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Twitch apologizes to streamers for mishandling of music rights

Twitch published a blog post today with the title “Music-related copyright claims and Twitch”, as opposed to ancient Greek. However, there is nothing inside. The post accurately explained why the streamer received that weird email, informing them that Twitch had deleted some clips and VODs, and provided creators with the latest information on the tools they expect to see from the company in the future.

Bottom line? Twitch is unprepared for the sudden copyright removal notice that began in May in the music industry. “Until May of this year, the ribbons were received Less than 50 music-related DMCA notices per year On Twitch.From May, representatives of major record companies began to send Thousands of DMCA notices every week “Its target audience is the creator̵

7;s archives, most of which are for track fragments from old clips.” (Emphasis on Twitch.) “We continue to receive a lot of notifications, and we don’t want it to slow down.”

Twitch confirmed that it has decided to delete only the target clip-because it is required by law-and suspended the copyright warning within three days of the email sent to the creator in October. The company also apologized for only providing creators with large-scale deletion tools for editing. “Not long ago we could develop more complex, user-friendly tools. It reads: “We are not on us. “And we can provide creators with a longer time to solve their VOD and Clip library-this is also a miss. We apologize for these errors and we will do better. “

Twitch also stated that it is developing new tools to help streamers that have been notified of copyright infringement. These measures include expanding the use of its technology to detect copyrighted audio and “more sophisticated ways to manage archives.” The company also promised to have more control over the audio content in VOD-and pointed out its new tool Soundtrack, which allows streaming media to play streaming licensed music without the music appearing in the recorded content. Finally, the company stated that it needs to allow streamers to view the infringing content to help them more easily file counter notifications.

These are steps in the right direction. But Twitch did not implement them initially is a bit exciting.

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