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Trump campaign played a role for Latino voters in Pennsylvania

Gutierrez plans to vote for the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and is determined to help Democrats weaken President Trump’s support in central Pennsylvania. Part of this swing state voted for the president by an overwhelming majority in 2016. A better country because this is not the best country in the United States”

When she lived in Puerto Rico, Gutierrez was used to meeting Trump supporters at work in the National Association of Teachers and her hometown of Trujillo Alto. But she said that every time she met a Puerto Rican in a new city, she would still be shocked. The man threw a tissue casually among the cheering crowd in San Juan Church after Hurricane Maria.

Gutierrez believes this is Trump̵

7;s way of making Puerto Ricans inferior to him, and she believes it is a model for the president to distinguish between Hispanics, blacks and other immigrants. Her adult son and daughter immigrated to the U.S. a few years ago, but since Trumpism was upgraded in 2015, both of them have begun to question the status of the green card-even though they are American citizens and have been receiving derogation about their accent. Speech.

“You invaded us more than 100 years ago, now do you feel we are invading you?” Gutierrez said angrily that her claim of being unpopular in the continental United States refers to the American invasion of Puerto Rico during the Spanish-American War in 1898 And confiscation.

Puerto Rican truck driver Tim Ramos from Allentown, Pennsylvania, is a Hispanic member of Trump in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. He clarified the reason why Hispanics who support Trump are “not a big deal.”

The 35-year-old said last week: “Latin Americans are blue-collar workers.” “We want to feed our children, take care of our families, and be able to provide food. No matter how many people want to participate in politics, they cannot deny us. The economy performed well before the pandemic and shutdown.”

Ramos and his brother Steven are Army veterans and helped initiate the local Hispanic support for the Trump chapter. They are the 30% of Hispanic voters who support Trump across the country. Part of it is mainly blue-collar workers with college education and men who also support the president.

Pennsylvania does not usually think of a distribution center for Latin American voters. However, in places like York, for example, Latinos make up one-third of the city’s population. In neighbouring Harrisburg, Reading and Lancaster (a city about 100 miles outside of Philadelphia) and Allen, Bethlehem and Easton in the Caspian Valley, the Hispanic population is growing, with roots in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Mexico, the Trump campaign believes this can be captured.

“The question is: yes [Trump] Narrowing the original turnout of Hispanics? “Said Dave Wasserman, the House of Representatives editor of the Cook Political Report.He may win a higher share, but the turnout rate in 2020 is much higher than in 2016. Although there is no doubt, [the Trump campaign] Democrats have been deregistered in Pennsylvania and Florida because of their field efforts, and Democrats rely almost entirely on virtual outreach. ”

“Hispanic voters are a working-class vote. Compared with white voters, they have fewer people working on Zoom, so the Republican opposition to the blockade message really caused a dilemma for Hispanic voters,” Wasserman added.

An analysis conducted by Rodrigo Dominguez Villegas, Director of Research on Hispanic Policy and Political Initiatives at the University of California, Los Angeles, showed that Hispanics accounted for 4.4% of Pennsylvania voters. More than 7% of the total population of the state. After Trump defeated Hillary Clinton by 44,000 votes in 2016, this is a voting group large enough to initiate a race.

According to the average survey results of FiveThirtyEight.com, Biden leads Pennsylvania’s polls by about 6 percentage points. But key factors, such as the late start of direct voter outreach work, may cause problems for the Democratic Party.

For now, in Keystone State, Hispanic voters’ early and absentee turnout rates lag behind other demographics-which may be a worrying trend for Democrats who accept absentee votes this cycle. Biden’s campaign stated that he is betting on strong election day turnout among Latinos.

Trump’s campaign relied on what officials call a “Rove strategy”-Republican strategist Karl Rove’s pioneering approach was to lock micro-targets on certain populations in abnormal countries. group. According to interviews with organizers, strategists, and voters in south-central and eastern Pennsylvania, Democrats have some warning signs that the president may actually get more support from the Hispanic community than previously expected.

A Democratic strategist working in Pennsylvania said: “I am not saying that I am not worried-everyone should worry about everything because the 2016 election is so close.” “But [Biden] Compared to Republicans who have to explain to them the past four years, Hispanic voters are in a better position. ”

Voto Latino CEO María Teresa Kumar attributed the Trump campaign to Trump’s continued promotion of the Latino community after Trump’s victory in 2016. People say,’How can a Latino or anyone be so vulnerable to this person? Since 2016, they have never stopped exchanging information with Latin Americans. ”

Progressives tend to pack up and wait until the next cycle. But this is an outdated strategy,” she added.

Biden will almost certainly win the majority of Hispanic voters in Keystone State and the country. Earlier this month, a Monmouth poll found that Biden had an overwhelming lead over Trump among voters of color (83% to 16%). But according to a Pew Research poll, Biden has a smaller Trump lead among registered Hispanic voters (54% to 37%) of all countries on the battlefield.

