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Trump and the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention over the coronavirus vaccine conflict with the coronavirus pandemic news

  • US President Donald Trump continues to claim that he will be vaccinated against the coronavirus within a few weeks, which contradicts the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • The United Nations warned that the spread of the coronavirus in Syria may be more widespread than official data suggests, and nearly 90% of cases cannot be traced to a known source.
  • As the flu pandemic stimulates demand, the world’s largest rubber glove manufacturer-Malaysia’s top glove-is expected to announce record profits.
  • According to data from Johns Hopkins University, more than 29.7 million people worldwide have been diagnosed with coronavirus and 938,820 people have died. About 20.2 million people have been restored.

The following are the latest updates:

Thursday, September 1

05:15 GMT-Survey finds that Asians blame certain groups of people on COVID-19

In the four Asian countries/regions, almost one in two people- Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar and Pakistan- Blaming certain groups for spreading COVID-19 This includes foreigners, people attending religious ceremonies, and people who do not follow the rules, such as wearing masks or being physically alienated.

Viviane Fluck, the community engagement and accountability coordinator of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in Asia and the Pacific, said the findings were shocking.

She said in a statement: “We are very worried that due to stigma and fear, we may discriminate against vulnerable groups such as immigrants and unable to purchase protective equipment.” The survey also found that four out of five people do not trust social media despite it It is one of the main sources of information about the virus.

05:00 GMT-Journey is not a destination, airlines offer flights to any place

According to Reuters, as the pandemic makes international travel popular, more embattled airlines are providing “flying nowhere” services.

Qantas is the latest airline to join this trend, flying for seven hours over the inland Australia and the Great Barrier Reef. Although it starts at 787 Australian dollars (US$575), it apparently sold out within 10 minutes. TTaiwan’s EVA Air and Japan’s All Nippon Airways also provide special sightseeing flights.

According to the Asia Pacific Aviation Association, strict border restrictions have brought the coronavirus under control, causing international travel in the region to plummet by 97.5%.

04:40 GMT-The Syrian case may be much higher than the numbers show: UN

The top UN humanitarian official said that the spread of the coronavirus in Syria may be much more widespread than official figures suggest.

Mark Lowcock told the UN Security Council in New York on Wednesday that only with enhanced testing can the situation be more clearly understood. He pointed out that the source of nearly 90% of confirmed cases cannot be traced back to a known source, which indicates widespread community spread.

Syria has confirmed 3,618 cases of the virus.

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) 04:30-India once again breaks daily record of coronavirus cases

According to the Indian Ministry of Health, India’s daily coronavirus cases have set a new record, with 97,894 confirmed cases in the past 24 hours.

So far, the death toll has been relatively low, and it is still rising. In the past two weeks, more than 1,000 people died in the country every day.

GMT 04:10-Burberry kicks off the first virtual London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week is scheduled to be held later on Thursday and will be broadcast live by British luxury brand Burberry.

The exhibition will be broadcast online with Italian designer Riccardo Tisci at 12:00 GMT GMT, and an uninhabited wilderness show will be created in collaboration with German artist Anne Imhof. The exhibition is called “The radical of fashion and art meeting”.

In the six-day event, about 80 designers will showcase their latest collections, but only a few will show physical displays that were attracted in the pre-COVID era. Numerous industry insiders, celebrities and journalists from all over the world.

03:50 GMT-The world’s largest glove manufacturer reports record profits

Due to the surge in sales of the coronavirus, Malaysia’s top gloves will report record profits later on Thursday.

Analysts expect the company-the world’s largest manufacturer of rubber and nitrile gloves-to declare a profit of at least 1 billion ringgit ($241 million) in the three months ending August 31 (the fourth quarter) .

Due to the coronavirus, Top Glove has benefited from rising prices and surge in demand, but has also been criticized for the treatment of migrant workers. Out of concerns about forced labor, US Customs imposed an import ban on its products in July.

