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Trump tries to reshape the atmosphere in 2016 to finally promote election day

All that is missing is the airplane.

President Donald Trump is a superstitious politician and a lover of routine. He is actively working to replicate the atmosphere that ultimately led to his victory in 2016. He firmly believes whether it is the same as he bombed the battlefield at an alarming pace-just like He did what he did last time–and then bottled lighting.

He even considered thinking carefully about his jet, a Boeing 757 painted in red and gold, which criss-crossed the country in the last crazy time of 2016.

Trump said on a hot tarmac in Florida last Friday, “I have the exact same plane at home. Yes, exactly the same.” He pointed to the same type of blue and white government plane, but with a backup. The gold has been greatly reduced. , Located nearby.

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He said: “The engine is made by another company.”

; Compared with his own aircraft, he quickly discovered the shortcomings. “I think it’s Pratt & Whitney, and Rolls-Royce.”

People familiar with the matter said that nostalgia has always put a heavy pressure on Trump’s political role-this is the second “A” in his “MAGA” motto, but it also affects his decisions and strategies, and usually goes against him. Of the political team. Recently, he talked about his re-election efforts.

In the final decision of Trump in his second term, although he is now the incumbent and his political calculations have undergone tremendous changes, he still hopes to reproduce the last few days of his last political campaign. But this time, Trump seems to feel aggrieved by what happened to him, rather than the grievance of those who supported him.

Among the advisory teams flying around the country this weekend, the narrow front cabin of Air Force One, including him, includes 2016 senior advisors Jared Kushner, Stephen Miller, and Dan Scavino And Hope Hicks, Trump persuaded to return to orbit eight months ago. What was absent were some new members of his circle, especially his chief of staff, Mark Meadows.

As he did several times in 2016, Trump raised cash at the Orange County border and held a campaign rally in Arizona, staying in a hotel in Las Vegas for two days. He even attended the same evangelical church a few miles away from the Gaza Strip he visited in October 2016, when pastors and pastors gathered to pray to him.

Analysis: Trump's rally has no political significance. That's why he still does it.

Just like four years ago, Trump hopes that by defeating competitors-three-day rallies in each state he competes, usually lasting more than 90 minutes-he can win a victory against the polls.

Due to the spread of the virus, the country once seemed out of reach. Trump has insisted that his signature campaign rallies continue and firmly believes that this is what prompted him to take office for the first time. As the calendar approaches November 3, they become bigger and bigger, although this cannot be compared to the thousands of people who have come to listen to him.
Moreover, he was the first to accuse Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden (Joe Biden) as a “criminal” and was baselessly accused. In Trump’s statement, he sat in a dark political group for personal gain. This is the exact allegation he had lobbied to Hillary Clinton in the past (even if he defeated her, it still does), even though he was again helped by the Russian false propaganda campaign against Biden.

People who spoke with him said that the president often lamented that his political efforts since entering the White House have been deadlocked compared to his efforts four years ago. This is overwhelmed by the huge institutions that accompany the presidency and shoulders the responsibility of the incumbent.

Trump fondly recalled the last few days of the 2016 campaign, which was the last day when he relieved the burden of the job he finally got, and hoped to be equally excited about his first return. He likes to recall the situation a few days before the election-he reviewed the 2016 election night at almost every rally he attended.

Trump said on the stormy tarmac in Janesville, Wisconsin on Saturday night: “That beautiful night four years ago was the greatest night ever, and probably the greatest night in television history.” “We Have a great time. Tears that flow-remember the tears?”

Former officials also stated that Trump has a tendency to be superstitious and believes that if the campaign situation is similarly unified-from the people to the rally to the words, he may win again.

However, a bit like college freshmen trying to meet friends during the Thanksgiving break, only to find that everyone has changed. Trump found that nostalgic memories may not always be reflected.

Analysis: Trump continued to make strange appeals to suburban women when campaigning in Covid hotspots

The burden of the incumbents, plagued by issues such as the coronavirus pandemic and economic stagnation, has changed Americans’ views. What was once a novel political method-openly expressing the dissatisfaction that politicians have long tried to express tacitly-now looks like a tired move among many observers.

Four years ago-especially when he tried to regain voters after the Access Hollywood scandal-Trump had hammered his nose on issues such as immigration and trade, which he said unfairly benefited the elite from preventing blue-collar Americans. . As the campaign ended, his attention and information became narrower and narrower.

Now, he is ashamed of the “deep state” wrong behavior, he claims that his presidency is heavy and should be extended. He complained lengthy about the questions the interviewer asked him and the tone of voice. And he repeatedly insisted on being president and gave up millions of dollars in income.

A person familiar with the matter said that at the Oval Office meeting in the past week, Trump has insisted that his reasons for winning in 2016 will work again. His refusal to adapt to a completely different political reality has caused frustration in the Republican Party. Republicans fear that his deep unpopularity may destroy his presidency and will not be doomed to the Republican Party’s control of the Senate.

The aides have little effect on interfering with the current president’s efforts, and he wants to convey a message that is more suitable for the current president than the noise outside the speaker, including in recent days, opinion polls continue to show that he won four years ago The voters lost in the election.

Sometimes, Trump literally accepted this instruction and directly appealed to “suburban women” in his campaign speeches. At other times, he stated that the election calculus for the campaign appeared to be obtained from political briefings.

He said, “Did you know? We won Wisconsin, we won the whole game.” “On a cold night, under a 45 degree wind, what do you think I am doing here? You think I did it for mine. health?”

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