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Turntable.fm came back from the dead-now there are two

Applications rarely come back from the dead, but this seems to be happening with Turntable.fm. Turntable.fm is a website where you can create your own radio station and DJ station and use yourself before it closes in 2014 Curated music. Rarely, the revival seems to involve two versions: the original Turntable.fm website is backed up and running (its original founder Billy Chasen was involved), but there is also Turntable.org, which reportedly The website will be launched in a beta version this April.

The two sites seem to be moving in different directions—the new version of Turntable.org mentions that it will charge a subscription fee (considering the fate of the first version, this may not be a bad idea), while the original version seems to be basically unchanged from The version closed in 201

4 started. Although the original founder confirmed that he participated in the .fm version, the .org version also has OG involved: the “Our Team” section mentions the original Turntable founding members and the artist who designed the original avatar in 2011.

The original application and the current Turntable.fm allows you to create a virtual room and then select the music you want to play for any listener. Currently, the selection of songs seems to be limited to those available on YouTube, so you may not be able to sneak in the mixed tape. There seems to be a Soundcloud integration that is not working properly.

In addition, the entire website seems to be being phased out, which may be due to the spread of returned news:

Assuming you can find your way out, listeners can chat about your selected songs (or bad songs). If you want to chat with friends or colleagues, you can also work as a DJ with your collaborators. Although the app looks very similar to before, it has been updated in 2021: I have a mask on my avatar, and the DJ’s virtual laptop has a GameStop sticker.

Nyan Cat and GameStop are both unusually related in 2021.
Screenshot: Edge

Turntable.fm was closed in 2013 after we were watching closely and fighting for survival. We hope that the application will succeed. Every news since then seems to point that it will never come back, but today the website popped up again, requiring a password to access it. In order to obtain the password, the website asks you to send an email that includes your favorite song (it says that this song is good enough to let you in, so I have a chance).

The original site has been loved by many people, including our site at The Verge, and it was a pleasant surprise to see it back. Since 2013, the world, and the music industry in particular, has changed a lot. The lessons (if any) of Turntable.fm and Turntable.org learned from the first review and other sudden alternatives, if any, remain to be seen since Rise since its demise. The “About” page of Turntable.fm still brags that it is the music of people’s choice, not the algorithm, which may just be the new/old thing I need today.

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