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WandaVision hints at a true infinite gem replacement for MCU

Wanda Vision Episode 7 begins to build the next manifestation of universal power in the form of people and places rather than endless stones-this time diversified. MCU’s first 23 movies focused on finding “Infinite Stone” and its disastrous impact.Because Thanos ambitiously seeks to use Infinity Gauntlet to destroy the universe, every conflict between heroes and villains leads them to victory or tragic fate to varying degrees, and everything that happens after the end of the third phase will directly lead to revenge. Alliance in Avengers: Endgame.

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As “Endless Gems”

; is reduced to atoms or on a completely different timeline, the universe is expected to be out of balance. The MCU schedules may merge, and the alternative reality will conflict. The villains will seek other sources of power, and the heroes will need to find different ways to stop them. In the comics, there are some objects and entities, similar to “Endless Stone”, indicating whether the universe is in order or in chaos. The MCU may adapt some of them in future movies and Disney+ shows.

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So far Wanda Vision It is very important to set up many concepts, and these concepts will be necessary in the future. But because the complexity of the MCU is less than that of the comics, some of them may be simplified or merged. Therefore, the cosmic microwave background radiation, the existence of the multiverse and the Nexus will likely replace Quantum Realm science, with interstellar planets and infinity stones becoming the main focus of the MCU. This raises the question: What is Nexus? What role will it play in the MCU?

What is connected existence

Marvel's murder connection

Just as the endless stones represent key aspects of the universe, each Nexus embodies different aspects of the multiverse. This includes more concepts related to magic, such as spells, spells and feng shui. Since these entities are sentient (and usually have innate power), they can use and abuse their abilities to achieve their goals or protect the multiverse, which undoubtedly makes them more dangerous than the “Stone of Infinity”. Nexus life is also connected to all real Nexus, which represents the point where all realities collide. In this way, they affect the probability of the multiverse and change reality on one or more levels of existence.

Where Nexus appears may be as important as Nexus itself. This means that a place like Westview may become a gateway to multiple madness and open the door to other Nexus presenters. However, at this point in the MCU, the most fascinating thing is which character will become part of Nexus. In the comics, Nexus characters include Franklin Richards, two direct descendants of the time-traveled Conqueror and Fantastic Four. Jean Grey (Jean Grey), famous for owning Phoenix troops. The legendary wizard Merlin from the Arthurian era, as well as Wanda and Vision, are connected to Nexus due to their special origins and abilities.

Why Wanda may be Nexus

Scarlet Witch's magical powers and the MCU's multiverse in WandaVision

Curiously, Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda Maximoff is more worthy of a Nexus Being than his comic book. The comic book “Scarlet Witch” is a Nexus, mainly due to her mutation ability and magic power, and Wanda of MCU attributes its power to the “Mind Stone” and possibly dormant mutant genes. In addition, she has become the anchor point between the MCU and other universes, namely the Fox universe. X-Men The franchise has only recently begun to cooperate with MCU. Most importantly, the false world of the Scarlet Witch was born from trauma, snowballed into the engine of magic, which may make her break the opening of the multiverse.

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When choosing which characters to have, all realistic Nexus people are easy. Wanda has a close connection with the Stone of Endlessness, because she not only drew strength from the Stone of Mind (and even destroyed it), but also behaved like the Stone of Reality. Wanda may also be the first MCU mutant ever, and may be related to Quicksilver from Evan Peters from another universe. Most importantly, Wanda used magic to change the face of Westview, making it a place where the real world easily intersects.

Why does Agatha want the power of Wanda

Wanda and Agnes and the Scarlet Witch in the House of M in WandaVision Episode 7

Agatha Harkness has more experience as a witch than Wanda Maximoff. Agatha must know how useful Xijing is for other magical entities, because there is obviously no other similar place created in recorded history. In fact, Agatha may point out immediately after Wanda gains power from the Mind Stone, or when Wanda defeats Thanos himself. Wanda has not only become the target of governments and powerful organizations around the world, but also the target of wizards, witches and other mysterious entities. Although Agatha is first showing off, other characters such as Clea or Emma Frost may also follow the Scarlet Witch.

As for how Agatha Harkness used Wanda’s magic, it is difficult to solve the mystery with just a few clues. In the comics, Agatha Harkness is a witch who has experienced multiple historical eras. She lived in the fall of Atlantis and played an important role in the Salem Witch Trials.Actually very likely Wanda Vision She will learn about her history as soon as possible, because this may reveal her motivation to get help and motivation from Wanda at the moment. From then on, perhaps it was Agatha’s “husband” Ralph (Ralph) that may or may not be Mephisto in disguise. However, if some universal metaphors have been established about witches, it is that their pets are not always what they seem to be. Therefore, if Agatha intends to use Ralph, Mephisto or her son Nicholas · Skratch is free from the pet rabbit, which will not be shocking. SeñorScratch.

How to connect life to replace the stone of infinity

MCU's Infinity Saga and Marvel Villains in The Infinity Stones

In addition to the basic elements of the universe, the Endless Stone has also influenced many influential MCU characters. This is more evident in how the “Mind Stone” gives life to fantasy and how the “Space Stone” gives Captain Marvel superpowers, and it is also more apparent in the symbolic transformation of many heroes and villains. For example, “Stone of Time” helped “Doctor Strange” change from a novice to a master in a short period of time, and defeated Kaecilius and Dormammu, whose lives were different. The space stone sends the evil Loki to different timelines, which may turn him into an anti-hero in a shorter period of time than the original self, while the soul stone turns the red skull from a bearded villain into a guardian of the gate By. The soul world represents the real world of the afterlife.

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Nexus sentient beings and Nexus of all things may be similar in many aspects. As the almighty Scarlet Witch, after resurrecting Vision and Quicksilver (and possibly her twins, because they were resurrected in the comics), Wanda can represent the Necromancer, while Agatha Harkness embodies witchcraft. Westview in New Jersey may be the focal point of all real conflicts. As always, the MCU may adjust some details to adapt all these concepts to the established environment and future plots.what if Wanda Vision So far, we have established what we can rely on. It is reasonable to assume that Wanda’s son Billy is very capable in comics and can become a Nexus. This is what Agatha pursues for twins. the reason. Spider-Man may be another Nexus, which may explain why he is the focus of the MCU that looks like Spider-Verse.

The introduction of Nexus simplifies the MCU, because each conflict points to a common goal. It also allows new key figures like Wanda and Wiccan to be the face of the MCU. Wanda Vision Nexus has just begun to be built, but all other functions are also ready.For example, the introduction of the Kangxi conqueror Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Quantum, Maybe in the upcoming Franklin Richards (Franklin Richards) Fantastic FourAnd any mysteries Doctor Strange in the Crazy Multiverse with Spider-Man: Homecoming 3 Support Nexus as the holy grail of the next few stages of MCU.

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