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Trump’s eldest son split on the way forward

When his adult sons Donald Trump (Donald Trump Jr.) and Eric Trump (Eric Trump) took office, leading the president’s accusation of staying on the battlefield, while his daughter and White House adviser Ivanka Trump (Ivanka Trump) showed up, and he was looking for a way to save the president. Sources told CNN that he had to face it when considering his next move.

A different attitude emerged between Trump’s siblings: Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump told their father to fight to the end, echoing the unfounded argument that the election has been rigged and the result should be Change the argument. In the meantime, Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner are weighing another political consideration. Ivanka Trump and Kushner hope that the president will make concessions as soon as possible in the week following Georgia’s recount on November 20, and Eric Trump And Donald Trump Jr. wanted to delay it to a painful ending.

The couple do not believe that the legal battle will change the outcome of the election, but still advocate a more prudent approach to allow legal battles and recounts to continue to ensure the integrity of future elections, while keeping them sensitive to Trump. Trump Very familiar with this. The situation said.

Ivanka Trump provided his father with a more accurate information, asking if he was worth destroying his estate and possibly continuing his business that refused to give in. The source told CNN that her loss of the president was a private reality, but she also knew that her entire future (now more important than ever) is closely related to the fate of her father and must be handled with care.

A White House spokesperson declined to comment on the matter to CNN. A spokesperson for Donald Trump Jr. declined to comment.

“Started a campaign”

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As far as the president is concerned, the president seems to be listening to this advice.

A source familiar with Trump’s thinking said: “He knows that he will not win, but he also knows that he has all the cards now because he knows that he has won 72 million votes and launched a campaign.”

According to sources, Trump believes that he has never been considered a legitimate candidate or president.

“He was under investigation and impeachment, and people tried to destroy him and his family, so why is he surrendering in a hurry now when Georgia and Arizona have not been summoned? Someone told him they have legal recourse? Pennsylvania?” the source said.

When he did finally feel satisfied with his loss, he was urged Trump to describe the election as “the last act of harassment”, but he would follow his supporters and his social media and made it clear that he would not Will go anywhere.

Trump’s eldest son, the highest surrogate mother during the 2020 campaign, and the conservative brand itself have been brought to social media to expand their message.

On the last night of the campaign, Eric Trump told the people on Air Force One on his way back from the rally in Michigan that he was sure it would be Trump’s blowout. And on Thursday, the campaign issued another fundraising appeal from Eric Trump, with the theme “counterattack.”

“People know exactly what is going on in this country…this is fraud!” Eric Trump wrote in the fundraising news.

Their sister provided a brief statement of support, ignoring her father’s inflammatory and baseless claims about widespread voter fraud.

Ivanka Trump said on Twitter: “Every legal vote should be counted. Every illegal vote should not be counted. This should not be controversial.” “This is not a partisan statement. , Free and fair elections are the foundation of our democracy.”

Her husband played the role of both parties, and CNN reported over the weekend that Kushner discussed whether Trump should admit his failure, while also urging the president to hold a rally to request a recount of votes.

Family business

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In nearly four years, Ivanka Trump, who had worked for his father’s real estate company, developed a neat and orderly investment portfolio, mainly focusing on the economic empowerment and labor development of women. She cannot underestimate the president’s influence on many topics.

Obviously, the president cherishes the opinions of his eldest son’s three children, but only one of them plays a role in the West Wing, while Trump’s son works in a family business in New York.

Ivanka Trump wrote in a 2009 book that the divorce of her parents brought her closer to her father, and her brother Don Jr. had a more complicated relationship at the time, once told “New York Magazine” (New York Magazine) He did not speak to his father one year after the divorce.

Ivanka Trump used this time to build a better relationship with his father.

She wrote: “He didn’t remove everything, just a few floors below us. But now I see him every morning before school, and I also start to follow his office on the way home.” In the “Trump Card”.

A key force in Ivanka Trump’s political calculations: Looking ahead to her future and the legacy of her husband Jared Kushner.

A source said that during his tenure in Washington, Ivanka Trump participated in the “full MAGA” event, kept pace with the Trump brand, and adopted a more conservative attitude. Father’s success is closely linked.

Ivanka Trump said in an interview with RealClearPolitics last month: “I am a life supporter. There is no doubt that it is.”

The Trump campaign strategically deployed Trump to campaigns against female voters in the Republican suburbs, a series of campaign activities in the weeks leading up to the election.

Another familiar source said that Kushner tends to soften the news in order to prepare for a more graceful exit. Kushner will have to go back to work when the management concluded that the person said that and what is worrying is that a bad exit may lead to an executive order that may wipe out the president-elect that he thinks is his best result. Den’s reversal. But no matter how graceful Trump is to step down, it is unclear whether the Biden administration will protect any of these achievements.

Ivanka Trump said this to her husband during the crisis: “He (Kushner) found it futile to focus on the problem (as opposed to the solution) or react emotionally. In this regard, he is my greatest teacher, a calm and soothing rational voice that allows me to focus on the most important things, even in times of crisis or chaos, when I naturally tend to be emotional,” she Written in the 2017 book “Working Woman”.

Now Trump and Kushner are waiting for the results of the recount and legal challenges.

A senior government official said: “They want to use all legal means and do everything possible,” he refused to accept the sentence.

Kate Bennett of CNN contributed to this report.

This story has been updated and other reports are available.

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