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Tony Romo compared the contract negotiations between Dak Prescott-Cowboys and LeBron James and believed that “this deal will be completed”

Tony Romo has been there, made postcards, and proved it. An unparalleled quarterback was forced to make a name for himself under the supernova fire of the Dallas Cowboys, and Romo had to negotiate a new contract once instead of twice. Except that he was once a teammate of Dak Prescott (Dak Prescott), needless to say, few people standing on the third planet of the sun can sympathize with the two Pro Bowl quarterbacks they faced twice. Facing the financial deadlock, he was selected by the fourth round of the draft in 2016.

Admittedly, not all things are equal here-Romo was not drafted at all, but was never forced to participate in the competition as a franchise-but when it comes to the current situation in North Texas, the former All -The Pro quarterback and the NFL, currently ranked No. 1

in CBS color analysts, are unwavering in explaining his views on Prescott’s situation.

Although Romo believes that today’s NFL talented QB list far exceeds the past, he also distinguishes ordinary signal callers from excellent signal callers. At that point, when I asked him a question in an exclusive Zoom call on Wednesday the 2nd week ago, he showed great confidence in the Cowboys and finally pulled the trigger and agreed to a long-term agreement with Prescott in 2021 year

“I think it will be done. Yes, I know the content of the contract.” Romo told me in a friendly Q&A that he was reappointed as the operator of The Corona Hotline. “I have experienced with the Cowboys before. Now it is a quarterback-just they understand their place in the sport. And they have begun to understand their influence on the organization. It is actually their contribution to the football team. ,what does this mean.”

CBS Sports released news in February 2020 The negotiation is no longer mainly about the money between Prescott and the cowboys, but about the duration of the transaction. After months of discussion, Prescott firmly expressed his hope that no more than four years, while the Cowboys dug a hole at the age of five, and it was the thin line that pushed them to the end of July 15. Before the deadline-Hail Mary’s conversation between him and team CEO Stephen Jones Unable to consolidate the contract language in time.

For those who want to know why Prescott would not simply succumb to fifth-grade requirements, this is because despite the impact of COVID-19 income, due to the renewed TV contract and cash injection, the salary cap is expected to be in the future Gambling income will soar within two years. Signed a four-year contract, Prescott can negotiate faster under a more relaxed salary structure.

Romo said: “It’s been a long time in basketball.” “A few years ago, LeBron James decided-instead of accepting this 7-year or long-term guarantee, he decided to say:’Ah, I want Walk for two years.” Because who doesn’t want LeBron James in two years? In this position, you have the ability to control your environment [and] Control your situation. The quarterback started doing what basketball players have been doing.

“They didn’t take long-term guarantees, they started to take [fewer] years. The quarterback will always assume guarantees just in case they get injured. What you find is that they never did that again, because they are rare. Really good quarterbacks are rare. And, if you have few, you can trust that someone will like you enough to make you a quarterback, and many people will want you because it is difficult to have a really good quarterback in the national football league. ”

Entering his second consecutive contract year, he will pay him US$31.4 million in 2020 through franchising, and it will increase to US$37.7 million in 2021-if the transaction fails for the third time-Market and Place Kurt’s performance is working in his favor. From a personal point of view, he was a career year in 2019. Although the Cowboys catchers led the league at a declining rate, they still failed to break Romo’s single-season pass record by two yards. since then, Now he has seen the big deal go from the spear For these two Patrick Mahomes (Stephen Jones himself made a comparison last week, because he thinks his deal was compared after the agreement was reached in 2021), Of course there is Deshaun Watson in early September.

As Romo pointed out, Prescott and his representative Todd France-the latter used to be the top negotiator of CAA (the company that negotiated historical deals with Romo in Dallas)-knew exactly what they were doing .

“Really, it’s not even four years,” Romo said. “You will be back on the table in 2.5 years.”

Although Mahomes did break the sky with his 10-year contract, Watson’s performance coincided with Prescott’s 4-year requirement, as did Russell Wilson, Jared Goff and Carson Wentz. With the implementation of the new standards, the QB expansion period is four years, and Prescott continues to show that he is the spokesperson for the team-also noted He wants to be “the cowboy of my career” -Now, Dallas’ responsibility is to reduce and cut the fifth-year salary from the deal unless they can convince him in some way, which is a good idea.

Romo, who was in the meeting, said: “I think Dak Prescott will bet on himself.” “The seven- and eight-year contracts are starting to disappear. What is happening is that the team has to adjust because when This will help raise the salary cap when you have someone you know for a long time. You can always return the money to the next year-push it back. [especially], You always know he will be there.

“Even if he has to miss a game or something, you know he will become your quarterback because it is difficult to find them. This is not to say that you can replace a really good team next year. Duck is betting In many ways, this is what many people are doing, just knowing that they are unique and capable of helping the football team win.”

It is worth noting that now that Romo has mentioned usability, Prescott has never missed a game in his four-year NFL career. For Watson, Gove and Wentz, this is unquestionable. . All in all, Romo believes that Prescott’s position in the deal and the Cowboys’ flag position are reasonable.

“I understand both sides,” said the previous four professional bowlers and NFL passing leaders. “I understand Duck’s position because he is right. The Cowboys are right. There is no perfect answer here….

“It’s just a different moment. The quality assurance people are understanding their leverage and the team has to adjust what they are doing. I think this will still be done. It is obviously not ideal for anyone, but I think it Will become feasible and complete.”

From someone who used to be in the same position, in the same team, and knew all the parties involved-this is a vote of confidence.

Time will eventually prove whether Romo is correctly aligned with what Jones and Prescott said. But to see the team that Romo never drafted to Jerry Jones (Jerry Jones) guaranteed his place in the Ring of Honor, and then to one of the top NFL analysts This is due in part to the accuracy of his real-time clairvoyance and eagle-eyed arrows-knowing that betting on his predictions may be unwise.

Put down your bet and let’s see if the Cowboys and Prescott can’t end up brooming soon. Romo’s crystal ball feels like a matter of time.

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