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Trump allies search for soundtracks in Ukraine to revive prospects for foreign interference

Giuliani said in a recent interview: “We had hoped to get the recording, but we never did.” Interview

Now, only five months before election day, this material has surfaced in Ukraine and has been touted by some US presidential supporters, including his eldest son last month.

Last week, Ukrainian legislators who had contact with pro-Russian parties and met with Giuliani posted 10 edited fragments that appeared to be Biden’s official vice presidential phone call with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in 201

6 . This is the second recorded recording of this congressman who was released in May. He studied at the KGB in Moscow in the early 1990s.

The recording shows that, as Biden had previously stated publicly, Biden linked Ukraine’s loan guarantees to the country’s next prosecutor. The tape did not provide evidence to support Giuliani’s long-standing allegations that Biden tried to fire him to stop an investigation into a natural gas company that hired his son Hunt.

The authenticity of audio files that seem to have been heavily edited cannot be verified. The Ukrainian government is investigating how to obtain them. Biden’s campaign said it was part of an effort to fabricate conspiracy theories to discredit him. Poroshenko went further, calling them fakes.

However, the material is The Inter-American News Network quickly seized this opportunity, the news network is the president’s favorite network, which features a pro-Trump conspiracy. This month, the network released the first batch of news for the first time, which said that Biden’s record will be a series of reports.

Giuliani and Ukrainian-American businessman Lev Parnas both worked as repairmen in Ukraine, and they both confirmed that they were looking for Biden’s tape last year. Giuliani said he was assisted by sources within the State Department. He allegedly pointed out the dates of certain dialogues between Biden and Poroshenko by visiting official US government files.

Giuliani told the Washington Post that he did not know whether the recently released recording would appear before it was released online last month. But in a recent interview with OAN, the former mayor of New York City claimed to know about other “more destructive” tapes. He said: “I hope these tapes will also be released.”

Separately released audio clips will not significantly change Biden’s diplomatic approach to Ukraine, because in the face of the Russian invasion and destabilization movement, he led the United States and Europe to support Poroshenko’s pro-Western government. . With the exception of OAN, they have received little attention.

However, efforts to promote recordings in Ukraine and the United States and other Trump allies have promised to release more records in the coming months, which shows that foreign troops have made new demands on the eve of the 2020 election to shake the United States voter. Welcomed by the President’s personal lawyer.

These developments further show that even if Trump is forced to pressure Ukraine to investigate his political opponents, Trump is still willing to benefit from foreign interference in the US election. The president said in an interview last year If a foreign country calls his opponent to provide information, “I think I want to hear.” His former national security adviser John Bolton claimed in a newly published book that Trump asked China last year The President helped him be re-elected. The White House denied Bolton’s claims.

Tim Murtaugh, the Trump campaign spokesman, declined to comment on the Ukrainian videotape. So far, the movement has not focused on attacks on Biden.

Andrew Bates, a spokesman for Biden’s campaign, said: “Since he even participated in the campaign, both in our country and abroad, all the people of the President have been constantly trafficking in objective falseness against Joe Biden. , Malicious conspiracy theory. Their efforts have always failed-because the American people understand Joe Biden, his character and his values.”

Giuliani has The former New York mayor told the Post that he had interacted with the Ukrainian parliamentarian who released the clip since meeting him in Kiev last December. In an interview, Giuliani said that members of the former Ukrainian Party of Sloping Regions in Ukraine were “very helpful” and said they talked about Ukraine many times.

Derkach, the son of a former KGB official, said in his official biography that he had studied at the KGB High School, which was renamed in Moscow, and he also appeared in Giuliani’s Podcast in New York in February.

Giuliani has been Trump’s unpaid personal lawyer since 2018 and was recently appointed by the president to negotiate with him The Presidential Debate Committee stated that he would be concerned about whether Decach obtained the tape from the Russians.

However, Giuliani said that the MP “does not seem pro-Russian to me.”

When asked about Derkach’s background, Giuliani said: “I don’t depend on his credibility. I rely on the credibility of his files.”

Derkach declined to be interviewed. He said in a statement that allegations that he was working for the benefit of foreign intelligence agencies were trying to force him to cease activities. He said: “There is no single confirmation or reliable fact about my illegal activity or wrong connection.”

When asked if he discussed the tape with Giuliani during the meeting, Delkach did not answer directly. He said: “We discussed the available information on international corruption and the need to investigate in the United States.”

Alien interference

Hunting of the presidential allies Biden’s tapes and subsequent releases echoed the 2016 campaign, when Trump publicly asked Russia to look for the emails of its Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton. Trump later stated that this was a joke, even though Republican agents took serious but unsuccessful actions to obtain her emails from hackers who claimed to own the messages.

As a special consultant Robert S. Mueller III (Robert S. Mueller III) detailed in his report, the democratic e-mail stolen by Russian intelligence personnel was finally released through WikiLeaks. The sequence of events triggered nearly two years of investigations, multiple congressional investigations, and federal charges against 12 Russian military intelligence personnel.

