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Walter Wallace was shot dead and both candidates condemned the robbery

Demonstrators confronted the police in protest against the shooting of the 27-year-old Walter Wallace.

Mark Mackla/Getty Images

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Mark Mackla/Getty Images

Demonstrators confronted the police in protest against the shooting of the 27-year-old Walter Wallace.

Mark Mackla/Getty Images

Updated at 5:02pm EST

When the police fatally shot and killed the 27-year-old Walter Wallace on Monday afternoon, the issue of police violence and how it seriously affected black Americans received attention again.

After the news broke, the protests began almost immediately, and some riots and violence occurred between the demonstrators and the police.

In the final days of the US presidential election, the two main candidates in the campaign, President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden Both As part of the demonstration against police brutality, the main focus is to condemn any violence and robbery.

At an event in Paradise, Nevada on Wednesday, Trump, a Republican, played down his moral views on the shooting and focused his attention on the protest. He said it was the Democrats softening the leadership of the city and the city government the result of. Status level.

He said: “This is a terrible thing. What I have witnessed is terrible. And, frankly, it is also a terrible thing that the mayor, or whoever it is, allows people to riot and plunder without stopping them. ”

“I saw this event-everyone was watching it, on TV-it was a terrible event. I think it was a very strong concern. We have a federal system-the federal government is also paying attention to it. But in Philadelphia In the riots, stop, they must stop. As we all know, this is a local matter,” Trump said, adding that he will send federal law enforcement agencies to suppress any violent uprising at any time.

He said: “There must be law and order. Our police must be respected.” He talked about the police system that has long been undermined by the Democratic Party’s inaction.

Democratic candidate Biden said on Wednesday that he would set up a committee to better handle the way police interact with people dealing with mental health issues, but he firmly condemned any violence and predatory behavior during the protests.

“There are no excuses for robbery and violence. There are no excuses. I think it is perfectly legal to be able to protest. This is perfectly reasonable. But I think robbery is like the victim’s father said,’Don’t do this…you are not helping . You are hurting. You are not helping my son.” Biden, accused by the Republicans of being weak against crime, told reporters after he voted near his home.Wilmington, Delaware

“As we move forward, we will have to do certain things… this is how we deal with how to reduce the likelihood of lethal shooting in similar situations. This will be when I set up a committee to determine how we deal with these issues. But There is no excuse for robbery,” he said.

Wallace’s death occurred in the summer when police shootings and nationwide protests against racial injustice and police brutality caused ace disease.

Both Trump and Biden have taken firm stances on this matter. Trump will call for a focus on law enforcement and the maintenance of “law and order”, while Biden acknowledges the systemic racism in the United States and vowed to be more Closely study how to repair the relationship between the police and ethnic minority communities.

When Trump spoke at a campaign event in Bullhead, Arizona on Wednesday afternoon, Trump further intensified his attack on the protests and linked the uprising with the Democratic Party.

“Joe Biden has surrendered his party to angry socialists, Marxists, and left-wing extremists. This is what you want to have, and you can’t make it a reality. Democrats have been all year long. The police who incited violence, hatred and hatred-our police. Without the police, we hardly have.” Trump said, adopting a familiar dark, subtle tone to his supporters.

“Last night, Philadelphia was ransacked by violent mobs and people supported by Biden. These are people supported by Biden. He wouldn’t even call them out. This morning, they said,’Please call them out.’ He didn’t want to Get involved because he doesn’t want to lose radical leftists.”

“Biden and [Kamala] Harris stood up, they stood with the mob and the vandals. I stand with the law enforcement heroes. It took several generations to build the America we know and love, but if the radical left gains power, it will only take a short time for them to destroy it. “

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