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Trump relies on government officials in the final campaign

Only this week, his White House press secretary appeared on TV at the campaign headquarters, which was identified as a campaign adviser. His senior White House immigration adviser called a campaign organization briefing to attack Joe Biden. The head of the White House’s National Economic Council and a regular speaker on the North Lawn of the White House called to condemn the coronavirus lockdown.

It is not only White House staff who enter the White House. Few people spend a day on the battlefield, and cabinet members of the Trump administration do not visit-often with government announcements.

According to an independent government monitoring agency, cabinet officials have violated the regulations. Another Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is under investigation for his speech to the Republican National Convention from Jerusalem.

Suffering from a lack of voice support to establish the Republican Party for his reelection, Trump hopes that the salary of government officials can help fill this gap. Although his contempt for the government is well known, Trump is using the full power of his government at the last minute to help win a second term.

These efforts are not limited to travel. Trump has urged government officials to finalize announcements in the weeks leading up to the election to attract major voters, including a plan that will cover the cost of possible coronavirus vaccines for Medicare and Medicaid recipients, or a Measures to help reduce the price of medical insurance. prescription. He did not shy away from obtaining credit, including when the Ministry of Agriculture asked for millions of boxes of food to be provided to poor families, the President also signed a letter.

To some extent, this is the prerogative of the current government. President Barack Obama and his team worked hard to pull the government’s leverage in a way that pleases key voting groups. Obama often travels to key battlefields to make important announcements about trade or protection, which he hopes may affect voters. His cabinet members made dozens of visits to the electoral battlefield in 201

2, often with taxpayers funded for official travel. During the trip, they touted his achievements, and some even raised campaign cash in their personal capacity.

Incubation method

Trump’s efforts differ in their clear political nature. Although the White House and Trump campaigns claimed to be taking steps to avoid violating the Hatch Cover Act of 1939, which required the separation of political activities from official activities, the distinction between the two has never been so clear.

This is partly because Trump himself does not distinguish between political and official events on a regular basis. In both cases, he uses the same politically motivated speech and attacks his opponents in public almost every time. His decision to hold the last night of the Republican National Convention on the South Lawn of the White House seemed to reflect his disregard for separating the two and also allowed his team to conduct more rampant political activities.

Trump himself is not bound by the “Hatch Cover Act.” But the example he set has apparently been adopted by other members of his government, whose salaries are provided by taxpayers, but they have still engaged in clear political activities in the past few weeks. People familiar with the matter said that Trump has joked in the past that those who violate the “Hatch Cover Act” will not face consequences.

His campaign is based in Virginia and has hundreds of employees of his own, but most of his strategy formulation is done in the White House. Trump’s issues are decided by the Oval Office, and Trump’s female son Jared · Kushner (Jared Kushner) is responsible for the campaign and serves as a senior adviser. Other White House officials, including Chief of Staff Mark Meadows (Mark Meadows), also considered political strategy.

So far this week, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany (Kayleigh McEnany) has appeared from what appears to be the Trump campaign headquarters studio in Arlington, Va. The role in the Trump campaign raises questions.

In both appearances, McKinney appeared on the image of the White House, covered with the Trump Penny campaign logo. She was introduced on Fox Business Network as “now serving as an advisor to the Trump campaign.” During her appearance, when McEnany was pressured by the campaign to force the use of masks, she repeatedly referred to the campaign as “us.”

She said: “We distribute masks, encourage people to wear masks, check the temperature, and provide hand sanitizer. This is the purpose of the campaign.”

When Fox appeared again, she was both a campaign adviser and appointed by the White House.

Jordan Libowitz, the communications director of CREW in Washington, said: “People like Kayleigh can voluntarily run for elections, but obviously they cannot use government powers or status as government.

Libowitz said: “If she does have a place in the campaign, even without a salary, it may raise some questions, asking when and where she did this work, and whether she used government resources to do so.” I have never seen anything like this before.”

A Trump campaign official stated that McGinnie appeared in court as a “volunteer-based personal capacity” and hosted her news program “instructed not to refer to her by her White House title.” White House Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Matthews (Sarah Matthews) said that McEnany “appeared as an individual, a private citizen.”

But she is not the only White House official to participate in the campaign this week. Stephen Miller, who orchestrated Trump’s tough immigration policy, said in his “personal ability” as an “ace campaign adviser” in a briefing with reporters on Wednesday. Baselessly stated that Biden would “inspire children to smuggle “If you are elected president.

The leader of the National Economic Council, Larry Kudlow, said in another call from the campaign organization a day later that Biden would “raise taxes and re-regulate most economic sectors.” Two hours ago, in an interview with Fox News, he stood in front of the White House, who was identified as the White House economic adviser.

Ivanka Trump, who appears to be a senior adviser to the White House, has been supporting her father during the campaign.

political campaign

Pompeo under investigation for possible violation of law using RNC voice

Members of Trump’s cabinet have also flocked to key battlefields in their formal capacities. When Vice President Mike Pence called for supporters in Des Moines on Thursday, Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt was also in Iowa, visiting the history of Clear Lake City The long-standing surf banquet hall.

He talked about the prospect of making the legendary concert hall a national historic landmark in the United States and praised Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and JP “The Big Bopper” Richardson for their final performance before the plane crash. Their death is called “the day when music died”, which is commemorated by Don McClean’s 1971 classic “American Pie”.

Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette has sprayed into states that closely resemble Trump’s political landscape, including Wisconsin, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Ohio. In his final speech to Biden, Trump has made energy-especially hydraulic fracturing-a key element.

Seema Verma, administrator of the Medicare and Medicaid Center, visited North America last week as the host of the “Trump Seniors” event held in Raleigh, the officially approved campaign site. Carolina.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos traveled in an official capacity to promote the reopening of schools nationwide, another project Trump touted during the campaign rally. On Thursday, DeVos participated in the “Mother Trump” campaign in Detroit.

On the eve of the election, Attorney General William Barr and Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolfe have been traveling across the country to highlight the government’s achievements as these achievements are related to Trump’s core “police” message and his immigration Policy related.

The Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue has also been making strong travel plans to key swing states including Michigan and Wisconsin. He was attacked by the Office of the Special Counsel of the Independent Federal Investigation Agency, demanding that the government reimburse the costs associated with the August visit to North Carolina.

The law allows cabinet officials to discuss the president’s actions and their impact on Americans, but they are prohibited from directly propagating support for Trump’s re-election when cabinet officials act as officials.

Pompeo was accused of doing so in a remote speech at the Republican National Convention, which he recorded during a taxpayer-funded trip from the roof of the King David Hotel to Jerusalem. Democratic lawmakers said last week that the Office of the Special Counsel had investigated Pompeo’s speech. The State Department waited for nearly 24 hours before issuing a statement stating that the previous Hatch Act complaint against Pompeo had been “completely rejected.”

Regardless of the results of the investigation, Pompeo is unlikely to be severely affected. If a civil servant is found to have violated the “Hatch Cover Act”, he will face dismissal and a fine of up to $1,000, but the president decides the punishment for senior political appointees.

So far, several White House employees found to have violated the bill have not been affected in any way.

White House senior adviser Kellyanne Conway said after being found violating the Hatch Cover Act in 2019: “Wait, wait, let me know when the sentence will begin.”

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