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Walmart will offer PS5 and Xbox Series X at 3pm EST

PS5 and Xbox Series X have been on sale for more than two months, they are still the most desirable gadgets in the world, and they are difficult to buy. The company told us that if you want to protect the security of any next-generation game console, Wal-Mart will replenish its website at 3pm ET / 12pm PT this afternoon.

Visit Walmart’s PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X product page, and you should see a message stating that it has been confirmed to be in stock today. Since these game consoles are in high demand, they may soon be sold out, so if you want a game console, it may be time to shoot and protect the equipment.

PlayStation 5

The price at the time of publication.

Sony’s flagship next-generation game console is priced at $499.99. Compared to the $399.99 PS5 digital version, the console includes an optical disc drive that allows you to play digital and physical games at the same time.

Similar to past restocking, Wal-Mart sells two game consoles exclusively through its website. Due to the pandemic, it is not yet known when Wal-Mart plans to sell the two consoles in stores. Therefore, if you are buying a gadget and Walmart is your preferred retailer, you must buy it online now.

Xbox Series X/S

The price at the time of publication.

Xbox Series X is Microsoft’s flagship console, its most powerful (and largest) option, and it costs $499.99. The $299.99 S series aims to achieve 1440p smooth performance, while the X series focuses on fast 4K gaming.

If you want to increase your chances of buying any game console, GameStop can also use PS5 and Xbox SeriesX in small batches today.

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