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TV shows and movies, such as the haunting of Bly Manor

It’s time to start watching, Poppins.


Bates Motel

Bettina Strauss / A&E / Everett series

A prequel to Hitchcock’s iconic work psychological, The series tells the story of Norman Bates and his mother Norma.Although the series is set in the present and in another town, it shows psychological In a fun and brilliant way if you like the friendship and family dynamics of… Bligh Manor, This should be your next carnival. Bates Motel Very smart, allowing you to sit on the edge of your seat.

Where to watch: Netflix.


be quiet

Blumhouse Productions / Intrepid Pictures

If you like Kate Siegel, also known as Theo Crain and Viola, Mountain house with Bligh Manor, Plus the charming director style of creator Mike Flanagan, then you will need to check be quiet. Written by Kate and Mike, and directed by Mike, be quiet Maddie Young is a deaf horror writer who moved to a hut in the woods to spend some much-needed writing time. However, one night, a masked killer appeared and quickly began to threaten Maddie. The film successfully captures the horrible side of the seat with very little dialogue.

Where to watch: Netflix.


Created by Misha Green, produced by Jordan Peele and JJ Abrams, Lovecraft country While looking for Atticus’ missing father, they followed Atticus, his Uncle George and his friend Leti on a journey through Jim Crow America in the 1950s. The series is adapted from a novel by Matt Ruff, which cleverly combines the content of horror and science fiction. It not only tells the small story of family struggle, but also tells the big story of black experience.If you like Bligh Manor Use horror themes, then I don’t recommend Lovecraft country enough.

Where to watch: Highest HBO



John Estes/Relativistic Media/Everett Collection

This film is based on a short film by Mike Flanagan and tells the story of a young woman, Kaylie. Movie stars Karen Gillan, Brenton Thwaites, Katee Sackhoff and Rory Cochrane.It also has some Mountain house with Bligh Manor Kate Siegel (Kate Siegel), Katie Parker (Katie Parker) and James Lafferty (James Lafferty) and other favorite people. Again, if you become a fan of Mike writing and directing, then this movie is a must-see. In addition, eye The mirror looks very small inside Mountain house.

Where to watch: gourd

Beth Dubble/Netflix

If you have seen Bligh Manor Now I have a deep fascination with Victoria Pedretti, 1) you are not alone, 2) it is time to see more of her work.Victoria joined you Aired in season 2 and will star in the upcoming season 3. you Following Joe Goldberg, played by Penn Badgley, he is a dangerous man who is in complete love with the woman he has just met. Joe’s obsession with poisons and unhealth often leads Joe to kill people to “protect” the people he confuses.

Where to watch: Netflix.



Katie Yu / CW / Everett Collection

Two words for you: Rahul Kohli.If you absolutely admire Owen, his relationship with Hanna and his iconic pun, then it’s time to see Rahul as Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti Zombie. The series tells the story of Liv’s experience of becoming a zombie after working in a morgue in Seattle due to boat parties. Zombie It is a truly super interesting watch, Rahul’s comedy timing and charm are fully displayed as Ravi. I cannot recommend this underrated series.

Where to watch: Netflix.


Gerald’s game


Another film directed by Mike Flanagan, Gerald’s game Adapted from a novel by Stephen King, about a couple on vacation in an isolated house. After arriving there, the husband died suddenly, and the wife was handcuffed to the bed unable to escape. Now she is forced to fight the demon in her heart.Movie star Carla Gugino and Henry Thomas and Kate Siegel performances Mountain house with Bligh Manor Together again.

Where to watch: Netflix.


Bamboo enny fear

Jonathan Hession / Showtime / Everett series

Bamboo enny fear Following the concerted efforts of Sir Malcolm Murray, Ethan Chandler, Victor Frankenstein, and Vanessa Ives to fight the supernatural threat of Victorian London. Bamboo enny fear Weave classic stories and characters delicately together Frankenstein, Dracula, Dorian Gray’s Picture, And more. I think this is one of the most underrated programs in recent memory, and I hope more people will continue to find it.like Bligh Manor, This is a program that improves the quality of the original materials in order to tell a fascinating story.

Where to watch: Netflix.


Year after year


I think it’s safe to say that T’Nia Miller performed one of the best performances The troubles of Bligh Manor Such as Hannah Grose (Hannah Grose). Therefore, if you wish to watch the light of T’Nia again, years It is the perfect watch. This limited series tells the life of the Lyon family and how all their personal lives converge in one night in 2019. Later, they told about their lives for the next 15 years. In addition to T’Nia, the series also starred Emma Thompson, so what else can you ask for?

Where to watch: Highest HBO


Invisible person

Mark Rogers/Universal Pictures/Everett Collection

I think we can all agree that Oliver Jackson-Cohen is Mountain house, And his ability to play a completely different role Bligh Manor surprising. So, if you haven’t watched it yet, it’s time to watch Oliver Invisible person. The movie was filmed after Cecilia, and Cecilia began to believe that her abusive boyfriend pestered her after his apparent death. She soon learned that he was actually invisible and was wreaking havoc on her life. Oliver performed on the same stage with Elisabeth Moss, Aldis Hodge, Storm Reid and other stars, adapted from the horror film in HG Wells’ novel .

