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Vic Fangio slams the Broncos quarterback’s COVID-19 collapse

Until QB5, not many NFL teams will do better, but the Broncos experienced the expected disaster on Sunday.

The wide receiver of the practice team, Kendall Hinton, who was a former college quarterback in Wake Forest, is now promoted to the active lineup. All four Denver quarterbacks are ranked On the COVID-19 restriction list, the passing yards in the first half were zero, and only 13 yards in the game lost to New Orleans 31-3 on Sunday.

After Broncos backup quarterback Jeff Driscoll tested positive for COVID-19, the NFL rejected Denver’s request, while quarterbacks Drew Locke, Brett Lipion and trainee veteran Blake Bottles was excluded because of Sunday̵

7;s game. In contact with Driskel at a location meeting, none of them were wearing masks, which violated league rules.

Locke tweeted on Sunday: “In a controlled and socially distant area, we let our masks slip off within a limited time.” “This is an honest mistake, but I will make a mistake. I sincerely apologize and I fully understand why these safety precautions are so important. Doing the right thing most of the time is not good enough.”

Hinton completed only two of the nine pass attempts, but was intercepted on both occasions. His lonely connection did not appear until he was 13 yards from Noah Fant at the beginning of the third quarter. .

The Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan fired Broncos quarterback Kendall Hinton.Associated Press

Broncos coach Vic Fangio said: “I am disappointed on several levels. Our QB puts us in that position, and our QB puts the league in that position.” “We expect them to be us The leader of the team, the leader of the offense, and those guys made mistakes.”

The Saints reserve team, Taysom Hill, also had only 14 passing yards in the first half, but Drew Brees’s substitute ran 2 points and led the NFC South with 132 yards (78 passes) ahead of New Orleans ( 9-2).

King of the Hill

The Chiefs hope to play in Tampa again after the season, and the defending champion is definitely interested in returning to the Super Bowl.

Tereek Hill has a career high of 203 yards from 269 yards. In the first quarter, the Chiefs defeated Tom Brady at Raymond James Stadium. ) And Buccaneers 27-24, scored twice in three touchdowns.

Patrick Mahomes (Patrick Mahomes) has a pass yard of 462 yards, the second highest of his career, and tied with Brady (345) for 807.

Mahomes played against Hill (13 receptions), sending a 75-yard TD 6:49 into the game, and then discovered after five minutes that he had another 17-0 lead with a 44-yard score. Hill broke his second score by performing a backflip in the back zone.

Hill said: “It feels good, but I think there is still a lot of work to be done.” Hill has walked more than 1,000 yards (1,021) this season. “I’m always seeking to be better. …I want to be the best receiver in the game. Therefore, I will continue to work hard.”

Since Baltimore’s Kadry Ismail released 210 yards for the Ravens in the third quarter of 1999, Hill’s first quarter total was the most received in a quarter. This is the highest record for ranking 15th in a game in NFL history. Rams catcher Flipper Anderson’s 336 lead was against New Orleans in 1989.

Derek Henry scored a touchdown for the Titans.Getty Images

Titan Crush

Of the last 13 NFL MVP titles, only one was not a quarterback, but Derrick Henry should add Adrian Peterson (2012) in the conversation.

With Tennessee (8-3) leading 45-26, Henry (Henry) ran for 178 yards and made 3 touchdowns. This was between AFC South and Indianapolis. (7-4) in the duel.

Henry broke the record for scoring in overtime in his defeat to Baltimore last week. He led the NFL with 12 touchdowns in 11 games and 1,257 rushing yards. The NFL-defending stormtrooper leader is struggling to hit a career-high 1,828 yards on the ground.

Tennessee quarterback Ryan Tannehill said: “Anytime the O line is moving and Derrick moves forward, it is a good thing for the Titans.” “I think as long as Derrick rolls, we will be in the best condition. … Derek is flicking his tail today.”

The Titans’ total offense against the Colts is 449 yards, and ranks second in the league in yardage (298.1 points per game), and AJ Brown has increased in playing kicks and 42-yard TD catches. 42-yard scoring gain. Ranked fifth in scoring (20.8 points per game).

Brown, Bronson makes history

Although only one of the eight victories is due to the current victory record, Cleveland (8-3) is also closer to the first playoff spot since 2002, beating Jacksonville 27-25 (1-10).

Baker Mayfield’s TD pass was passed to Jarvis Landry (8-143) and Austin Hooper (Austin Hooper) for 258 yards and the Browns (8-3) is the first time since 2007 (.. 10-6) to set a record of at least .500.

Browns coach Kevin Stefanski said: “We have participated in many different competitions, and we have to find a way to win in many ways, and this will not change.” “We are just trying every week. Go 1-0. Let’s get to eight o’clock [wins] We still have a lot of games to do. We really don’t care about the past. “

With 2:14 left in James Robinson’s 4-yard rush TD game, Jacksonville had a chance to tie the score, but Jaguar quarterback quarterback Mike Glennon ( Mike Glennon overthrew Keelan Cole in the final two-point conversion attempt.

Brown’s Chief of Staff Callie Brownson (Callie Brownson) filled the vacancy of Cleveland tight coach Drew Petzing (paternity leave) and became the first female position coach in NFL history.