US intelligence officials warned that Russia may renew its efforts to affect the White House campaign again this year.

In January, the Ukrainian Natural Gas Company’s board of directors once included Biden’s son, who said the company had been invaded by Russian spies, which raised concerns that the Kremlin might intend to release stolen material in the coming months to affect American voters.

Giuliani said he would welcome new materials about Biden in Ukraine, but he said he did not seek it as actively as last year. He added that even with Russian participation, any new revelations should not be dismissed.

Giuliani said: “The strange thing is that what the Russians posted last time-they got it may be illegal, but that’s all true.”

Biden’s foreign policy advisor and former senior Defense Department official Michael Carpenter called the video footage, and Derkach released “KGB-style false information associated with Ukrainian pro-Russian forces, whose main purpose It is to create a deceptive voice in the US election. The campaign is to raise the interests of its oligarch supporters, the Kremlin and the faltering Trump campaign.”

This includes not only Derkach, but also former Ukrainian prosecutor Kostiantyn Kulyk, former Ukrainian diplomat Andrii Telizhenko and Ukrainian gas tycoon and Former Congressman Oleksandr Onyshchenko (Oleksandr Onyshchenko), they have all interacted with Giuliani or his associates. Some have promised that there will be more leaks later this year to help Trump.

Trizhenko said: “There will be more talks and full talks released this summer.” He said that he regularly communicates with Giuliani to assist the Ukrainian rich, some of them with Russia has benifit. Trizhenko says he is working independently From Derkach’s comment, he pointed out: “In due course, I will post everything together.”

Oneshenko told The Post that the tapes he issued were his, and he said he was part of the cache obtained from Poroshenko’s assistant.

He told the Russian National News Service Sputnik in late May that his lawyer and Giuliani’s team “exchanged hundreds of e-mails” and that he had handed over Biden Materials, he said that Trump’s allies will use them in the fall.

“Because they are waiting for the coronavirus,” Onishenko said to the satellite. “But in September, as the elections approach, they will start to use them more.” He told the Post that the materials have been handed over to the Republican-led Senate Homeland Security Committee, which is investigating Biden’s activities in Ukraine.

The committee spokesperson did not answer questions about whether the expert group had received such videotapes or planned to use them.

Like Delkah, Onishenko was a former member of the now-disbanded regional party (pro-Russian political party in Ukraine). He has been struggling with Poroshenko for many years since he allegedly falsified allegations of corruption.

Oneshenko said he had tried several times to tell the US authorities about his corruption charges against Poroshenko. Poroshenko mentioned Onyeshenko twice in a leaked phone call with Biden and told the vice president that the exiled congressman holds a Russian passport and is working to destabilize Ukraine for the benefit of Russia. Biden appeared in a summary to assure Poroshenko that the FBI does not cooperate with Onyshchenko.

When asked about commenting on Poroshenko’s allegations that he was advancing Russia’s interests, Onishenko said that the former Ukrainian The leader accused all who opposed him of bidding for the Kremlin. Oneshenko said that the reason why he screamed was because the former President of Ukraine “destroyed my life”.

Although recordings released in Ukraine have received little attention in most mainstream US news media, they are promoted by One America News, which has more than 700,000 followers on Facebook and Twitter. It has about 900,000 followers.

Biden consultant Carpenter defendant OAN has become “the preferred channel for false information in the 2020 Kremlin.”

Chanel Rion, one of his reporters, traveled around Europe with Giuliani last year, shooting Ukrainians Who filed the charge Against Biden, many of them were unproven or forged.

In the broadcast Last weekend, Rion said she had received 10 hours of recordings related to Biden from the “Ukrainian Secret Service” and “sources appearing in some of these recordings.” She said that she will continue to pursue this story, “to go through the summer until autumn.”

The Ukrainian version of the Secret Service’s National Guard Department said in a statement, “It does not make any recordings, and it has never recorded any conversations with public officials of the national guard.”

An OAN spokesperson did not respond to requests for comment. The network hinted in its story that the accusation that Russia is pushing charges against Biden is decentralizing the role of the story.

“We know these tapes”

As previously reported by The Post, Biden visited Ukraine five times in the last three years of the Obama administration and made at least 70 phone calls with Ukrainian leaders. Most of his calls were made with Poroshenko, the purpose is to support the pro-Western government that has just started against Russia.

Derkach said that the recently released recording was obtained from the “investigative reporter” and appeared to contain the content of the conversation between the two at the time. However, if they are real, it is not clear who made them.

Poroshenko’s assistants may record his conversation with Biden. Russian intelligence agencies have intercepted calls from U.S. officials in Ukraine in the past.

In an interview last month, Parnas said that he and his colleague Igor Fruman were informed by Ukrainian sources that Biden-Poroshenko’s records and Ukrainians claimed There are other records of Americans, including officials of the Kiev embassy.

“We know these tapes,” Panas said.

Parnas and Fruman were arrested in October 2019 and charged with illegally providing campaign contributions to Republican candidates and political action committees, including donations from abroad. They all pleaded guilty and are awaiting trial.

