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Trump, Kardashian, COVID-19: Why is “Borat 2” not funny

Do you see this part in the new “Borat” movie, Sacha Baron Cohen (Sacha Baron Cohen) now degraded Kazakh reporter Borat Sagdiyev (Borat Sagdiyev) Go to Donald Trump, suggesting that if you are not satisfied with her policies, you can kidnap the current governor. Vice President Mike Pence CD saw the CDC Coronavirus Guidelines and Kim Kardashian’s announcement that it was right to take her entire family to a private island because she needed to “pretend to be in Everything was normal in a short time.”


Oh, wait, these events are not from the satirical film “Borat’s Follow-up Movie” by the Baron Cologne, but the actual development of the news cycle, and everyone is analyzing the same shocking in “Borat’s Follow-up Movie” time. Just like in Rudy Giuliani, he didn’t know that he awarded the hotel to Boat’s daughter Tulia (Maria Bakalova) The suite interview is nonsense. Giuliani explained to Tutar that the COVID-19 “manufactured” in China was for the specific purpose of spreading throughout the world. Giuliani first raised the whiskey and then retired to the bedroom. After removing Mike, he lay Put it back on the bed. Put down his pants.

Just like a woman writing happily, at Bolat’s request, “Jews will not replace us” on the chocolate cake. Or the anti-abortion pastor is willing to ignore the apparent incest nature of pregnancy in order to persuade a young woman to give birth. Or the owner of a clothing store, when he asks Tutar to show a “never work” dress, he thinks Borat is just a stitch.

If I were to tell you that the Southern Member of Parliament suggested Kamala Harris (Kamala Harris) in favor of burning Irish babies instead of oil and coal, then do you think this is a movie or news?

In fact, neither of these are-this is an update of Jonathan Swift’s satirical seminal book “The Modest Proposal.”

But you have to think for a second, don’t you? Because of the gap between reality and irony, Baron Cohen managed to pass the nonexistent moment so successfully.

Since reality TV star Donald Trump (Donald Trump) participated in the presidential election, he descended from a height through the golden escalator of Trump Tower in June 2015, his campaign and subsequent presidency Indifferent, successfully obscured the realistic performance techniques. Trump’s ability to regulate behavior has historically been considered unreasonable, especially among presidents, comedians and critics who doubt whether political satire can survive.

“The Borat Subsequent Movie” provided evidence of life, but the state has changed a lot. Like Trump’s public figures, Baron Cohen’s comedy is also driven by the growing tension between reality and performance. First of all, in his series “Da Ali G Show”, and then in the Borat movies, Baron Cohen interacts with unsuspecting publics with brutal and atrocious characters, largely depending on how much he can go. Far, until they slobbered against his insanity or realized they were being pranked.

Just like the famous Milgram experiment, the subjects delivered what they considered fatal electric shocks to the “students” simply because they were instructed, and the Baron of Cologne was often able to go farther uncomfortably. The laughter he always arouses is usually as uncomfortable as the real one.

After all, this is the point of irony-to make us realize that, at least to some extent, we are part of the situation or attitude being ironic.

The new “Borat” film is more political than the first film. It revolves around the protagonist’s mission to give his 15-year-old daughter to Trump’s confidante-first he tried pennies, then Giuliani-to improve the global status of Kazakhstan’s fictional president. Most of the humor is related to Americans’ apparent acceptance of Porat’s plan and their treatment of their daughters. He bought a cage, and he made it clear that she would live in it. Go shopping with her to buy a dress to help her seduce an older man; and take her to a plastic surgeon for breast implant surgery. In the process, he showed anti-Semitism, xenophobia, reverence for dictators and willingness to believe that the coronavirus is an invention of Clinton and the media.

It’s interesting, although it is different from the interesting way of the first “Borat” movie. Not funny. A few weeks ago, a country was parsing the Instagram account of Kellyanne Conway’s teenage daughter to read the president’s COVID-19 identity-because many people thought they had good reason to believe it was either A, much worse than the doctor allowed, or B, completely fake-not a country is easily shocked. The laughter that caused political irony in 2020 is more cruel than revelation.

Indeed, despite playing an absurd tempo in an absurd plot, “The Borat Subsequent Film” is almost regarded as an important figure in the news factory. The scene of Daniel Giuliani is on par with Trump’s despicable behavior in an interview with Lesley Stahl in the “60 Minutes”: The camera provides an audience with the president’s bad behavior At the same time, it proved to another audience that the continued persecution of him. He manages through the “media”-the term now also includes to some extent veteran reporters such as Stahl and satirical comedians such as Baron Cohen.

Trump then called the Baron Cologne a “little witch”, and Cohen responded on Twitter that he was offered a job because he said that he had been looking for people who “played racist clowns.”

At any other time, the exchange itself may be a bit politically ironic. In the United States, around 2020, this is just another manic Monday.

I am not a big fan of pranks, I like satirical scripts, and all participants are joking. I don’t like the first “Borat” movie-11 years later, I still can’t see naked wrestling scenes. But of course I admire Baron Cohen’s brutal behavior, the impulse to expose rapidly destructive facts and undermine the film’s true shock value.

Unfortunately, the only shock value in the sequel comes from the fact that there is no shock value. In the early days of the pandemic, the two men were kind enough to provide a shelter for strangers-as in the movie Berat descended-surprisingly. People then discuss the weird QAnon theory to no avail, which is not a pleasant thing, not surprising, because now all kinds of people are discussing the weird QAnon theory, and many of them seem to be in others. On the one hand, reasonable and kind.

A group of people waving the American flag while waving a song suggested that journalists should be “cut off like the Saudis” under the constitutional protection represented by the flag. This is nothing ridiculous or even ridiculous. For the past four years, the President of the United States has made recommendations almost every day. Indeed, the most striking thing about Giuliani’s order is not that he puts his hands on the pants in front of the young woman-tucked into a shirt or something-but that he tells someone he believes to be a Chinese-made reporter COVID- 19 Infect the world.

Members of the Trump administration have been suggesting this, but so far, no one has said it is true.

“Borat: The Following Movie” is well-made and sometimes interesting in a dark tragic way. But if Baron Cohen thinks that by exposing the hatred, privilege, stupidity, and indifference that this country boasts or forgotten to make the audience fall into self-consciousness, then he doesn’t have to bother so much.

He could have logged into Facebook or Twitter.

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