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This is the latest news from Tuesday, October 27: Amy Coney Barrett confirmed to the Supreme Court; Biden will campaign in Georgia, Trump will go to Wisconsin; Texas The incidence of the coronavirus in El Paso is rising; Washington State staff removes the “Bumblebee”

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Washington-As he crossed the country in the final days of his re-election campaign, President Donald Trump was increasingly dependent on an unlikely figure to push through the Democratic wedge: Senator Bernie Sanders.

After Sanders called on Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden to be too lenient for most voters a few months ago, Trump recently accepted an introduction from an independent senator of Vermont to emphasize Disagreements between Democrats and tried to regain some cross-border appeals in his favor. The 2016 election.

Trump said of Sanders in Pennsylvania on Monday: “He has provided us with some great help.” “We had a lot of Bernie’s people with us last time because they agreed with me on trade. .”

A few days ago, when Trump spoke at a rally in New Hampshire, he offered backhand praise to neighboring senators.

Trump said: “One thing about him, he fights.” “You know, he fights. But he doesn’t mind losing for some reason.”

The Democrats described Trump’s news about Sanders as “desperate”, pointed out that Biden was in the lead in both national and battlefield polls, and claimed to have revolved around Sanders’ major losses in 2016 and 2020. Progressives who are frustrated take Trump’s ridicule too seriously for the idea of ​​freeing Trump from the White House.

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“If he wants to graft himself onto Bernie Sanders, he will be sad,” said Jeff Weaver, Sanders’ long-time political aide, who now runs a super PAC that supports the Democratic Party. “As far as Trump must be defeated, there is such a unity.”

Research on the 2016 election shows that the Sanders-Trump cross-border vote mentioned by the president at the rally is a real issue for Democrats. According to the Congressional Cooperative Election Research, about 12% of Sanders’ supporters support Trump, and the other 7.7% of supporters are third-party candidates instead of embracing Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Trump often incited such dissatisfaction in 2016 by claiming that Democratic officials have always supported Clinton and are working hard to push voters in her direction. He has repeated this line this year, thinking that Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass) has been working for and playing for Biden.

Trump said at a rally in Martinsburg, Pennsylvania on Monday: “No, Bernie has a little energy, a little foundation, a lot of energy, we have a lot of people.” “He was used by Hillary, and then He was used by the Democrats for the last time.”

An ABC/Washington Post poll starting in March found that if Biden were to be the nominee, 15% of Sanders supporters would support Trump. But similar polls exaggerated this phenomenon, and progressive agents insisted that Trump’s efforts to split the party by using Sanders as a foil for progressives and moderates would not work.

“He tried to recreate some magic from four years ago… but I just think he is sucking,” said Ben Wessel, executive director of NextGen America, a progressive advocacy organization aimed at organizing young voters. “No one believes Donald Trump’s words.”

A Sanders spokesperson did not respond to a request for comment.

Sanders has campaigned for Biden on the battlefields in Michigan and New Hampshire this month, but his voice is also the usual means of Trump campaign rallies in Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania-the president A videotape about Biden’s stance on cutting medical insurance and social security in the past was played among the Vermont senator.

“Wow, wow, wow,” Sanders told Biden in one of the videotapes, which was taken from the Democratic primary debate on March 15 and was widely shared during the Sanders campaign at the time. “Everything is on the table…according to your judgment, including cuts in Social Security and veterans.”

When the clip was played, Trump supporters laughed because Trump, who was standing behind the podium, laughed while showing the dispute within the party. Biden has previously expressed willingness to consider cutting plans, although he did not serve as vice president during the Obama administration, and he has not implemented these plans now.

Sanders-now Trump-pointed out that Biden supported a proposal to reduce the budget deficit in 1984, which would freeze all spending for a year, including social programs. They also pointed out that Biden supported a balanced budget amendment in the mid-1990s to reduce all government spending.

However, even if Trump praised Sanders’ energy and played a video of him attacking Biden during the primary election, he repeatedly erroneously suggested that Biden and Sanders were deprived of the same political color, and the former vice president Move to the left wing. The motivation to maintain the foundation of democracy.

This is the more traditional message Trump received, including during the last presidential debate in Nashville last week, when he accused Biden’s running mate, California Senator Kamala Harris Bisander. Sri Lanka is “more free.”

The old pollster Frank Luntz pointed out: “At any time, voters are reminded that it is Bernie Sanders and his supporters lurking behind Joe Biden. Trump said, ‘ The vote for Biden is a vote for Sanders.” This is a valid message for independents.

Democrats believe that compared with four years ago, a messaging strategy in the 2016 general election was elected. Josh Schwerin, who supports the priority action of the Democratic Party’s political action committee, said that since the beginning of this year, voters have become less open to third-party candidates, and most people have made up their minds to make a decision on the president.

He predicted that these two factors would have an impact on Trump’s approach.

Schwerin said: “One of Trump’s problems is that he is obviously unable to propose a different election plan from his 2016.”

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