Across the country, half (51%) of Hispanic men registered to vote are hopeful about the country’s current situation. Hispanic male voters also have a more positive view of the economy under Trump than female voters (34% to 23%). Another survey released by Pew in September showed that the economy is the top priority for Hispanic voters, followed by healthcare and the coronavirus pandemic.

Ramos, his brother Stephen and other Trump volunteers and organizers wore gloves, face masks and kept their distance from society in Allentown and around the state, and recovered soon after the country was paralyzed by the virus. Opportunities to open doors and serve voters. Pennsylvania has registered more Democrats than Republicans-but in the past few years, the Republicans have narrowed the registration gap and conducted a massive summer pitch in the summer, while Democrats have worked remotely.

The Trump campaign believes that its summer promotion has helped more Hispanic voters, and pointed to strong Spanish advertising and rapid response campaigns, as well as stable visits by various surrogates.

First lady Melania Trump (Melania Trump) made her debut outside Lancaster on Tuesday, and Trump held it on Monday at Lancaster Airport and Allentown assembly. Trump’s political spokesperson stated that the campaign opened two “Latino Trump” offices in Allentown and Philadelphia. It also ran Spanish ads in AlDía in Philadelphia and La Voz Central in Pennsylvania (the state’s Spanish-language newspaper).

According to senior campaign adviser Mercedes Schlapp (Mercedes Schlapp), Hispanic outreach activities began with Trump. As early as July, the campaign opened 17 community centers in target states and sent A steady stream of Spanish spokespersons represented it on TV.

Charlie Gerow, a Republican strategist of Brazilian descent in Harrisburg, believes that the Trump campaign’s ground work with Hispanic voters during the summer will be a “big dividend” on election day. “Some of my friends like to think of Hispanics as a whole, but your participation in this community is very wide. They all responded positively to Trump on different issues, but overall, this is related to the economy. It has to do with social conservatism.” Gro said.

He added: “They like that he doesn’t have a BS style, they like machismo, and instinctively respond positively to Trump himself.”

Trump campaign staff said that during a recent phone call with campaign representatives, the Republican National Committee boasted about Biden’s impoverished Hispanic outreach activities in Pennsylvania. Schlapp, who is of Cuban descent, criticized Biden’s campaign for treating Hispanic voters as “a single issue voter” and prioritized the economic information of the campaign, on issues and communities. Make contact.

Schlapp said: “While they focus on getting recognition from celebrities, we focus on ground games and relationships with local and religious leaders across the country.”

The Biden campaign defended its decision and did not suspend in-person voting during the general election until the pandemic. Biden and his running mate Senator Kamala D. killed nearly 3,000 people in Puerto Rico.

Nathalie Rayes, president and CEO of Latino Victory, a free organization dedicated to developing Hispanics and increasing Hispanic representation, is optimistic that Puerto Ricans and Dominican men and women will have room for victory in Biden and other Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Florida.

Biden’s campaign official said: “We take Election Day turnout very seriously… We expect that Philadelphia and the Lehigh Valley will indeed have a lot of people, higher than in 2016.” He predicted the “huge and huge “Historic” turnout in general.

However, the state’s complicated mail voting process may be detrimental to the Democratic Party. The Democratic chairwoman of the Philadelphia Election Commission warned in a letter last month that a decision of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court required that mailed ballots be put in a confidential envelope, which could lead the state to refuse to mail 100,000 ballots.

Myrna Pérez, Director of Voting and Electoral Programs at the Brennan Center, praised the tremendous efforts to educate communities on “naked votes” in Keystone State. But she pointed out that the policy may “most likely affect people who have no experience in email voting.”

Perez said: “Historically, this is often people of color, because in most states, people of color vote more in person.”

The Biden campaign resumed face-to-face canvassing a few weeks ago, and literature has declined again, and the Democratic Party organization began smashing sidewalks again early this fall. Gutiérrez and two other CASA campaign organizers, 41-year-old Varion Broadnax and 27-year-old Jesse Buch of Lancaster, spoke with voters in early October after spending the summer on telephone banking. The three of them agreed that after Trump’s first debate, they strongly opposed Trump during the pandemic.

But they still worry about the source of misinformation-the same goes for Biden’s campaign officials and Democratic strategists. Rayes said: “In minority communities, misinformation is rampant.”

Broadnax said that she had heard people say that Trump personally provided coronavirus relief funds to their companies, “and I don’t think he personally did that.”

“The people who knocked on my door said,’I support Trump because I received a check signed by him,’ and they think he is the person who sent the money,” Gutierrez said of the $1,200 stimulus. As part of economic stimulus legislation.

“Sometimes when we are at someone’s door, I turn around and say,’Oh my God, how do we live in the same world with this person?'” Bucher said. “We met a lot of people talking about what Trump did for them.”

“Lies work with people who don’t have the opportunity to get more information,” Gutierrez said. “This is our job. You need to know all the facts to make the best choice.”

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