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U mad, bro ?: Readers are full of complaints about the Steelers strategy, Josh Bell Trade, JuJu’Yelping’Primanti Bros.

About an hour ago

We are only three days away from the Steelers victory. Enough happy holidays. After Christmas, I am in a good mood.

Let us return to our details. Let’s go back to what makes “Breakfast with Mercedes-Benz” great.

“Four A̵

7;s”: anxiety. agitation. hostility. anger.

It’s time for the gravel in the intestines to start working. It’s like you say “OK. I want to have a turkey sandwich that has been used for a week, and then wash it with egg wine, which may have been on the counter for one or two hours.”

I saw your “Ho!! Hi!”, I will ask you a “crazy, brother?”

That’s it, the last deflation meeting of 2020! Let’s explode together!

Or at least there are audible complaints.

At the end of the first half of Sunday’s game with the Indianapolis Colts, Jeff hated Mike Tomlin’s clock management.

Jeff, I don’t like it either. If you want to interrupt the timeout before the punt, then also interrupt the timeout before the third time.

At first, I thought he didn’t ask for a timeout at all because he didn’t want to put his ugly offense back on the court.

At the moment of the game, in the way of the game, I cannot blame him. I also don’t want to look at superfluous things. I thought Tomlin was doing us a favor.

But what will they do when they get the ball back with only 14 seconds left? Fighting for a 45-yard shot, Tomlin still won’t let Matthew Wright kick?

John wanted to respond to some of my comments about Josh Bell’s Christmas Eve deal.

Let’s focus on the last line, John.

Because if you give up a 27-year-old young man (when he comes into contact with him) and still have power, don’t you deserve some of the content mentioned in it? For major league clubs?

Instead, they just got two more pitcher versions of this. A guy who is far away has nothing but a long relief or a spinning roller coaster.

There is no doubt that this prospective customer will suffer two serious arm injuries within five years from the current major league, or be bitten by a shark, or struck by lightning.

Set the calendar to 2021. But please let us fall into 2016.

Dave (Jave Smith-Schuster) deprives Primanti Bros. of its position in the Market Square and feels uneasy.

Yes, but who wants to accept this bet?

Today is New Year’s Day and the ball just dropped at 12:01 in the morning. JuJu broadcast live from outside of the same Primanti Bros., elbows are deeply inserted into a super large-capacity cap-n’-egg sandwich bag, they are stuffed around the market square, and they are given to all who decide to isolate the area And people who happen to pass by.

People are cheated! This is work. This is the face change of Pittsburgh’s epic stills.

The JuJu logo is exhausted. So he needs other things to use.From hero to goat to heel to heelInstagram idol.

This is a new field of American hero worship. love it. Embrace it. And come with extra salad and fries.

For the first time since 2000, New England coach Bill Belichick will finish the game with a score of less than .500. The former quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) will enter the playoffs in Tampa Bay.

Glenn wanted to kick Berichik when he fell. For this, I cannot blame Glenn. Who doesn’t like that?

But his logic… is a bit wrong.

Bill Belichick showed that his current coaching level is as good as it was in 1994, when Bill Cowher’s Steelers defeated the Browns three times in a single season. .

This is the real Belichick hired by the Patriots in 2000. He and Brady won the lottery, which gave birth to the title of “genius”. The rest of us always knew the truth.

You are right Glenn.You know

Belichick won six Super Bowls and went to the other three Super Bowls without a clue. His head has been firmly fixed on his back, coaching his way.

Take the Browns in 1994 as an example. Because that year (like Brady), Berrick had another legendary quarterback that brought him to the playoffs.

The gift that sent the signal was Vinny Testav…

Well, anyway. carry on. You are still right. I mean, remember the year when Brady was injured in New England? They are a disaster. They are done, well, 11-5.

But Brady did well that year. Is it (check notes)… Matt Cassel?

it is good. Um oh yeah! Spy door! Let’s talk about Spygate!

This is an email from Bill about baseball. He believes the pirates should try to land Blake Snell from Tampa Bay before the San Diego Padres.

I wonder if the pirates are trying to trade Blake Snell? In the next few years, he could have become the trump card of employees.Pirates are not doing well in trading. “

No, Bill. they do not.

Hey. Do you know what I am thinking? I want to know-on New Year’s Day, will I wake up next to Margot Robbie on a secluded Caribbean island. I wonder if we are going to lie on pillows stuffed with million-dollar bills. And I want to know if we will drink mimosa from the coronavirus vaccine while watching the eight-team college football playoffs.

Then, I wonder if we are going to ride unicorns before the yacht trip, where Stevie Ray Vaughan is booked to perform for us through a private Zoom show in heaven.

Of course, my situation is more likely to happen than yours. But we can all dream, right?

Finally, I don’t know who sent it to me. This is an unsigned MMS message that appeared in my email.

Hi Wendy,

The Steelers emerged from a 17-point deficit, won the game, and lived for the playoffs!

A great effort of great determination! !

I wish I watched it. Do you?

Well, good friends, this is indeed an effort of “great determination”! ! I have seen it and, for reference only, they are already eligible for the playoffs. So there is no sweat there.

I think I will reply to you in this way instead of replying directly via email. Never be too careful. There are so many scammers out there, right?

In any case, to run. I am having a very complicated exchange with a Saudi prince who has been sentenced to prison for a crime he has never committed. I think of a way to remit some money to him for legal defense. He only needs to raise $20,000 before New Year’s Day.

Fingers crossed!



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