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Vince Vaughn returns to “Weird”.Don’t call it a comeback

Vince Vaughn has starred in movies for 25 years, since he became the leading actor with great fanfare in the 1996 independent comedy “Swingers”, but after we discovered these In an unfamiliar and stressful era, his life may be different from what you imagined.

The Zoom meeting interrupted his day. Since his family is mainly confined to a Manhattan Beach residence, the 50-year-old actor is worried about leaving his two children (second and fourth grades) behind in their academic and social development. Like most of us, he is looking for new ways to spend his time. In the past few months, he occasionally played the Friday night game of Dungeons & Dragons online with a group of friends led by Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello.

“I used to play games since I was a kid,”

; Vaughn told Zoom at home in late October, eight days before the presidential election, which will further test everyone’s sanity. Outside his window, his children spent an afternoon with six school friends and two teachers, sitting together in the study pod. “I must tell you, man, this is an explosion. It’s funny and annoying.”

During his career, Vaughan has also been somewhat down to earth. Since the mid-2000s, when a series of hit songs such as “Old School”, “Wedding Loser” and “Dodge Ball” made him one of the richest stars in the town, Hollywood has largely avoided R Grade, male comedy, used to be his bread and butter. After experiencing a series of box office battles including “Deliveryman” in 2013 and “Unfinished Business” in 2015, Vaughan recently turned his focus to drama, starring in the second of HBO’s “True Detective”. Ji He’s gritty independent horror film “The Grievance”. 99″ and “dragging on concrete”.

Now, with an epidemic that has taken the film industry by surprise, Vaughan finds himself looking for laughter again in his most high-profile movie in years: the Blumhouse horror comedy “Freaky”, It will be shown on Friday. In director Christopher Landon’s new twist on the “Freaky Friday” formula, Vaughan plays a serial killer named Blissfield Butcher. Supernaturally cursed dagger.

Vaughn has 24 hours to figure out how to reverse the curse. She plays Millie (Russian nesting doll) in a butcher, struggling awkwardly in adapting to her suddenly oversized body. The cheerleading performance convinced Millie’s friends to be true to himself. In an unexpectedly moving scene, he secretly fell in love with Jock named Booker.

This is one of the studios with the largest circulation since the national cinemas closed in March. “Weird” not only tested the appetite of moviegoers to return to the theater, but also marked Vaughan’s lasting appeal. The review of this movie is largely positive, and many critics are emphasizing Vaughan’s game performance.Last September, just like Stephen King’s horrible authority on Twitter, “Based on the trailer for “Weird”, Vince Vaughn was nominated by GOT for an Academy Award. Nominated.” (Although considering how often the Oscar winners recognize the horror Either Comedy, even if it is an upside-down season like this one, this situation is unlikely. )

A scene from the central character Vince Vaughn in the new horror comedy

Nyla Chones (Celeste O’Connor), from left, Vince Vaughn and Josh Detmer (Misha Osherovich), dressed in the new horror comedy “Freaky”.

(Brian Douglas/Universal)

Vaughan knew very well when making this film that this gender-swap role could derail. For every “wife”, after all, there is a “Jack and Jill”. He said, “I was a little scared at first.” “But I thought,’Well, that might be good.’ I kind of want to do something that I don’t think your feet can touch the bottom.”

Vaughn may be inclined to fight, but despite this, he tries to get into the emotional headspace of a vulnerable teenager, partially inspired by his own niece. Langdon said: “The first time I met Vince, it was because I didn’t want him to play a girl’s comics. We came to the same page.” “I think the movie is only if we really put the role into it and take root for her. Only under the circumstances will it succeed. I hope he takes it seriously.

“Weird” producer and CEO of Blumhouse Productions Jason Blum praised Vaughan. His most terrifying attempt was to star in a remake of the 1998 ill-fated “Psycho” shot of Psych, and opened the door to new challenges.Bloom said: “He is a great comedian, but he is also a very good theater actor, I think he is choosing interesting materials.” [R-rated comedies] Having all migrated to streaming, I think he decided not only to do this but also to try other things, which is cool. “

Vaughan insisted that he just kept moving in the direction he was interested in, and some people may see this type of business come back with stable box office results. He said that the once-popular studio comedies have become more and more safe and flat. He pointed out that for the incredible “internship” in 2013, the studio dropped from the planned R rating to PG-13.

Vaughan said: “When anything becomes very important, or when you are defending, it is not moving forward.” Vaughn said that he recently played a small role in the latest season of HBO’s “Containing Passion” . “At the time, my favorite R comedy felt like these provocative rock albums. It feels like you are part of the band. I will go back and do comedy again. But I think that when I feel excited or challenge myself, I do better than when I try to read the tea leaves on the market. I really don’t have that kind of skills. “

Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn starred in a scene in the 2005 comedy blockbuster

Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn appeared in the 2005 comedy hit film “The Wedding Loser.”

(New team)

In the age of social media, dealing with these career changes will only become more challenging. In January, Vaughn found himself under fire on Twitter and Facebook, when a video showed him chatting and shaking hands with President Trump during a college football game in New Orleans. Leftists have called for the removal of Vaughn, a liberal identity libertarian who has been criticized in the past for commenting on hotkey issues such as gun rights.

Vaughan insisted that the plot was exaggerated. “During my career, I have met a lot of politicians who I have always been enthusiastic about; I have met Nancy Pelosi and I was very kind to her.” He said, noting that in the same football match In, he also visited James Carville, a Democratic strategist who had a guest appearance in the “Old School.” “This is the only time I have seen him. We say hello. He is very decent.” He smiled. “I didn’t dabble in policy.”

He continued: “I think people are more responsible for these things than ever before.” “But I don’t think most people will take this matter as seriously as that small group. My idea is for you Have different preferences and beliefs, and you should respect and defend this among others, rather than shouting. The people you most disagree with, you should defend their right to do so.”

Vaughan said that although some people have concluded that he is a supporter of the president, “the only candidate I support is [former Libertarian presidential nominee] Ron Paul. …I don’t have a gathering that I support and support. In fact, it is sometimes difficult for me to find a candidate who you think is philosophically consistent, rather than just going with someone who funded his particular party. This is what I will introduce. “

Whether it is his personal politics or his career, Vaughan will not hang on what others might think of. He will start filming his next film, the dark comedy “Kunpins”, which is based on a true story and tells a pair of women (by Christine Bell and Kirby Howell Bar Tist played) started a fake coupon scam. He is looking at the sequel to “The Wedding Loser”. As for the “weird” performance or what it means to his career, he said: “I don’t know how it will get rid of.”

If he was sweating completely, then he would not give in.

He said: “Before’Old School’, I remember my agents called me and said,’You don’t answer many calls and you are in danger of being hired.'” “I think everyone has experienced it. After those stages, we are all developing and changing. Whenever you enter another region, people are unwilling, because this is not their usual sales method. But when you play with confidence or try to play according to what you think the audience wants to see When content strategy is being developed, I think the situation will actually get worse.

“Personally, I really don’t care about people’s opinions. Whether in your work or in your own life, how do I feel about my choices and what I’m doing-than “Is it going well?” “For me, this is even more important.”

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