the week. This is absolutely amazing. They are volunteers. Again, to find enough people to come here, there are hundreds of volunteers every day trying to find Gia is great.”

The King County Sheriff’s Office labelled her disappearance as “suspicious” on July 27, but said at a news conference when it was discovered that she might be lost looking for gasoline. Abbott said the nearest gas station to her car was about 10 miles away, and trying to walk there might just be lost. He was not sure why or how she ended up in the woods.

Officials said that Fidelity had no food, but there were berries in the woods, and she could drink water from the creek.

One of the people who found her was a doctor who was able to provide initial care, but Abbott said Fuda could not explain what happened in the past eight days consistently.

Her family and friends and hundreds of volunteers look for Gia every day.

Gia’s mother Kristin Fuda told KOMO, a subsidiary of Seattle ABC, on Friday: “I am hopeful, but it doesn’t feel good.” “You just don’t know what to think. It’s completely unknown. ”

After the rescue, the sheriff’s office thanked them for their help in the search and rescue mission.

Abbott said: “We are happy for this family.” “They have been here with us. They have been trying to help us with our search; they have received great support. As far as I understand, of course, when the parents found out about Gia When they were alive, they felt very excited.”

Matt Foster of ABC News contributed to this report.

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