Bear biggest

Aaron Rodgers threw four touchdown passes to take over the NFL lead with 33 points. Green Bay (8-3) defeated Chicago (5-6) 41-25 on Sunday night. Down leads the NFC North team in three games.

The Packers defender fired Mitchell Trubisky three times and sent him off twice, but with Green Bay leading 41-10 in the third quarter, he led two late scoring champions.

Sly does not fly

Vikings catcher Chad Beebe made a failed error ahead of time, catching the ball with a 10-yard touchdown, with 46 seconds left, Minnesota (5-6) defeated Carolina (4 -8) A 28-27 victory was achieved. Over time, the Panthers shooter Joey Slye attempted a 54-yard field goal.

Vikings coach Mike Zimmer said: “In the end we were very excited, but we did it.”

Rookie guard Jeremy Chinn scored two consecutive offenses for Minnesota early in the second half, scoring both times. According to NFL Network reports, this is the first time any player has scored defensively in consecutive defensive scoring due to melee. Chin is also the third player in NFL history to make two touchdowns in the same game.

Damage locker

In addition to Giants quarterback Daniel Jones (hamstring), other injuries in the league include Giants safety Nate Ebner (knee) and center back Kyler Fackrell (calf), the Panthers catch the ball Hand DJ Moore (ankle), Colts’ Anthony Castonzo (knee) Willis (guard), Raiders guard Damon Arnett (concussion), Falcon guard Olamide Zaccheaus (toe) and Guard James Carpenter (groin), Dolphin guard Malcolm Perry (chest), Cavaliers guard Denzel Perryman (guard), Jaguars defensive striker Daffin Hamilton (knee), Brown’s Security Ronnie Harrison (shoulder).

Post pattern

With New England (5-6) defeating Arizona (6-5) to a 20-17 victory, Patriots head coach Nick Folk scored a 50-yard field goal. Cardinals kicker Zane Gonzalez (Zane Gonzalez) pushed to the right for 45 yards with 1:52 remaining. Pats QB Cam Newton has only 9 yards of 18 yards, no touchdowns, 2 catches and 23.6 passers for a total of 18 yards. …As time passed, the 49ers kicked out Robbie Gould’s 42-yard FG to push San Francisco (5-6) to the Rams (7-4), winning 23-20. Since October 25, 49ers receiver Deebo Samuel has 11 catches and scored 134 yards in his first game. …Raiders quarterback Derek Carr made four turnovers (3 turnovers), Las Vegas fell to 6-5, and Atlanta lost a 43-6 blowout (4-7). Falcons center back Deion Jones (Deion Jones) scored a 67-yard INT comeback and Atlanta, led by interim coach Raheem Morris (Raheem Morris), scored its fourth victory in six games. …Bill Kuan’s receiver Cole Beasley threw a 20-yard TD pass to receiver Gabriel Davis, and Josh Allen passed at least for the fifth time this season. Rush into TD because Buffalo (8-3) still beat the Chargers at 27 in the East of the AFC Champions League. …Los Angeles defensive end Joey Bosa had three sacks and six tackles, which cost the Spurs. … Colts guard Matthew Adams was fired for throwing punches at Texan guard Nick Dzubnar in a chassis game.

Three stars

1. Chief Xirui (Tyreek Hill), Chief

In Kansas City’s 27-24 victory over Tampa Bay, Hill completed 13 receptions and created a career-best 269 yards, including 203 yards in the first quarter.

Tyreek Hill celebrates the landing.Getty Images

2. Patrick Mahomes of Chiefs QB

Mahomes ranked second in 446 passing yards (second in his career), completed 37 of 49 goals, and scored 3 touchdowns against Hill to put his 2020 TD / INT ratio increased to 30 to 2.

3. Tyreke RB Derek Henry

In Tennessee’s 45-26 victory over Indianapolis, the National Football League (NFL) stormtrooper leader continued to play regularly here, ran for 178 yards, and made 3 touchdowns.

Fantasy madness

  • Replacement is replacement for some reason. The backup QB did not perform well in Week 12. The combination of TaysomHill, Mike Glennon, Brandon Allen, Nick Mullens, Kendall Hinton, Andy Dalton and Alex Smith averaged 9.7 points. The average daily average QB is 18 points. Despite 78 passing yards, Hill scored 17.5 points, thanks to two sprinting TDs.
  • It’s not just backup QB struggling. Kyler Murray’s 7.9 points vacancy rate against the Patriots is more than 20 points lower than his average. In the same game, Cam Newton couldn’t even reach 4 points. Derek Carr couldn’t even reach 1 in the duel with Falcons, scoring 0.6 in ESPN format. His substitute, the infamous Nathan Peterman (Nathan Peterman) entered in trash time, and he overtook Carl by 1.9.
  • Trereek Hill (269 goals with 13 points, three TDs, 57.9 PPR points) is the biggest fantasy week so far this season. It was followed by Tyler Lockett’s 53-point Week 7 event. These are the only two more than 50 fantasy trips this season. This is the best personal PPR fantasy performance since Jaguar WR Jimmy Smith (62.1) in 2000, and the fifth best performance ever.

what did he say

“I want to apologize to the Raiders Country and really praise the Falcons. They played a football game and we didn’t. We are better than that. This is a reflection of me, and I apologize.”

-Las Vegas coach Jon Gruden (Jon Gruden) after losing 43-6 in Atlanta.

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