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Ubiquiti Amplifi Alien Wi-Fi 6 router review: absolute luxury

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photo: Wes Davis/Gizmodo

Ubiquiti AmpliFi Alien is an expensive black Wi-Fi 6 Internet tube that provides super fast wifi and a unique, pleasing user experience that may be intuitive. The touch screen on the host may be as close as possible to the degree of intimidation, matrix-The green vertical reading is full of graphics and numbers, but I think most people who want it can easily grasp its content. I like to imagine that when looking at the physical design and software UI decisions, someone asked Ubiquiti if it promised to use green, and the company responded to the dark shadows with a wedding photo from a responsible Zoom ceremony. Despite being green, the whole thing is so frictionless, annoying and luxurious, and in a way it can only be done with things that cost a lot of money.

Although it is true. This thing is very expensive.The retail price of a single alien is US$380, you can spend a little more 320 USD Used in mesh units, with a nearly featureless surface and a single Ethernet LAN/WAN port. If you just want to buy a master tank and add fewer AmpliFi devices, please think again, Bago This puppy is only compatible with other alien routers!In other words, it is not expensive Compared to other mesh Wi-Fi 6 systems, As long as you compare apples with apples. The total price of a pair is $700, which is only $50 higher than the Wi-Fi 6 Netgear Orbi, while the price of the Linksys MX10 Velop is $700 if you buy two (a single Alien is actually cheaper than a single Velop).Each specification is impressive, and the only consensus between them seems to be they all Too much money was spent, yes, but Ubiquiti seems to be trying hard to ease the blow.

When you start to open the package (it feels like you are removing the battery from a spaceship or something), and you grab one of the bulky, soft-touch material-coated aliens, it’s clear Ubiquiti wants it when you When you reject the 0% financing transaction on your credit card, you feel that you made the right call.Even the one-minute setting feels Luxurious, Its speakers are better than expected, emit a pleasing tone, and it is easy to implement MeshPoint settings after plugging in. The AmpliFi app is great, although the options are not terrible, it still offers a lot of configuration options Compared to other mesh alternatives. I like, for example, not only can the status LED and the touch screen be turned on or off, but also their brightness can be adjusted and the night schedule can be set.

When I settled down to check the new router, it usually only takes an entire afternoon to troubleshoot all the smart home devices that cannot be connected until I restore them to factory settings, which brings all kinds of frustration and anger to the smart home. My family members.This is the first time I set up a new router for review, and watched all over 35 wireless devices Just connect. I spent the second week waiting for something to fail, but it never happened.such luxury!

everything is normal.

everything is normal.
Screenshots: Wes Davis/Gizmodo

Now, there are some compromises to be aware of. First, although you get a tri-band router, one of the bands can only push 5 GHz 802.11ac, while the other 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz bands can handle 802.11ax.Aliens use the 802.11ax 5 GHz band as a wireless backhaul to communicate between the two routers, Which means you will share traffic with backhaul traffic. The solution is to use Ethernet for backhaul or skip the mesh setting, But most people will not use long butt ethernet cables If it does not exist yet or buy a mesh router instead of using a mesh network. In addition, no USB ports can be found on AmpliFi Alien, and no Ethernet ports with speeds exceeding 1 Gbps are provided. For most people, these things are not important-Gigabit Internet is still difficult to achieve, far not so fast, and if you buy this router out of honest consideration, it is likely that you are not using it. It can be used to directly connect to storage or try to obtain the Internet from a 4G cellular signal. Nevertheless, we still like our choices, don’t we?

Listen, this is a deal: my internet plan is not unbelievable fast. By current standards, this is definitely not slow-300 Mbps is enough to play multiple 4K videos and listen to music at the same time. Games while Yelling, telling you how many half-glasses are in a cup. My old 802.11ac mesh network provided me with a fast Internet connection, but not far away from my yard. The fact is, because 802.11ac is a slower standard, you don’t need to buy a Wi-Fi 6 router.You do this because Wi-Fi 6 is a better multitasking program.

A lot of ports, but the price may be higher.

A lot of ports, but the price may be higher.
photo: Wes Davis/Gizmodo

For this, you can blame it on Multi-User Multiple Input Multiple Output (MU-MIMO) and its cousin of the same name Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA). Due to the emergence of wearable devices and smart home devices, our network has become more and more complex, and our demand for network hardware has also increased. These acronyms enable the router to send transmissions to each of multiple devices via multiple spatial streams (very suitable for games or video calls) or simultaneous slightly offset data packets sent to multiple clients in a single channel , So that the chaos becomes chaotic.OFDMA using the latter technique is particularly cool This is also the reason why 802.11ax is so good. In this family, thousands of smart home devices are flooded with data packets.If you want to read it, I suggest This interpreter, If you want good visualization, I like This video.

There is no indication that the aliens perform better than their main competitors in this regard. Comment by Found it wanted. I have not personally tested its most direct competition, but I have tested other Wi-Fi 6 routers. Compared to those routers, this number is reasonable, but not an exception.Accompanied by an alien, I saw that the maximum speed of the ISP outside my house can reach 45 feet, but about one third 80 feet of throughput, with some trees and things on the way. After adding MeshPoint, I found that the fall was severe at 45 feet, but it was faster in my yard. Compared to the fastest other Wi-Fi 6 routers I tested (TP-Link’s Archer AX6000), the download speed started to decrease from 45 feet, although the upload speed remained close to the maximum throughout the process.

Of course, the numbers don’t tell the whole story. In any configuration, I almost never thought that I would bring myself a connection. Due to holidays, I and the Alien family are at home, so I use the Alien system during a particularly demanding time, and we are doing almost everything, including streaming, games, and video calls. Throughout the process, my troubleshooting of the network happened to be zero, which was excellent.

In addition to network performance, I was immediately attracted by the small amount of luxury you can’t see in a normal router. The touch screen at the bottom of the cylinder and the brightness adjustment of the LED ring. The router controls the toggle switch, so you can ensure that the device stays connected to the gateway unit for as long as possible. A speaker that can listen to music normally, but you can hardly hear it outside of the initial settings. Tactile feedback on the touch screen. Ubiquiti doesn’t even really promote the Pi-Hole style DNS ad blocker, it’s there, waiting for you to find it.

It even has a VPN that allows you to route traffic through your home network before sending it to the wider Internet, thereby masking your IP address while transmitting. Just like hand-stitched leather for high-end car decoration, none of these are necessary.equal Rich mahogany and leather book. However, when you look at other routers, they are the kind of features you add to the must-have product list, and when comparing them with major competitors, they may be enough to push them to the top position, depending on how you will I feel some of its omissions-for example, it lacks a USB port for direct connection to storage, or it lacks WPA3 or a low-power smart home hub wireless protocol such as Thread.

Many of these features are already on AmpliFi HD.And, in fact, this is all the aliens are: AmpliFi HD, but More.Coverage is wider, twice the area of ​​its predecessor, and the total traffic capacity is much larger, theoretically 7685 Mbps (compared to 1700 Mbps for HD), while 8×8 MU-MIMO far exceeds twice MU-MIMO! This is future-oriented, even though it may anchor itself more now than you hope.

Overall, the alien grid system has many uses. It is fast, reliable, and I don’t have to think about this-I think these are the three pillars of a “good Internet”, and everything else is being modified. Is the price reasonable? OMG, but I bet it is not a regrettable purchase for those who do spend money on AmpliFi Alien.

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  • very expensive.
  • Very luxurious.
  • Aliens include touch screens with tactile feedback, switches for switching various indicators, built-in VPN and built-in ad blockers.
  • The lack of USB or Thread is expensive. But not completely missed.

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