Where to watch: Highest HBO




One of the best and most underrated Netflix series to date, dark Following the connection between the four estranged families, they tried to find out the wild travel conspiracy that eventually spanned generations. The series is indeed one of the smartest shows I have ever seen, and the cast is absolutely wonderful.like Bligh Manor, If characters and intricate stories are your business, then you need to pay attention dark.

Where to watch: Netflix.



Backup plan production

This is actually Mike Flanagan’s first feature film and the star of Katie Parker. He was in ” Mountain house And Perdita at Bligh Manor. absence Following Kylie and her sister, they began to connect a mysterious tunnel with numerous sudden disappearances, including Kylie’s husband. If you want to see where everything started with Mike, I suggest you give him a watch and maybe turn on the lights.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video.



Christos Kalhourdis / Cinemax / Everett series

You can’t watch Bligh Manor Don’t love Carla Gugino like I used to, so I suggest you check out Jet. This tragic short series is followed by the name of Daisy. She is a world-renowned thief. Soon after she was released from prison, she began to do what she does best for criminals. I don’t know that Carla Gugino spent so long leading a series of events, but I just want to celebrate it 24/7.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video with Cinemax, or you can buy the season on iTunes and Amazon.


Shimlock Grove

Brooke Palmer/Netflix

Another great and underrated horror film, Shimlock Grove Following all the strange events that happened, you guessed it, this is Hemlock Grove. This is one of Netflix’s first original series, and it is likely that you missed it for the first time.like Bligh Manor, This is a violent watching performance, another good example of many things that can be done in a horror theme.

Where to watch: Netflix.


Castle rock

Dana Starbard/Hulu

Starring Bill Skarsgård, Lizzy Caplan, André Holland and Sissy Spacek, Castle rock It tells the story of the town of Castle Rock and all the interesting things that happened there. The series is inspired by Stephen King’s novels, bringing King’s classic horror themes to life.Again, if you are just after a scary TV show Bligh Manor, This underrated series should be at the top of the list of upcoming shows.

Where to watch: gourd


Wayward Pine

Ed Araquel / Fox / Everett Collection

According to the novel of the same name, Wayward Pine It tells the story of a secret agent who arrived in the mysterious town of Wayward Pines after two federal agents disappeared. The series uses creepy and somewhat strange stories to bring lively and interesting performances to life. In addition, it also starred in Carla Gugino (Carla Gugino), so it is worth a try. Basically, I just feel that this show is in the wrong place at the wrong time and deserves more love when it is shown.

Where to watch: gourd

HBO Max / DC Comics

Well, hearing my voice in this film, Rahul Kohli plays the role of a scarecrow in several episodes of this excellent DC TV series. Harley Quinn Following Harley Quinn, she recently broke up with the Joker and started her own villain with the help of Poison Ivy. The show is amazing and may be the best adaptation centered on Harley Quinn. In addition, if you like to watch Dani and Jamie (a person who is fighting demons, a person who loves plants rather than humans) fall in love, then Harley and Poison Ivy will be here for you.

Where to watch: Highest HBO

18 years old

Sleep doctor

Jessica Miglio/Warner Bros./Everett series

According to Stephen King’s novel, Sleep doctor Is the sequel of shine And follow Danny Torrance, he is a mentally capable person who is still struggling with the trauma of his childhood. Mike Flanagan directed and wrote an adapted screenplay starring Ewan McGregor.If you love Bligh Manor, You just need to add all Mike’s movies to your list and enjoy a cozy ghost night.

Where to watch: Highest HBO



National Broadcasting Corporation

Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) played Dracula (Dracula), followed the infamous vampire to London, dressed as Alexander Grayson (Alexander Grayson), he is an American entrepreneur who claims to be Is the genius of modern scientific development. The series also played Oliver Jackson-Cohen (Oliver Jackson-Cohen), followed by Luke and Peter (Peter) Mountain house with Bligh Manor.

Where to watch: NBC.

Michelle Faye/SYFY

on the surface The troubles of Bligh Manor This is a horrible TV series that finally tells a very fascinating and heartbreaking LGBTQ love story based on the relationship with Dani and Jamie. Therefore, if you are looking for another TV series with excellent LGBTQ representation, and you also like all the fun of genre TV shows, Wynonna Earp It’s for you. The series was followed by Wynonna because she was forced to get rid of the exile in her hometown, and her great-great-grandfather Wyatt Earp was reborn as a criminal after being killed many years ago. Wynonna Earp In the science fiction series, tell some fascinating female-centered stories.

Where to watch: Netflix.


Okay, this is obvious, but some people may have seen it The troubles of Bligh Manor Not The trouble of the mountain house.So if you are one of them, I urge you to look back Mountain house. This is indeed the perfect season for TV. The series follows the Crain family as they struggle to deal with what happened after they lived in the mysterious Hill House. This series provides us with some of the best new characters in recent memory. This is a perfect episode of “The Lady with a Crooked Neck” and completed an episode with only five long shots.

Where to watch: Netflix.

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