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Two New Orleans officers were ambushed by “gunners” in a tricycle

Authorities said a gunman riding a tricycle exploded weapons into the police car of two New Orleans officers on Friday afternoon, but both policemen who were ambushed could survive, including the policeman who now had a bullet in his head.

Police Commissioner Sean Ferguson said police officers were on a routine patrol in the French quarter of the city at about 4:25 pm when they were fired by a man in a tricycle.

Ferguson said the police arrested the suspected gunman within minutes and found the weapon they believed was used for the shooting.

A police officer was hit under the left cheek and was listed as a serious but stable person.

Ferguson said: “The bullet was buried in his skull.”


This veteran who had worked in the army for four years walked into the hospital with his cheeks in his arms, and his reaction was quick.

According to local media NOLA.com, the second officer with 16 years of experience in the department suffered minor cuts to his arm after being hit by glass shards in a shooting.

“Two of our officials were ambushed,” Ferguson said.

“For our officials, this is a dark day. I ask you to keep praying.”

After the shooting, Ferguson said that a retired veteran gave first aid to the officer’s facial wound.

Two unnamed military officers were taken back to the hospital by other police, and they responded to the scene.

Ferguson said that when passers-by ran towards the intersection, he pointed out the police and helped the police find the suspected gunman.

Ferguson said the suspect had a holster on his body and appeared to be experiencing some kind of medical incident when he was arrested.

The official said that he was also taken to the hospital due to an unknown illness.

An eyewitness told NOLA.com that when she was loaded into an ambulance after being arrested, she saw the alleged shooter honking, screaming and trying to bite emergency personnel.

Ferguson said officials are trying to identify the suspect, but declined to reveal his name. It is not clear what charges he will face.

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