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UFC Vegas 12 prediction-MMA fighting

This may not be the last time we saw Anderson Silva fight, but we should taste it every moment.

Considering that Saturday’s UFC Vegas 12 Middleweight Main Event has been promoted as Silva’s final appearance-at least at the UFC, this is an important difference, despite the fact that he opened the door for interviews, and There are still fights. Current contract. In any case, UFC works with narrative, and many people in the media are also happy to take this opportunity to add poetry to Silva’s greatness.

He has a suitable enemy that can send him to the original Uriah Hall Ultimate Warrior The outstanding person, when his ability reached the peak, compared with Silva with his shocking style. It has been seven years since entering the UFC competition. Hall has not lived up to those lofty expectations, but now he has a chance to win a victory of the greatest fighter of all time, and doing so may return him to the title.

The common game also has the influence of competitors. The undefeated Bryce Mitchell hopes to lead 5-0 within the octagon and strives to become the first fighter in Arkansas to challenge the UFC gold medal. When he met Andre Fili, a veteran who often participated in 1

5 UFC games, he faced a difficult task.

In other major moves, Greg Hardy (Greg Hardy) met Maurice Greene (Maurice Greene) in the heavyweight competition, and middleweight Kevin Holland (Kevin Holland) took the first place in three months. Three times with short notice replacement Charlie Ontiveros (Charlie Ontiveros), and lightweight veteran Bobby Green (Bobby Green) won three consecutive victories to face-to-face with submission expert Thiago Moises.

what: UFC Las Vegas 12

where: UFC APEX in Las Vegas

When: Saturday, October 31. On ESPN+, the six-a-side preliminaries card for EST starts at 4 pm, and on ESPN+, the main card for the five main events starts at 7 pm.

Uria Hall vs Anderson Silva

You don’t know how serious I am going to choose Anderson Silva here.

This is not just a matter of obsession or nostalgia-although I think even the most objective analysts can hardly not get more retro performance from “Spider-Man”-it is Silva who doesn’t really look like so terrible In any of his recent outings, even in the past eight years he has been trying to find victory. It is true that the loss to Jared Cannonnier in the first round may be a reasonable indicator that Silva’s timing is ripe, but before that, he played three rounds with the current champion Israeli Adsania. In the game, he won a rather controversial victory against Derek Brunson, and also lasted three rounds against Daniel Cormier (Daniel Cormier) lightweight competition, he has no interest in this.

Even his loss to Michael Bisping (Michael Bisping) occurred in a battle, it seems he eliminated Bisping in the third round! Yes, he is 45 years old, but are we sure that we are not too early to eliminate Silva? Sometimes, if he can pull the trigger as before, it feels like he can overcome difficulties.

However, due to the loss of half a step (or more), it is not logical to fight Uriah Hall here. Even if we still think that Silva is technically good at standing and grappling, Hall must have narrowed the gap between the two over the years. When you consider Silva’s decline in athleticism, the equation Lean towards Hall. Hall has shown a lot of maturity in the past two outings, and has always been known for his reputation as a fighter, and when he is locked, he can compete with anyone weighing 185 pounds. For Silva this year, he was originally an interesting game. Against today’s Silva, this is his loss.

Hall is determined.

pick: hall

Bryce Mitchell vs. Andre Fili

I admit that I felt bad when assessing how close the prospects were to the leap, so remember that when I say that Bryce Mitchell’s undefeated record ended on Saturday against Andre Fillie.

Mitchell’s high octane rating and endless motivation make him excited. If he can set the pace early, it will be difficult for any opponent to climb back from the deficit. For Fili, a fast fighter with solid defensive capabilities, this shouldn’t be a problem. He will have to weather an early storm, because I fully hope that Mitchell can seize the first time to bring the fight to the mat.

In this case, defense and experience should win, both of which are good for Fili. Again, I may be completely wrong, Mitchell’s fight for “Touchy” is simply too much. In addition, due to his “camouflage shorts”, all his attributes may have increased by +5, and maybe Mitchell will prove that he is worth 145 pounds.

I want to go to Philly

pick: wire

Greg Hardy vs Morris Green

When you are still working in the middle and lower classes of the heavyweight division, athletic ability will take you a long way. This is the advantage that Greg Hardy (Greg Hardy) has at the beginning of his fighting career, and this is the advantage he will have in the fight against Maurice Greene.

I think this time is not enough. UFC has done a great job connecting Hardy, and Greene is the rigorous test required to bring him back to reality. He may be clumsy at times, but the “crochet boss” is proficient in fighting, and on the ground, if he can fight there, he will be one of Hardy’s hands. That was the fastest way to victory. I saw Green use a clever game plan to knock Hardy down and submit him before third place.

pick: Green

Kevin Holland vs. Charlie Antiviros

First of all, congratulations to Charlie Ontiveros for the night battle even after a strange situation happened in July last year. In that match, he was supposed to participate in the UFC for the first time in a short time to replace Eric Spicely (Eric Spicely), but discovered that he had not been medically cleared before he even had a chance to set foot on scale.

Kevin Holland (Kevin Holland) welcomes him to the octagon, apparently he will participate in UFC competitions every month. The Netherlands has already won in August and September, so why not win three consecutive championships in less than 90 days?

Understandably, the Netherlands is the top priority here, but remember that every time he jumps into a battle with a lesser-known opponent, he will roll the dice. Ontiveros has excellent basic skills. Although he can’t completely compare with Holland’s strength, he has the ability to contend with Holland in a critical juncture. If he could mix things up early, he might threaten frustration.

The reason for seeing him so adaptable is to make Holland so happy (and sometimes frustrated). He likes to look at his opponent’s best weapons and challenge them there, but he is also getting better at choosing the path of least resistance. In the battle of Joaquin Buckley, he showed that he will not be delayed by a new bankrupt, so he should not be caught off guard by Ontiveros.

Another thing against Ontiveros is that he is a glass cannon and all his six losses came from the knockout games. The Netherlands will be added to the number.

pick: Netherlands

Thiago Mois vs Bobby Green

Do you know this is weird? Thiago Moises just beat Michael Johnson, I think Michael Johnson will beat Bobby Green, but I choose Bobby Green ( Bobby Green to defeat Thiago Moises.


Green has defensive tools, these offensive tools will cause trouble for the radical Moises, Moises is a classic Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with flexibility. I can hardly imagine anything other than the situation where Green avoided Moises’ descent attempt, slipped his brutal fist and put Moises into three rounds. At this point, there is a green victory formula, and Moises can break it.

One factor Moises agrees with is that he is extremely creative in setting the submission method. If Green doesn’t pay attention for a second and Moises catches him, then he is done. Green has shown excellent defensive defensive obedience throughout his career, and his books have not been drawn for nearly 11 years.

It’s not a sexy choice, but Green has completed his work here for the fourth consecutive week.

pick: green


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