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Trade opened the door for Gregory and Anais

After watching last week’s Washington movie and the Cowboys transition to Philadelphia on Sunday night, I came up with five points.

It was too early to unplug in the days of Mike McCarthy.

Despite the slow start, the cowboys chose wisely to let McCarthy fully implement his plan in the past few years. In his 14-year career, the man who once won the Super Bowl champion has played 60% of his games, with only two failed seasons. He has won at least 10 games eight times and led his team to nine playoff berths. Most importantly, McCarthy raised the Lombardi Trophy and learned how to lead the team to the winner̵

7;s circle. With this in mind, the Cowboys should give him every opportunity to form this team with his vision. Not only does he need time to establish his own culture and standards, but he also needs some time to identify a group of “OKGs” (people like us) to provide positive examples of how to complete the work under his guidance.

Some remnants that were considered leaders during the time of Jason Garrett may be mistaken for the captain of the new regime. McCarthy needs enough time to evaluate who is really worthy of wearing “C” on his chest and who is more suitable for the second role.

The chief coach also needs to study his coaching staff carefully to determine which coaches are effective teachers and capable of helping players obtain information from the board. A good teacher can simplify complex strategies to help players better understand their roles and responsibilities. In addition, excellent coaches can also help players improve their games by working hard on the practice field. If they can add tools to the player’s tool belt, then they can convert ordinary players into excellent players and excellent players into stars. McCarthy needs more time to evaluate his coaches to determine which coaches should be retained when establishing the foundation of the plan.

Remember, the cowboys are not only considering hiring in 2020. McCarthy was invited to build a contender to compete for the championship all year round, just like he built in Green Bay. Considering that he led the first Packers team from 1-4 to 4-8 to 8-8 in the first season, and then led them to the NFC championship a year later, the Cowboys should show enough patience, and then Then take effective measures to be the winner.

The Everson Griffen deal created more opportunities for Randy Gregory and Bradlee Anae.

The Cowboys decided to replace the *time professional bowl guard with a sixth-round draft pick, all in order to give young players more playing time. Gregory has returned to action after a long suspension, and Anae has prepared more time after his apprenticeship at the beginning of the season. Every defender is suitable as a 3-4 rim rusher because they have the ability to play from a three-pointer position or a rim upright position. Especially Gregory, he is a long and robust athlete who can perfectly play the role of a wing defender. He has enough athleticism to occasionally enter the cover area or run from various angles as part of a five-person pressure pack.

Anae is a high-energy defender, and every defensive coordinator is eager for uninterrupted motivation. In these areas, he has always been a limited participant, but the former Utah leader has the worker bee mindset needed to enhance defensive capabilities. With Griffin’s addition, the Cowboys should be able to get more steals from Gregory and Anayi in the coming weeks.

In the 2021 draft, offensive response should be the top priority.

Before asking me about urgent defensive needs, the Cowboys must consider the best option for offensive tackles in 2021. The injuries of Tyron Smith and La’el Collins made the team’s strong offense without impact and focused on the warts along the offensive line.

Smith (Smith) has not played a full season since 2015, he was injured due to injuries. Although based on his salary (compared to his performance), he was rated as one of the best deals in the NFL, but due to his absence, the Cowboys were unable to adequately protect their quarterbacks or create loopholes for five-star guards. The Cowboys need to develop better backup plans for the near and long-term future of their father and father, and injuries played a role in Smith’s availability.

Collins should recover from his injury at the end of the season, but there are still some questions about his best position on the court. Although he is listed as the best offensive fortress, he still has a talent for offensive guards, and acquiring a blue chip forward can also help the Cowboys build a fortress on offensive points.

Although some observers would suggest that the Cowboys make adding young defenders a top priority, it is better to add a top offensive tackle to the team to ensure that Dak Prescott (Dak Prescott) The offense still dominates when returning to the lineup. A few years ago, when the offensive line featured a group of first-round talents, strengthening the strength would serve the Cowboys well. It may be time to rethink these strategies to help the Cowboys climb back to the top.

Can Mike Nolan make the defender work?

This is a million-dollar question to ask every week, but the defensive coordinator must come up with an answer to help the Cowboys get out of trouble. Throughout the first half of the season, the Department of Defense has been struggling with planning understanding, poor communication, gap integrity, situational awareness and overall physical condition. Despite learning the new plan, the inconsistencies in each field prevent talented departments from realizing their potential. Nolan’s job is to find out why the Department of Defense is struggling in these areas and find solutions to the problems.

When studying the tapes of Coach 22, the Cowboys were out of touch and out of touch on defense. They did not play together, and the lack of cohesion indicates a lack of trust between players and coaches. The defenders are jumping out of their designated vacancies because they do not believe that others will make the game they expect according to the call. The lack of trust and cohesion also extends to tasks that defenders have repeatedly proposed because of uncertainty and overall understanding. The device cannot be played on strings, but on Nolan, as long as the participants are driven out of the film during the movie due to mental dislocation. The defensive architects with a gentle attitude simplified the plan to make the players easier, but they did not do their job at all.

The Cowboys will continue to struggle defensively until each defender commits to understanding his own task and using appropriate techniques (energy and best effort) to make a difference. Nolan must find a way to encourage and motivate his team to work hard together. We will see if he can use their hearts to change their habits in order to achieve better results on the day of the game.

After Andy Dalton’s concussion test, the Cowboys can pass the ball from JMU to the rookie. When DiNucci entered the game against the Washington football team, he didn’t seem to be overwhelmed by the prospect of playing in the regular season. He completed two 3-point passes for 38 yards, hit Amari Cooper (Amari Cooper) for 32 yards, and stood out on tape. The timing, touch and ball position of the quarterback are all great, unexpectedly put it into action. It shows the coaching staff and his teammates, he has the ability to throw a lot of free throws when asked.

That being said, if he must play against the Eagles, the Cowboys must find a way to make him comfortable as a beginner starter. Kellen Moore (Kellen * Moore) needs to tailor the game plan according to his talents (suitable for high-paced fast-paced passers), while maintaining enough simplicity so that he can quickly and freely in faceoffs Play ball. The Cowboys’ offensive scoring leader must also consider the limitations of the offensive line because he has developed a plan to help rookies overcome defenses that may bring pressure from all angles.

DiNucci’s athletic ability can lay the foundation for Cowboys’ plan because he is a sports organizer with running ability and escape ability. His mobility is sufficient to perform area-reading games, while also threatening the periphery of footsteps and moving passes. The Cowboys used these tactics on Prescott and threw them to waste when DiNucci took over.

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