After being arrested, Parnas opened the doors of Giuliani and Trump, saying the president blessed their efforts in Ukraine. The White House dismissed his claim as false.

Parnas told the Post that he and Fruman discussed the record with the then Ukrainian Attorney General Yuri Lutsenko and the former Ukrainian prosecutor Kulik, and he has been working with Delkacher and He appeared at a press conference together.

Luchenko said in a statement, “He never discussed, provided or promised to provide any recordings to Giuliani or his colleagues.” Kulyk refused to answer directly, arguing that the question lacked credibility.

Parnas said on a trip to Kiev in the spring of 2019 that he expected to provide some copies of the tapes to bring back to the United States. However, he said that Ukrainian officials did not eventually surrender them.

After the trip, Parnas stated that he and Fruman and Giuliani discussed at their strategic meeting at the BLT restaurant at Trump International Hotel in Washington Elusive recording.

Victoria Toensing, a conservative lawyer who attended some of these meetings, said she did not remember the discussion, but did not doubt that Parnas might have introduced the tape to the group.

She said: “Li Wei speaks very quickly.” “He has been telling us,’There is Biden’s stuff.’ It will spread from one ear to the other.”

Paranas said that Giuliani was particularly interested in obtaining Biden’s call to Poroshenko in early 2016 to express his statement that the former vice president used his office to protect his son Hunt’s business interests.

Giuliani claimed that there is no evidence that Biden urged the Ukrainian Attorney General to be fired because Biden is serving on the board of Burmesa gas company Burisma, which is under investigation by the former Ukrainian minister.

In fact, at the time, Biden was the main voice of the U.S. and European Union of Officials (including senior Republicans), and they criticized the Office of the Prosecutor General for failing to investigate high-level corruption cases and prevented the investigation from being severely criticized. One of the lower-level officials was found Diamonds and cash are considered a collection of bribes.

In the case controversial in the United States, it did not receive enough attention: an investigation of the owner of Busrimar.

At the end of 2015, Biden bluntly spoke to Poroshenko: unless there is a new leader in the prosecutor’s office, the Ukrainian government will not provide a loan guarantee of $1 billion. The Prosecutor General agreed to resign.

In the recording issued by Derkach, Biden can be urged to urge Poroshenko to fire the Attorney General. On one occasion, Poroshenko defended the supreme prosecutor, saying that “there was no news” that he had done anything wrong, but he said that he asked the prosecutor to resign as part of his commitment to the US Vice President.

Poroshenko said in an interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria earlier this month that Biden never mentioned Burisma in many conversations. “My absolutely clear answer: No, never,” Poroshenko said.

Ruslan Ryaboshapka, who served as Ukrainian Attorney General until March, conducted a comprehensive audit of all criminal cases involving the company in Ukraine and told the Post that he did not find Biden or His son has any evidence of illegal behavior.

Giuliani told The Post that his pursuit of Biden-Poroshenko’s phone call was assisted by the US State Department.

He said: “A guy from the State Department has provided us with a lot of information,” and consulted the dialogue files of American leaders and overseas counterparts to determine three dialogues. Biden mentioned the name of the Prosecutor General in a conversation with Poroshenko in February 2016.

Giuliani said of the State Council official: “He did not show it to us, but told us they exist.” “He said,’I promise to have three dialogues from February 15 to 17, and one of them is very long. Long. Between Biden and Poroshenko. They have transcripts, but they are classified.'”

Giuliani declined to disclose the names of State Council officials. A State Department spokesman did not respond to requests for comment.

Giuliani said that last year he regularly kept the president in sync with his efforts in Ukraine, but it is unclear whether Trump knew about the pursuit of the tape.

Giuliani declined to comment if he specifically mentioned the recording to the president last month.

The White House did not respond to requests for comment on whether Trump knew his lawyer was looking for Biden’s tape in Ukraine.

But a witness in the bombing procedure in the House of Representatives said that Trump had accused the tape of the former vice president.

Ukrainian expert Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Wendman, who serves on the National Security Council, testified that he heard Trump mention Biden’s recording in his speech on July 25, 2019, which was in line with Ukrainian President Vladimir · Zelensky’s call, the conversation began Investigating investigation.

According to the rough transcript of the conference call released by the White House, Trump told Zelensky: “Biden bragging everywhere, claiming he stopped prosecution, so you can investigate.”

Vindman testified that his notes he took while listening to the phone indicated that Trump added: “There are recordings.”

This phrase was not included in the official transcript of the call. Vindman testified that when he distributed the transcripts internally for review, he had informed his superior of his negligence, but had not made any changes.

Windman’s lawyer recently stated that he was not sure what Trump meant by the “recording”.

At the time, his description of Trump’s mention of “recordings” in the call was widely regarded as a bragging of the tape of Biden’s public speech in 2018, and he declared that he had been providing loan guarantees to Ukraine until the Attorney General was fired. . .

Tom Hamburger contributed to this report. Stern reported from Kiev.

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