Malaysia's top gloves

A worker inspects disposable gloves at a top glove factory in Shah Alam near the Malaysian capital. Due to COVID-19 demand, the company is expected to announce record profits on Thursday [Mohd Rasfan/AFP]

03:40 GMT-New South Wales relaxes restrictions to reduce the burden of Australian sports

After the New South Wales government announced the relaxation of coronavirus restrictions, as many as 40,000 people will soon be able to participate in major sports events in Sydney.

With the National Rugby League and Rugby Championship coming to an end, the new rule-allowing the stadium to reach 50% capacity-will come into effect on October 1.

The Australian Stadium is an arena built for the 2000 Olympic Games and will be able to host 40,000 fans, including 15,000 in the new Western Sydney Stadium in Parramatta and 23,000 in the Sydney Cricket Ground.

The New South Wales Government says that fans will have to wear masks to enter the stadium, but they must be able to bring them indoors and sit on their seats in a “checkerboard” arrangement to allow physical evacuation.

02:45 GMT-‘PSlash, hit, kick, push, spit deliberately

The latest research shows that Australia’s temporary visa holders are excluded from the government’s financial support program and suffer from increased racial discrimination. Prime Minister Scott Morrison said it’s time to go home.

In a survey of more than 6,000 temporary visa holders, a quarter said they had suffered racist abuse and a quarter said people avoided them because of their appearance.

Professor Bassina Farbenblum, associate professor of UNSW Law who conducted the study, said: “More than 1,600 participants described the target of xenophobic serous, and they were deemed to be infected with COVID because they looked Asian or were harassed while wearing a mask. “Laurie Berg, Associate Professor of Law, University of Technology Sydney. The two are the co-leaders of the Migrant Workers Justice Initiative. “Many people report that because they are not showing up in Asia, they are beaten, beaten, kicked, pushed, spit or cough deliberately by passers-by on the street and on public transportation.”

More than one million people live in Australia on temporary visas, including international students, backpackers and refugees. The survey found that 70% of respondents have lost all or most of their jobs due to the pandemic, and one-third of international students expect their funds to be used up next month.

02:15 GMT-Brazil Bolsonaro appointed general as the new Minister of Health

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro appointed a general with no health experience as Brazil’s new health minister.

General Eduardo Pazuello received a temporary position four months ago, but it will now be permanent. Compared to his predecessor, he is more willing to accept Bolsonaro’s pandemic methods, including suggesting that doctors prescribe hydroxycholine to treat COVID-19, although there is no evidence that it works.

When Pasolo took the oath of office in Brasilia, Bolsonaro regarded the virus as a “little flu”, brandishing a box of drugs.

Pazuello, Brazil

Brazilian army general Eduardo Pazuello (Eduardo Pazuello) with no health background. More willing than his predecessor to keep pace with President Bornaro’s pandemic response [Sergio Lima/AFP]

01:35 GMT-Australia has increased tensions due to citizens stranded overseas

According to data from the public broadcaster ABC, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that starting next Friday, the number of people allowed to enter Australia will increase by 2,000.

Those states that must place entrants in hotel quarantine areas have not yet approved.

Currently, about 4,000 people are allowed to enter Australia every week, but at least 25,000 people are trapped overseas due to the upper limit. Many Australians also said that they have been driven home many times.

00:30 GMT-New Zealand reports GDP decline

New Zealand has just released its economic data for the second quarter, when the country was in lockdown and the situation was not optimistic.

The figures show that the gross domestic product fell by 12.2% compared with the previous quarter, the largest drop on record. The country is currently in its worst recession since 2010.

00:00 GMT-Trump conflicts with the head of CDC on vaccines

US President Donald Trump’s timing of any coronavirus vaccination is in direct contrast with Robert Redfield, Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Although Redfield told the U.S. Senate committee that a vaccine could not be ready before mid-to-late 2021, Trump said that the vaccine was much earlier and accused the head of the CDC of making “mistakes” and “Confused”. He said at a press conference that the vaccine may be announced as early as October.

Trump has been promoting vaccine production before the November election, which has raised concerns about safety. Vaccine development usually takes several years, and success cannot be guaranteed. The coronavirus process has accelerated, and many drug candidates are currently undergoing large-scale Phase III human trials to test efficacy and safety.

COVID-19 vaccine: safety hazards that countries are eager to seek protection


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