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Trump’s racial separatist speech and racial heritage in the shadow of his actions

CHICAGO (Associated Press)-President Donald Trump has repeatedly declared in the final months of his presidency that, without any irony, black Americans are better than doing it under the “possible exceptions” of Abraham Lincoln Get more.

He brags about the African American unemployment rate He fell to record lows before the coronavirus pandemic disrupted the economy. Trump announced the shortening of the government’s minimum sentence for non-violent drug crimes and the release of thousands of imprisoned people, most of them black, which is a sign of his government’s criminal justice reforms. Trump also relishes that he has increased funding for historically black universities and colleges.

But, in the end, historians say that Trump’s legacy and his election demise will be mainly described by a large number of speeches aimed at inciting his white base, which has pulled the United States into the dilemma of long-term race relations.

His divisive strategy was demonstrated last week, and he urged supporters (mainly whites) to come to the U.S. Capitol in the name of unfounded election fraud claims.

The pro-Trump mob stormed the temple In Congress, Trump did not immediately condemn the violence. He did not demean the mob as a “thug”

;, nor did he warn that he was prepared to greet the mob with a “bad dog” and a “bad weapon”, because he had threatened the rioters after the police killed George Floyd this year. Part of the peaceful demonstrator of black life issues.

Instead, his initial reaction was a series of nonchalant tweets and video messages in which he asked faithful supporters of violence to “go home peacefully”, let them know that he felt his “pain” and tell them that he loved them.

Trump often explicitly uses race as an udge.

He claimed that there was no evidence that Barack Obama, the first black president of the United States, was not born in the United States. He said that Mexican immigrants “brought crime” and were “rapists” and argued that after that, “both sides All are very good.” Violence at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia resulted in the death of a counter-protester.

He privately questioned why the United States would accept more immigrants from Haiti and “Saudi countries” In Africa, not in places like Norway. Trump even wrote in a tweet that appeared to be for a group of the first legislators at the time-progressive Democrats and women of color-to “go back and help resolve the complete brokenness and A place full of crime”.

“Since the black civil rights movement in the middle of the 20th century, there has been a tacit understanding in American political dialogue that people can resort to racial discrimination, but you must do so in a special way.” Princeton University African American Eddie Glaude, chairperson of the Human Research Program. Trump made everything clear again. He stands out. He mainstreamed certain assumptions about race, which are still driving our political development. “

Human rights activists say that the siege of the Capitol is the cruel end of the presidency, which includes white supremacist groups and extremists, and incites chaos and violence.

Bob Goodfellow, Interim Executive Director of Amnesty International USA, said: “This is the American moment.” “President Trump has repeatedly encouraged his supporters to inflict violence and chaos. These are not the actions of leaders. , But the instigator.”

Although he has spent complicated times with the black and Latino communities in his hometown in the past, he is still a New York real estate tycoon. In 1989, he refused to apologize for the harsh statements of five black and Latino men who were convicted of brutal rape by a jogger in Central Park in New York City as a teenager. Trump paid for newspaper advertisements and then called for the death penalty in New York State after the attack.

Early in his real estate career, Trump and his father were sued by the Justice Department for discriminating against black applicants and violating fair housing laws. Trump eventually signed the consent form, but did not plead guilty.

Trump’s 2016 White House defeat of Democrat Hillary Clinton benefited from the first drop in black voter turnout in 20 years. This proves that the key to Trump’s failure-in all areas of large African voters-because of his loss in November, the president-elect Biden, who proposed election fraud in large central cities such as Detroit, Milwaukee and Philadelphia is unfounded. Allegations.

There is no evidence that Trump and his team claimed large-scale fraud or major errors in dozens of lawsuits. The judges were appointed by Republicans and the Democrats were appointed by Trump himself, so they were systematically expelled.

Despite this, the Republican National Committee tried to view the Trump era as an era in which the Republicans relaxed the Democratic Party’s control of black voters after Trump’s defeat.

RNC spokesperson Paris Dennard said in a statement: “Because of his leadership, we have forever changed the political landscape, and the Republican Party has also developed a road map for how to compete and win in non-traditional communities. “

Chicago’s civil rights activist Marshall Hatch (Rev.

But Hatch said that although he has repeatedly downplayed white supremacy, insulted women of color, and tried to reduce racial injustice in American police services, he realized that about 74 million Americans could vote for Trump, and his joy quickly disappeared. Up.

Hatch led the New Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church near Chicago’s West Garfield Park and is still scarred by the commotion caused by the assassination of Pastor Martin Luther King more than 50 years ago. It is mainly black communities that are disproportionately affected by the losses caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The area around the church has one of the highest infection rates in the state. The church community in Hatch has lost several major ancestry due to the virus, including his sister Rhoda Jean Hatch.

Hatch said: “If the proportion of these people who die from whites is too high, it will be difficult to see Trump or the country react in a political context.” “It is difficult to reconcile that there are approximately 74 million Americans, of which Most of them are white, and they think Donald Trump is still well-deserved.”

Hatch’s friend and activist Pastor Rera. Ira Acree said on the side of the road a few miles on the West Side of Chicago that he fell into depression in early summer because the Memorial Day police killed the black The block, like George Floyd of Minneapolis, just like himself.

Acree, who recovered at home after being diagnosed with COVID-19, recalled watching on TV when law enforcement officers used tear gas and riot strategies to clear demonstrators near the White House, and then Trump strode across the pull Photos are taken at Faith Square. In front of the church damaged in the turmoil the night before.

Acree’s concerns intensified after Trump refused to condemn the far-right extremist group “Proud Boy” during the presidential debate.

Achill said he tried to be optimistic that Trump’s failure marked a turning point in race relations, but then the riots in the Capitol destroyed most of the hope.

“I worry that this may be just the beginning,” Acre said. “If our better selves can’t stand up, saying enough is enough.”

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