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Trump’s warrior pitch to voters dissatisfied includes insults and highly specific dissatisfaction

“It’s not that I want to be like we have an election,” Trump said on the rainy tarmac on Tuesday in Lansing, Michigan, lamenting that the coronavirus has endangered his political future, and in his account, he forced him to return. To the coldness and meteorological disaster of the election process.

“I might not stand here with you in the freezing rain,” he told a group of refreshed souls, who stood in the continuous drizzle for hours and listened to him. “I will go home at the White House. No matter what I am doing, I will not be here.”

As he lashed out at the country in search of an election vote, Trump hopes to defeat his rivals in places he claims have long been ignored by the political class. But he also made it clear that unless they provide political motivation, he may also ignore them.

He did not shy away from telling his supporters that unless he needed their vote, he would never enter his state.

“We won Wisconsin, we won the whole game.”

; He said on another cold airport tarmac last week, this time in Janesville. “On a cold night, the wind is 45 degrees, what do you think I am doing here?”

“Do you think I did this for my health?” When the temperature dropped, he continued, and some people began to drip. “I am not doing this for my health.”

CNN’s 270 road interactive map

A week ago, he issued a warning at Des Moines airport that a crowd of fans crowded outside the airplane hangar and he would never return unless they reward him with six electoral votes from Iowa. .

He said: “If I were not in Iowa, I might never have to come back here.” “I will never come back.”

Although Trump has promoted his lifestyle to the masses, he has regained his lifestyle in the past four years, but he is not shocked that this is not a real life for him. This is Trump’s established brand: I am not like you, but you may be like me.

When Trump spoke in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania on Monday, he briefly hit the road after thinking of the freedom that 18-wheelers might offer. But, on the other hand, the attraction of truck stops and open roads is not so much about the potential to save the life he currently lives, as it is because.

“By the way, good truck,” he said to no one on the tarmac at another airport. “Do you think I can jump into one of them and drive it away?”

He continued: “I just want to kick this out. “I’m having a good time. My life is great. “

Final pitch

Trump pushed for elections frantically in the state to highlight his denial of Covedy

In the final stages of the campaign, Trump is adjusting his appeals to suburban women, the elderly, whites without college education, and any overlaps in these groups. He set his sights on areas outside the major urban centers, and cast his sights on rural areas or smaller cities to vote. Along the way, Trump rarely tried to put himself in this environment.

Trump’s rally almost never took him farther than the airport, where he landed, taxied to a well-lit and crowded hangar, walked off the plane, spoke, and danced to the YMCA And return to the steps in an hour.

On Tuesday, he did make a brief raid on the tarmac in Wisconsin, driving 15 minutes to the racetrack near West Salem, passing the retail strip and Sam’s Club. When he entered, he wore a presidential limousine and circled the track, but as soon as the package was over, he quickly got in the car and ran away.

Trump made it clear that this was not his first choice.

He said: “We were going to the airport, but it was difficult for the governor to do so, so I said,’OK, find a location.’ Friendly people.”

Unlike his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, his working-class biography is the basis of his entire political role, and Trump does not require voters to determine his life or struggles.

On his stump in Pennsylvania, Trump often claimed to know the Union better than his rival (born in Scranton) because he attended college. Trump graduated from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, which is hardly part of the state he hopes to win. After two years in Fordham, Bronx, he moved there.

Trump criticized Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s stance on renewable energy, and Trump had to ask his crowd suspiciously if she even went to college ( She studied at Boston University)-hardly nod his base to voters who form non-university degrees.

As elections approached, his explicit allusions to “suburban women” became more and more outdated, including in Lansing on Tuesday that he “returned her husband to work”-in order to eliminate the pandemic-related economic slowdown for women The adverse effects.

In Florida, when Trump spoke to a group of older supporters, Trump had already labeled himself as an elder, hoping that this self-identification might make him look more like them. However, in every rally, his statement has received reports of experimental antibody treatments that almost anyone else cannot accept, which almost makes him not among the Americans who are worried about health care or the coronavirus pandemic.

Highly specific dissatisfaction

Trump tried to attract suburban women with outdated thinking: I am

When he did manage to express the common dilemma with his supporters, it was usually through very specific grievances during his presidency, such as Russian investigations or radical media reports, hoping that they would anger his supporters like he angered him.

Trump’s rally crowd usually attends, although the more he delves into the highly coded and sometimes mysterious miscellaneous of the presidency, the dimmer the reaction will be.

On Tuesday, when he lifted the “lid” (a news reporting function that tells reporters when there are no further events for a candidate or president), his rallies in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Nebraska did not swell. Mentioned Article 230, which exempted some major high-tech companies from liability, but received only sporadic calls. In last week’s debate, Trump provided assistants on the “big guys” and “hell’s laptops,” but they never really expanded.

Trump has never fully explained the meaning of these things, provided that his supporters have a good understanding of the wording and details of various conservative scandals. Trump’s political advisers said they want the president to stay close to economic issues.

Recently, Trump’s speech montage was aided by video montage during his campaign, and his campaign portrayed Biden’s positions on energy, policy, and trade. These attractions were broadcast on big screens, and Trump noticed in the crowd that he had “spended a lot of money”.

He told the crowd in Wisconsin on Tuesday: “A good thing is that when you put this thing here, you can save a lot of words, right? It saves a lot of words.”

Economic discourse shortened the assembly time. As he went west, his activity time on Tuesday was reduced. When Trump left Omaha on Tuesday after a 45-minute speech, thousands of people watched and cheered in the cold air as Air Force One rose into the night sky.

But in the next few hours, hundreds of people who participated in the rally were trapped on a dark road in a remote section near Omaha Airport in a chaotic scene. They waited for the bus that did not arrive, and could not reach the scene due to the two-lane road blockage.

Many people started walking to cars parked three to four miles away, which further blocked the road. CNN saw several medical workers watching people during the creepy night. The temperature is correct, but the wind chill is much lower.

Trump confessed the cold weather to the crowd from the podium in the evening. He stood there, wearing a coat and gloves.

He said: “I mean, I’m standing here cold.” “I ask you a little favor: Get out, vote.”

Jeff Zeleny of CNN contributed to this report.

Correction: The story has been corrected to accurately reflect the location of Fordham University. It’s in the Bronx, New York.

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